Parish Library

(The Saint John Paul II Library):

Mgr Mark Davies VG (now Bishop of Shrewsbury) opened the parish library, situated in the hall, on 15 March 2009. Containing over 3500 items, the Library boasts an excellent selection of books, DVDs and CDs for adults at all stages of their spiritual journey. Books for children are available in the boxes at the back of church during the Sunday Masses. Open after Sunday morning Masses (unless otherwise announced). For enquiries contact Mark Bowes, 0161 718 5297 and Judith Green, 0161 766 4787.

To help you get the most from the library, a complete catalogue is listed below. Items in each section are listed by title. Search for items in the main section by letter, or find another section by using the shortcuts.

The full catalogue is available here to download.





A Concilio Constantinopolitano 1, Apostolic Letter for 1699th Anniversary of 1st Council of Constantinople & 1500th Anniversary of the Council of Ephesus John Paul II, Pope
A to Z of Lourdes (An) Bucca, Nina (Ed)
AA-1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle Carre, Marie
Abandonment to Divine Providence De Caussade, Jean-Pierre
Abba Father Perquin, Bonaventure
Abbe Pouget: Discourses Guitton, Jean (Trans: Murphy, Fergus)
Abbey Church (The). Shrewsbury. Historical & Descriptive Handbook Lumley, R J C
Abbeys & Priories Coppack, Glyn
Abbreviated Catechism with Explanations (The) Drinkwater, F H
Abide with Me Pugh, Liebe
Abiding in the Indwelling Trinity Maloney, George A
Abraham: The First Historical Biography Rosenburg, David
Absolute Truth. The Catholic Church in the World Today Stourton, Edward
According to Paul. Studies in the Theology of the Apostle Fitzmyer, Joseph A
According to the Scriptures Dodd, C H
Acts of the Apostles (The) CTS Booklet Wansbrough, Henry (Intro)
Ad Catholici Sacerdotii, Encyclical on the Catholic Priesthood 1935 Pius XI, Pope
Adoration Reparation Intercession: Prayer & Devotions Before the Blessed Sacrament with Our Lady Tutto, George
Adoremus Extra. A Lasting Resource for Cherishing the Eucharist, Redemptorist (Pub)
Adult Christianity Graef, Hilda
Adult Education In the Parish: A Practical Handbook Rucker, Kathy D
Advance Directives or Living Wills Guild of Catholic Doctors
Advent and Christmas Wisdom From G K Chesterton Centre for the Study of CS Lewis & Friends
Advent and Christmas with the Saints. Prayers & Meditations Midgley, J B
Adventures in Orthodoxy. The Marvels of the Christian Creed & the Audacity of Belief Longenecker, Dwight
After This Life. What Catholics Believe About What Happens Next Goreschel, Benedict J
Afterlife Death Judgment Heaven and Hell Suarez, Frederico
Age of Bede (The) Penguin Classics Webb, J F (Trans)
Age of Martyrs (The): Christianity from Diocletian (284) to Constantine (337) Ricciotti, Giuseppe
Age of Miracles (The). Seven Journeys to Faith Kelsey, Morton
Aid to the Church in Need 1947-1987. Forty Years of Aid to Persecuted & Oppressed Christians ACN (Pub)
Akathistos-Byzantine Hymn to the Mother of God: Translation for Chant & Choral Recitation Addison, Paul M
Alexandrina. The Agony and the Glory Johnston, Francis
All Things Made New. The Mysteries of the World in Christ Caldecott, Stratford
All Things made New. Writings on the Reformation MacCulloch, Diarmaid
Almanac of Bible Facts Trimiew, Anna
Along An Inner Shore Leonard of Taizé, Brother
Alphonsus de Liguori. The Saint of Bourbon Naples 1696-1787 (Founder of the Redemptorist) Jones, Frederick M
Also-Rans (The). Studies Around the Hidden Heroes of the New Testament Pointer, Pam
Alvaro Del Portillo. Bishop Prelate of Opus Dei Bernal, Salvador
Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer. Ten Life Changing Stories of Hope and Healing Cavins, Jeff & Pinto, Matthew
Ambassador for Christ Barclay, William
Amoris Laetitia. Apostolic Exhortation on Love in the Family Francis, Pope
Anam Cara. Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic world O'Donohue, John
Anathemata (The) Jones, David
Anchor Bible Commentary Vol 29: The Gospel According to John I-XII Brown, Raymond E (Intro & Trans)
Anchor Bible Commentary Vol 29A: The Gospel According to John XIII-XXI Brown, Raymond E (Intro & Trans)
Ancrence Riwle (The). In Modern English Salu, M B (Trans)
And Would you Believe It? The Story of the Nicene Creed Basset, Bernard
Angels Roberts, Adrian
Angels Fenn, Francis
Angels & Demons. What Do We Really Know About Them? Kreeft, Peter
Angels and Saints. A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God's Holy One Hahn, Scott
Angels of Glory and Darkness Woolmer, John
Angels of God. The Bible, the Church & the Heavenly Host Aquilina, Mike
Angels Pocket Guides National Gallery
Angels Whisper (The). An Anthology of Poetry Oliver, Kelly (Ed)
Angels. God's Secret Agents Graham, Billy
Anglican Anonymous Christie, Joseph
Anglicanorum Coetibus. Apostolic Constitution for Anglicans Entering into Full Communion with the Catholic Church Benedict XVI, Pope
Anglican–Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC). The Final Report ARCIC
Anointed With the Spirit. Ten Personal Testimonies of Renewal Fox, Bishop Langton D (Intro)
Another Diary of a Small Town Priest Ripley, Canon F J
Answer Key to a Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin (An). A Supplement to the Text by John F Collins Dunlap, John R.
Answer to 101 Questions on the Catechism Pasco, Rowanne
Answering God's Call. Having One's Life Transformed Doyle, Thaddeus
Answering the New Atheism Dismantling Dawkins' Case Against God Hahn, Scott & Wiker, Benjamin
Answers, Not Promises. Straightforward Solutions to Life's Puzzling Problems Angelica, Mother
Anthology of Catholic Teaching on Education (An) Franchi, Leonard
Anthony of Padua (CTS Great Saints) Winkler, Jude
Apocalypse (The) Feuillet, Andre
Apocalypse Recalled. The Book of Revelation After Christendom Maier, Harry O
Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine (Classic) Sheehan, M
Apologia Pro Vita Sua Newman, John H (Oddie, William. Ed)
Apologia. Catholic Answers to Today's Questions Holden, Marcus & Pinsent, Andrew
Apparitions of Our Lady in Their Historical Context (The) Church in History Information Centre
Approach to Spirituality Van Zeller, Hubert
Approaches to Christian Unity Dumont, C J
Approaching Easter Williams, Jane
Aquinas Copleston, Frederick
Aquinas Davies, Brian
Aquinas Catechism (The): A Simple Explanation of the Catholic Faith by the Church's Greatest Theologian Aquinas, Thomas
Aquinas on Doctrine. A Critical Introduction Weinandy, T; D Keating, D & Yocum, J
Aquinas Reader. Selections From the Writings of Thomas Aquinas Clark, Mary T (Ed/Intro)
Aquinas. Moral, Political and Legal Theory Finnis, John
Archaeology and the Old Testament Pritchard, James B
Archbishop Fulton J Sheen. A Man for All Media Ladd, Gregory Joseph
Are the Gospels Anti-Semitic? Redford, John
Are they Priests? The Nature of Anglican Orders Bevenot, Maurice
Are We Really Teaching Religion? Sheed, F J
Arise From Darkness. What to Do When Life Doesn’t Make Sense Goreschel, Benedict J
Ark (The) Poortvliet, Rien
Armenia and Karabakh. Ancient Faith Modern War Corley, Felix
Arrow in His Hand (An) Vadia, Maria
Art and History. Petra Tarrier, T (Text)
Art and Spiritual Experience. Exploring the Romantic Period Greenwood, David M
Art of Affirmation (The) Foley, Robert
Art of Prayer (The). An Orthodox Anthology. Chariton of Valamo, Igumen
As Bread That Is Broken Van Breemen, Peter G
Ascending the Mountain. The Carmelite Rule Today Griffin, Eltin (Ed)
Ascent of Mount Sinai. A Spiritual Journey in Search of the Living God Cantalamessa, Raniero
Ascent of Truth (The) Merton, Thomas
Asking For Trouble James, Bruno S
Assurance of Things Hoped For (The). A Theology of Christian Faith Dulles, Avery
At the Feet of the King of Martyrs St. Thomas, Mother Mary
Atlas of Holy Places & Sacred Sites (The) Wilson, Colin
Atlas of the Bible & Christianity Dowley, Tim (Ed)
Atlas of the Christian Church Chadwick, H & Evans, G R (Eds)
Audacity to Believe. An Autobiography Cassidy, Sheila
Augustin Cardinal Bea: Spiritual Profile Bea, Augustin
Augustine of Hippo. A Biography (New Edition with an Epilogue) Brown, P
Augustine of Hippo. Selected Writings Di Plessix Gray, Francine (Foreword)
Augustine. Confessions 2nd Edition Sheed, F J (Trans)
Augustus to Constantine. The Thrust of the Christian Movement into the Roman World Grant, Robert M
Authentic Liturgical Renewal in Contemporary Perspective Lang, Uwe Michael
Autobiography of a Hunted Priest (The) Gerard, John
Autobiography of G K Chesterton (The) Chesterton, G K
Autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux. Knox, Ronald (Trans)
Awake to Life. The Easter Cycle Men, Alexander
Awakening the Giant. Evangelism & the Catholic Church Lynch, Pat
Awareness De Mello, Anthony
Awe Inspiring Rites of Initiation (The).The Origins of the RCIA Yarnold, Edward
A-Z of Living for Christ Francis, Pope
A-Z of Spiritual Living Bogan, Gerard 

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Bad Popes (The) Chamberlain, E R
Bad, Mad or God? Proving the Divinity of Christ from St John's Gospel Redford, John
Baedeker’s Jerusalem Pollmann, Bernhard
Baker Encyclopaedia of Christian Apologetics Geisler, Norman L
Balthasar Elucidations Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Balthasar on Prayer Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Bare Ruined Choirs: The Dissolution of the English Monasteries Knowles, David
Basic Dictionary of Bible People (A) Chilcott-Monk, Julien
Basic Guide to Young Adult Ministry (The) Cusick, John C & De Vires, Katherine F
Basic Introduction to the New Testament (A) Walton, Robert C (Ed)
Basic Introduction to the Old Testament (A) Walton, Robert C (Ed)
Basics of Biblical Greek (Workbook ) Mounce, William D
Basil by His Friends Daly, Cahl & Others
Basil Hume. The Monk Cardinal Howard, Anthony
Basil in Blunderland Hume, Basil Cardinal
Basilica of Sant Marco Urbani, Marco Da Ville
Basilicas and Catacombs in Rome (2nd Edition) EPT-Roma
BBC Hymnbook (The) BBC (Pub)
BC the Archaeology of the Bible Lands Magnusson, Magnus
Be Disciples of Christ. Homilies & Addresses in Brazil Benedict XVI, Pope
Be Faithful and Attentive. A Handbook for Living in the Divine Will Hart, Robert T
Be Not Solicitous Ward, Maise (Ed)
Beauty of Holiness and the Holiness of Beauty. Art, Sanctity & the Truth of Catholicism Saward, John
Beauty of the Beloved. A Henri J M Nouwen Anthology Nouwen, Henri J M
Become What You Are. The Call and Gift of Marriage. Willey, Petroc & Katherine
Bede Jarrett of the Order of Preachers Wickham, K & Matthew, G G
Bedside Book of English Saints Roche, A
Before the Living God Burrows, Ruth
Befriending Life. Encounters With Henri Nouwen Porter, Beth (Ed)
Befriending the Stranger Vanier, Jean
Beginner's Book of Chant (The). A simple guide for parishes, schools & communities. By a Benedictine Monk
Beginner's Guide to the Traditional Latin Mass (the) Little, Derya
Beginner's Reader Grammar for New Testament Greek (A) Colwell, Ernest C & Tune, Ernest W
Beginning the Bible O'Hanlon, Joseph
Behold the Man. A Therapist’s Meditations on the Passion of Jesus Christ Thorne, Brian
Being a Parent Today. Children Faith & Family Life Wang, Stephen (Ed)
Being Virtuous in a Non-Virtuous World McCarthy, Bill & DeMarco, Donald
Belief and Reason D'Arcy, MC
Belief of Catholics (The) Knox, Ronald
Believing. Understanding the Creed O’Collins, Gerald & Venturini, Mary
Benedict XV, The Pope of Peace Pollard, John F
Benedict XVI and Cardinal Newman Jenning, Peter (Ed)
Benedictine Yearbook (The). 1989 Beattie, Gordon (Ed)
Benedictus. Day by Day with Pope Benedict XVI Cameron, Peter John (Ed)
Bernadette Recounts Her Apparitions Bernardo, Antonio
Between Two Eternities. A Helen Waddell Anthology Corrigan Felicitas (Selector)
Beyond Cloning: Religion & the Remaking of Humanity Turner, Ronald Cole
Beyond Reasonable Doubt Duggan, G H
Bible and the Qur’an (The) Jomier, Jacques
Bible Application Handbook (The) Packer, J L & Williams, Derek
Bible As History (The). Archaeology Confirms the Book of Books Keller, Werner (Trans: Neil, William)
Bible as History Revisited (The) Keller, Werner
Bible Basics for Catholics. A New Picture of Salvation History Bergsma, John
Bible Chronical (The). The Events of the Bible Retold and Linked to World History Williams, Derek
Bible Facts & Figures. Essential Bible Reference Dowley, Tim
Bible Group (The). An Owner’s Manual Riley, William
Bible Guide. Essential Bible Reference Dowley, Tim
Bible in History (The). How Writers Create a Past Thompson, Thomas L
Bible in One Year (The) New International Version
Bible in Stained Glass (The) Dowley, Tim (Ed)
Bible is History (The) Wilson, Ian
Bible Jesus Read (The) Yancey, Philip
Bible Made Easy (The) Water, Mark
Bible Maps and Charts (Nelson's Pocket Reference Series) Nelson, Thomas
Bible Phenomenon (The) Drane, John
Bible Places. A Handbook For the Visitor to the Holy Land Walden, J E F (Comp)
Bible Questions and Answers (Nelson's Pocket Reference Series) Nelson, Thomas
Bible Stories Retold Kossoff, David
Bible Study Made Easy Water, Mark
Bible: Faith and Evidence. A Critical Enquiry into the Nature of Biblical History Bartlett, John R
Biblical Holy Place. An Illustrated Guide Gonen, Rivka
Biblical Lands: The Making of the Past Mooney, P R S
Big Fisherman (The) Douglas, Lloyd C
Big Questions in Science & Religion (The) Ward, Keith
Billings Ovulation Method. A Pastoral Approach For Priests & Other Parish Workers Hurley, Dermot & Korolevu
Billy Graham Story(The) Pollack, John
Bioethics Basterra, Francisco Javier Elizari
Bird Sings in the Winter (A). A Complication of Spiritual Writings Collins, Jimmy
Birth. A Guide For Prayer Bergan, Jacqueline & Schwan, S Marie
Bishop Challoner Gwynn, Denis
Bit Part Players of the Bible Markham, Ray
Bl Adrian Fortescue. Englishman, Knight of Malta, Martyr Elvins, Mark
Blessed Alain De Solminihac Egger, Carlo
Blessed Be God - How Wonderful are His Ways Kerley, Joan
Blessed Dominic Barberi Wilson, Alfred
Blessed Maria Sagrario of St. Aloysius Gonzaga Discalced Carmelites (Pub)
Blessed Roger Cadwallador Surte, Lynne
Blessed Virgin Mary (The) Liguori, St Alphonsus de
Blessing Cup (The). 24 Simple Rites for Family Prayer-Celebrations Travnikar, Rock
Blessings Craig, Mary
Blood and the Shroud (The) Wilson, Ian
Blood on the Mountain. A History of the Temple Mount From the Ark to the 3rd Millennium Andrews, Richard
Bones of Saint Peter (The) Walsh, John Evangelist
Book of Bible Help (A) Connell, Ruth (Comp)
Book of Biblical Quotations Castagno, Anthony (Ed)
Book of Christian Classics (The) Williams, Michael (Ed)
Book of Confidence (The) De Saint Laurent, Fr Thomas
Book of Enoch (The) Charles, R H (Trans)
Book of God (The): A Response to the Bible Josipovici, Gabriel
Book of God (The): The Bible as a Novel Wangerin, Walter
Book of Infinite Love (The). The Needs of Our Time a Little Treatise of Infinite Love De La Touche, Louise Margaret Claret (Trans: O’Connell, P)
Book of Jeremia (The) Part 1 with a Commentary Flanagan, Neal M
Book of Job (The) De Bernieres, Louis (Intro)
Book of Martyrs (A). Devotions to the Martyrs of England, Scotland & Wales. Hogan, John S
Book of Peace (The). Finding the Spirit in a Busy World Teresa, Mother
Book of Psalms (A). Selected & Adapted from the Hebrew Mitchell, Stephen
Book of Psalms (The) Appelbaum, Stanley (Gen Ed)
Book of Psalms (The) Authorised King James Version
Book of the Acts of God (The). Contemporary Scholarship Interprets the Bible Wright, G Ernest & Fuller, Reginald H
Book of the Saviour (The) Sheed, F J
Book of Unlikely Saints (A) Monroe, Margaret
Books Of Enoch (The). The Angels, The Watchers & The Nephilim Lumpkin, Joseph
Books of the Bible Made Easy (The) Water, Mark
Born Catholics Sheed, F J
Born Contemplative. Introducing Children to Christian Meditation Simon, Madeleine
Born of a Virgin. Proving the Miracle From the Gospels Redford, John
Born to Be King. The Epic of the Incarnation Orchard, Bernard
Bread in the Wilderness Merton, Thomas
Bread of Life (The) John Paul II, Pope
Breaking Free of the Web Catholics and Internet Addiction Young, Kimberly & Klausing, Patrice
Breaking of the Bread (The). A Short History of the Mass Coventry, John
Breaking of the Bread (The). Biblical Reflections on the Eucharist Daly, Cahal B
Breviary of Piety for Clerics. 4th Edition of the All Hallows Manual Browne & Nolan (Pub)
Brief History of English Catholicism (A). CTS Concise Histories Schofield, Nicholas
Brief History of the English Reformation (A): Religion, Politics & Fear - How England was Transformed by the Tudors Wilson, Derek
Bringing Communion to the Sick. A Handbook for Special Ministers Veritas (Pub)
Broadcast Talks Lewis, C S
Brother Nicholas Lamb, George
Brother Scubilion Rousseau. Apostle of Freedom & Reconciliation Salm, Luke
Brush Up Your Bible! An Informative and Entertaining Guide to Understanding the Most Famous Words, Phrases & Stories of the Old and New Testaments Macrone, Michael
Buildwas Abbey Robinson, David M
But I Get Nothing Out of Mass Doyle, Thaddeus
Butlers Lives of the Saints Vol I (1961 edition) Butler, Alban (Ed: Kelly, Bernard)
Butlers Lives of the Saints Vol II (1961 edition) Butler, Alban (Ed: Kelly, Bernard)
Butlers Lives of the Saints Vol III (1961 edition) Butler, Alban (Ed: Kelly, Bernard)
Butlers Lives of the Saints Vol IV (1961 edition) Butler, Alban (Ed: Kelly, Bernard)
Butlers Lives of the Saints Vol V (1961 edition) Butler, Alban (Ed: Kelly, Bernard)
Butler's Lives of the Saints. Concise Edition. Revised & Updated. Walsh, Michael (Ed)
By A Miracle They Were Changed Forever. Stories of God's Transforming Grace. Degrandis, Robert & Schubert, Linda
By Stony Paths. A Version of Psalms 51-100 Cotter, Jim
By What Authority Benson, Robert Hugh  


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Calendar of Saint (A). The Lives of the Principal Saints of the Christian Year Bentley, James
Call and Response. Jesuit Journeys in Faith Makower, Francis
Call to Discipleship Barth, Karl
Call to Serve (A). The Inside Story of Pope Francis Von Kempis, Stefan & Lawler, Philip
Call to Total Consecration Alberione, James
Called to Be Angels. An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Spirituality Dales, Douglas
Calvin Wendel, Francois
Can God be Trusted? Faith & the Challenge of Evil Stackhouse, John G
Can I Be a Christian On My Own? Gallacher, Michael P & Neary, Donal
Can You Drink the Cup? Nouwen, Henri J M
Cana Revisited. A Personal Pilgrimage Barnes, John E
Candles Are Still Burning: Directions in Sacrament & Spirituality (The) Grey, M; Heaton, A & Sullivan, D (Eds)
Candles in the Dark. A Course to Lead Us Into a Deeper Awareness of the Ever-Present God Adam, David
Canon Law: Letter & Spirit (The). A Practical Guide to the Code of Canon Law Canon Law Society of GB & Ireland
Canterbury and the Gothic Revival Lyle, Lawrence & Marjorie
Canterbury Tales (The): In Modern English. (Penguin Classics) Chaucer, G (Trans: Coghill, N)
Capacity to Love (The) Dominian, Jack
Cardinal Basil Hume. In My Own Words Berodano, Teresa de (Ed)
Cardinal Hinsley Heenan, J C
Cardinal Hume A Spiritual Companion. Reflections Through the Year Kelly, Liam (Comp)
Cardinal Hume and The Changing Face of English Catholicism Stanford, Peter
Cardinal Manning. A Biography Gray, Robert
Cardinal Manning. An Intellectual Biography Pereiro, James
Cardinal Mindszenty. Confessor and Martyr of Our Time Kozi-Horvath, Jozsef
Cardinal Newman and the Prayer of the Heart Hodge, Robert
Cardinal Newman For Today Norris, Thomas J
Cardinal of Africa (The). Jose De Arteche Lavigerie, Charles
Cardinal Ratzinger. The Vatican's Enforcer of the Faith Allen, John L. Jr
Cardinal Suenens. A Portrait Hamilton, Elizabeth
Cardinal Thomas Winning. An Authorised Biography Belton, Vivienne
Cardinals (The) Walsh, Michael
Care of the Earth (The) Sittler, Joseph
Caritas in Veritate. Encyclical on Integral Human Development in Chary and Truth. Benedict XVI, Pope
Carlisle Cathedral Mcllwain, John (Ed)
Carmelite Ascent. An Introduction to St Teresa & St John of the Cross Clare, Mary
Carmelite Writings: Think of Your Soul as a Castle From the Writing of Saint Teresa of Avila Teresa of Avila, St
Caroline Sheppard. Little Sister of the Poor Little Sisters of the Poor
Cartmel Priory (1969 Print) Dykes, L G F & Hardwick, T
Case Against Christ (The): Some Statements for the Defence Young, John
Case For Christ (The) Strobel, Lee
Case for Faith (The) Strobel, Lee
Case For Israel (The) Dershowitz, Alan
Case for Jesus (The). The Biblical & Historical Evidence for Christ Pitre, Brant
Cassell Book of Bible Quotations Speake, Jennifer (Ed)
Catacombs of Rome (The) And The Origins of Christianity Mancinelli, Fabrizio
Catacombs of St Callixtus History Archaeology & Faith (The) Baruffa, Antonio
Catechesi Tradendae. Apostolic Exhortation on Catechesis in Our Time John Paul II, Pope
Catechesis Revisited: Handing on Faith Today Kelly, Liam
Catechetical Instructions of St Thomas Aquinas (The) Aquinas, Thomas
Catechism of Christian Doctrine (A) 1951 print Bishops of Ireland
Catechism of Christian Doctrine (A). Millennium Edition Bishops of England & Wales
Catechism of Modernism (A) Lemius , J B
Catechism of the Catholic Church & the Craft of Catechesis Willey, P; De Cointet, P & Morgan, B
Catechism of the Catholic Church, Revised Edition Cassel (Pub)
Catechism of the Council of Trent (For Parish Priests) McHugh, J A & Callan, C J (Trans)
Catechism on Mary and the Pope Who Changed the World Fox, Robert J
Catenian Association (The). A Centenary History 1908 - 2008 Hagerty, James
Cathedral and Crusade Vol II Daniel-Rops, Henri
Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela (Quick Visit Guide) Precedo Lafuente, Jesus
Cathedrals From Above Mannion, John
Cathedrals of Britain (The) Edwards, David L
Catherine of Genoa. Purgation & Purgatory the Spiritual Dialogue Hughes, Serge (Trans)
Catherine of Sienna. A Passionate Life Brophy, Don
Catherine of Sienna. The Dialogue Noffke, Suzanne (Trans)
Catherine, Saint of Siena De La Bedoyere, Michael
Catholic and Christian Schreck, Alan
Catholic and Curious. Your Questions Answered Pope, Charles
Catholic And Loving It. Traditions for a New Generation Narendren, Sabitha & Salzmann, Andrew
Catholic Answer Book of Mary (The) Stravinskas, Peter N J
Catholic Apologetics Today: Answers to Modern Critics Most, William G
Catholic Architecture (Deeper Christianity Series) Schloeder, Steven J
Catholic as Historian D'Elia, Donald J & Foley, Patrick
Catholic Basics Redford, John
Catholic Belief. A Simple Exposition of Catholic Doctrine Faa di Bruno, Joseph
Catholic Bioethics & the Gift of Human Life. May, W E
Catholic Book of Prayers (In Large Print) Fitzgerald, Maurus (Ed)
Catholic Book of Hours & Other Devotions (A) Storey, William G (Ed)
Catholic Book of Knowledge, Vol 1 The Coming of the Kingdom Boase, Leonard (Ed)
Catholic Book of Knowledge, Vol 2 The Founding of the Kingdom Boase, Leonard (Ed)
Catholic Book of Knowledge, Vol 3 The Kingdom in Being Boase, Leonard (Ed)
Catholic Charismatic Renewal (The) Heron, Benedict M
Catholic Children's Rescue Society Centenary 1886-1986. The Harvest of the Century Salford Diocese
Catholic Christianity Kreeft, Peter
Catholic Church (The), Its Life & Teaching. A Short Introduction Wang, Stephen
Catholic Church and Anglican Orders (The) Clark, Francis
Catholic Church Architecture & the Spirit of the Liturgy McNamara, Denis R.
Catholic Church in England & Wales (The), 1500-2000. Kennedy, Paul (Ed)
Catholic Church in History (The). Legend & Reality Lewis, K D
Catholic Church Through the Ages (The). A History Vidmar, J
Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture (A) Orchard, Bernard (General Ed)
Catholic Controversies. Understanding Church Teaching & Events in History Gabriel, Stephen (Ed)
Catholic Dictionary Addis, William E & Arnold, Thomas
Catholic Doctor (The) Bonnar, A.
Catholic Essays on Faith and Culture Vol 2. Beyond the Blue Glass. Nichols, Aidan
Catholic Evidence. Questions & Answers Hastings, Cecily
Catholic Faith (The) Strange, Roderick
Catholic Faith (The). The Catholic Enquiry Centre Course of Leaflets Dwyer, G P
Catholic Family Resource Guide Meng, Barbara
Catholic Guide to Confession (The) Pilarczyk, Daniel E
Catholic Jewish Relations Documents From the Holy See Fisher, Dr E (Intro)
Catholic Lancashire Hilton, J A
Catholic Lives Watts, Greg
Catholic Marriage Manual (The) Kelly, George A
Catholic Moral Tradition (Revised): In Christ, a New Creation. Bohr, D
Catholic Pocket Evangelist Romero, Mario P
Catholic Prayer Book Bullen, Anthony (Ed)
Catholic Prayerbook From Downside Abbey (The) Foster, David (Ed)
Catholic Priest Today & Tomorrow (A) Evans, Michael
Catholic Religion (The) Taylor, Edward K
Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins (A) Crean, Thomas
Catholic Revival in English Literature (The) 1845-1961 Ker, Ian
Catholic Sanctuary & the Second Vatican Council (The) Davies, Michael
Catholic School (The). On the Threshold of the Third Millennium Congregation for Catholic Education
Catholic School Bible (The) 1938 Ecker, James
Catholic Sexual Ethics a Summary, Explanation, & Defence Lawler, R; Boyle, J & May, W E
Catholic Shrines of Central & Eastern Europe. A Pilgrim's Travel Guide Wright, Kevin J
Catholic Shrines of Western Europe. A Pilgrim's Travel Guide Wright, Kevin J
Catholic Social Teaching. A Way in (2nd Revised Edition) Caldecott, Stratford
Catholic Source Book (The) Klein, Peter
Catholic Spirituality from A-Z. An Inspirational Dictionary Susan Muto
Catholic Traditionalism (CTS Explanations) Edwards, Raymond
Catholic Trivia. Our Forgotten Heritage Elvins, Mark
Catholic Truth Society (The). A New History Ralls, Christopher
Catholic Way of Life (The) O'Brien, John A
Catholic Worship. An Introduction to Liturgy Withey, Donald A
Catholicism (New Edition) McBrien, Richard P
Catholicism All-in-one for Dummies Brighenti, Kenneth and others.
Catholicism and Fundamentalism. The Attack on 'Romanism' by 'Bible Christians' Keating, Karl
Catholicism and History. The Opening of the Vatican Archives Chadwick, Owen
Catholicism and Other Religions. Introducing Interfaith Dialogue Caldecott, Stratford
Catholicism Christ & the Common Destiny of Man De Lubac, Henri
Catholicism in Crisis Esper, Joseph M
Catholicism. The Story of Catholic Christianity O'Collins, Gerald & Farrugia, Mario
Catholics and Their Houses De Lisle, Leanda & Stanford, Peter
Catholics in New York. Society, Culture & Politics 1808 - 1946 Golway, Terry (Ed)
Catholics. Britain's Largest Minority Sewell, Dennis
Celebrate Mass with Your Heart Barbaric, Slavko
Celebrating Life: Finding Happiness in Unexpected Places Sacks, Jonathan
Celebrating Marie Madeleine: Reflections FCJ Sisters
Celebrating Mass with Children Matthews, Edward
Celebrating the Holy Eucharist Arinze, Francis
Celebrating the Mass CBCEW
Celebrating the Mass: A Guide for Understanding & Loving the Mass More Deeply McBride, Alfred
Celebrating the Paschal Mystery. A Syllabus of Liturgical Formation For Those Setting Up Courses in Liturgy CBCEW
Celebration of Discipline. The Path to Spiritual Growth Foster, Richard
Celebration of Mass (The). A Study of the Rubrics of the Roman Missal. Vol 2: The Rite of the Celebration of Low Mass (1949 Edition) O’ Connell, J
Celebration of the Eucharist (The) Rahner, Karl & Haussling, Angelus
Celebration. A Story of Suffering and Joy Spufford, Margaret
Celebration: The Liturgy Handbook Dean, Stephen (Ed)
Celibacy Myth (The). Loving for Life Gallagher, Charles A & Vandenberg, Thomas L
Celibate Love Connor, Paul M
Celtic Fire. An Anthology of Celtic Christian Literature Van de Weyer, Robert
Celtic Meditations Farrell, Edward J
Celtic Saints. Passionate Wanderers Rees, Elizabeth
Celtic Treasure. Unearthing the Riches of Celtic Spirituality Babbs, Liz
Centenary of the Catholic Church in North East India (1890-1990): A Souvenir George, M C (Ed)
Centesimus Annus: Encyclical Letter on the 100th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum John Paul II, Pope
Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite, The Eucharist & the Liturgy of the Hours: A Manual for Clergy & All Ministers Involved in Liturgical Ministries. Elliott, Peter J
Certain as the Dawn Van Breemen, Peter G
Chalice and the Sword (The) Raymond, Ernest
Challenge of Bernadette (The) Williamson, Hugh Ross
Challenge of Jesus (The) Wright, N T
Challenge To Change Magee, Dympna
Challenging Richard Dawkins. Why Richard Dawkins is Wrong about God. Jones, Kathleen
Changing Face of the Priesthood (The) Cozzens, Donald B
Changing People in a Changing World. Scripture Reflections for Advent Donders, Joseph G
Charismatic Renewal. Is It Really Catholic? Lance, Derek
Charles de Foucauld Trouncer, Margaret
Charles De Foucauld : In the Footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth Little Sister Annie of Jesus
Charles De Foucauld: Hermit and African Explorer Bazin, Rene (Trans: Keelan, Peter)
Charred Wood (The). Blessed Julie Billiart Carroll, Malachy G
Chartres: Guide of the Cathedral (Revised) Miller, Malcolm B
Chaucer. The Nun's Priest's Tale Sisam, Kenneth (Ed)
Cherishing Life CBCEW
Cherishing out Heritage. The Reopening of the Venerable English College Archives and Third Library Venerable English College (pub)
Christ and Life Harrington, Wilfred J
Christ Crucified and Other Meditations Farmer, David Hugh (Ed)
Christ in Dachau or Christ Victorious Lenz, John M
Christ in Eclipse Sheed, F J
Christ in His Mysteries Marmion, Abbot
Christ is the Answer: The Christ Centred Teaching of Pope John Paul II Saward, John
Christ like God (The) Taylor, John V
Christ on Divorce Richards, Hubert J
Christ the Life of the Soul Marmion, Abbot
Christ the Sacrament Schillebeeckx, E
Christ, the Ideal of the Priest: Spiritual Conferences Marmion, Columba (Trans: Dillon, Matthew)
Christ. Church. Mankind. The Spirit of Vatican II according to Pope John Paul II Kijas, Zdzislaw Jozef & Dobrzynski, Andrzej
Christ. The Heart of Creation Williams, Rowan
Christendom Awake Nichols, Aidan
Christian Almanac (The): A Book of Days Celebrating History's Most Significant People and Events Grant, George & Wilbur, Gregory
Christian Approach to the Bible (The) Charlier, Celestin
Christian Celebration: Understanding the Mass Crichton, J D
Christian Centuries (The) Gumley, Frances & Redhead, Brian
Christian Centuries (The). Vol 1, The First 600 Years Danielou, Jean & Marrou, Henri
Christian Challenge (The) Kung, Hans
Christian Community Bible Catholic Pastoral Edition
Christian Congregations and Mental Illness: A Survey of Contemporary Attitudes in Their Historical Context Hunneysett, Edna
Christian Engagements with Judaism Davies, W D
Christian Ethics and the Human Person: Truth and Relativism in Contemporary Moral Theology Bristow, Peter
Christian Faith (The) De Lubac, Henri
Christian Faith (The). A Mini Catechism for Catholics. Wang, Stephen
Christian Faith in the Doctrinal Documents of the Catholic Church (The) Neuner, J & Dupuis, J (Eds)
Christian Institution of the Family (The). A Dynamic Force to Regenerate Society Kradion Family & Property Association
Christian Living: The Spirituality of the Foyers of Charity Foley, Donal Anthony
Christian Marriage: An Historical and Doctrinal Study Joyce, G H
Christian Perfection and Contemplation Garrigou-Lagrange, Reginald
Christian Philosophy De Torre, Joseph M
Christian Responsibility Haughton, Rosemary
Christian Sacraments of Initiation (The): Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist Osborne, Kenan B.
Christian Social Witness and Teaching: The Catholic Tradition from Genesis to Centesimus Annus (Vol 2) Charles, Rodger
Christian Theology Bancroft, Emery H
Christian Theology: An Introduction McGrath, Alister E (Ed)
Christian Tradition (The): A History of the Development of Doctrine. Vol 1 The Emergence of the Catholic Tradition (100-600) Pelikan, Jaroslav
Christian Trinity in History (The): Studies in Historical Theology, Vol 1 De Margerie, Bertrand
Christian Vision (The): The Truth That Sets Us Free Powell, John
Christian World (The): A Social and Cultural History of Christianity Barraclough, Geoffrey (Ed)
Christianity and History Butterfield, Herbert
Christianity Diplomacy & War Butterfield, Herbert
Christianity in the West 1400 - 1700` Bossy, John
Christianity: An Introduction to the Catholic Faith Jones, David Albert
Christians (The) Gascoigne, Bamber
Christian's Guide to Rome (The) - New Revised Edition Luff, S G A
Christifideles Laici, Apostolic Exhortation on Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful John Paul II, Pope
Christmen. Experience of Priesthood Today McGinnity, Gerard
Christology: A Biblical, Historical, and Systematic Study of Jesus. O'Collins, Gerald
Christ's Church (Dogmatic Theology Vol II) Van Noort, G
Chronicle of the Bible Lands Rugerson, John
Chronicle of the Pope. The Reign by Reign Record of the Papacy from St Peter to the Present Maxwell-Stewart, P G
Chronicles of the Renaissance Murray, Chris (Ed)
Chronology of World Christianity (A) Bowden, John
Church (The) Kung, Hans
Church (The) … A Communion. In the Preaching and Thought of John Henry Newman Tolhurst, James
Church and Infallibility (The) Butler, B C
Church and Modern Science (The) McLaughlin, Patrick J
Church and Religion in the USSR Kuroyedov, Vladimir
Church and the New Media (The). Blogging Coverts, Online Activists, and Bishops who Tweet Vogt, Brandon
Church and the Papacy (The). A Historical Study Jalland, Trevor Gervase
Church and the Sacraments (The) Rahner, Karl
Church Ecumenism and Politics: New Endeavours in Ecclesiology Ratzinger, Joseph (Benedict XVI)
Church Explorers Guide (The): To Symbols and Their Meaning Bottomley, Frank
Church from the Roots (The): Basic Ecclesial Communities Marins, Jose
Church in Action (The) Kershaw, F W
Church in Council (The) Watkin, E I
Church Life in England in the 13th Century Moorman, John R H
Church of Apostles and Martyrs (The), Vol 1 Daniel-Rops, Henri
Church of Love (The) Chervin, Rhonda
Church of Old England (The) Cologan, W H
Church of the Word Incarnate (The), Vol 1 The Apostolic Hierarchy Journet, Charles
Church Poems Betjeman, John
Church State & Christian Society at the time of the Investiture Contest Tellenbach, Gerd
Church Teaches (The): Documents of the Church in English Translation Jesuit Fathers of St Mary’s College
Church We Believe In (The): One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Sullivan, Francis A
Church. Community for the Kingdom Fuellenbach, John
Church. St Ignatius of Loyola, Rome Olcuire, Gian Carlo
Churches and the Church (The). Leeming, Bernard
Churches Together in the Parish (In the Light Of the Catechism) Boulding, Sr. Mary Cecily
Citizens Virtues. A New Pattern for Living Alton, David
City of God (The) Augustine, St
City on a Mountain (A). Padre Pio of Petrelcina Parente, Pascal P
Civil Wars (The): A Military History of England, Scotland and Ireland 1638-1660 Kenyon, John & Ohlmeyer, Jane
Clarendon Bible (The): Old Testament Vol IV Israel After the Exile Lofthouse, W F
Clarendon Bible (The): Old Testament Vol V Judaism in the Greek Period Box, G H
Clarendon Bible (The): Old Testament Vol VI In The Beginning Hooke, S H
Classics on Revival (The) Backhouse, Robert (Ed)
Climbing Out of Depression Atkinson, Sue
Clothed in Language Matarasso, Pauline
Cloud of Unknowing (The) & Other Treaties McCann, Justin (Ed)
Cloud of Unknowing (The) Together With the Epistle of the Privy Council by an English Mystic of the XIV Century McCann, Justin (Ed)
Code of Canon Law (The) New Revised English Translation
Code of Canon Law (The): A Text and Commentary Coriden, Green & Heintschel
Collaborative Ministry: Skills and Guidelines Sofield , Loughlan & Juliano, Carroll
Collected Works of St John of the Cross (The) Kavanaugh, Kieran & Rodriguez, Otilio (Trans)
Collected Works of St Teresa of Avila (The). Volume 2 Rodriguez, Otilio (Trans: Kavanaugh, Kieran)
College Students Introduction to the Trinity (The) Lorenze, Lynn Faber
Collegeville Pastoral Dictionary of Biblical Theology (The) Stuhlmueller, Carroll
Collins Atlas of Bible History Pritchard, James & Page, Nick (Eds)
Colossian And Philemon Studies Moule, H C G
Colour of Rome (The). The Vatican - The Restored Sistine Chapel Pavilo, F C
Come Let Us Play: Playfulness and Prayer Nash, Wanda
Come Rack! Come Rope! Benson, Robert Hugh
Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament Lucia, Vincent Martin
Come Ye Apart. Daily Bible Readings in the Life of Christ Miller, J R
Come, see the Place. The Ideal Companion for all Travellers to the Holy Land Brownrigg, Robert
Coming Home. The Work of the St Barnabas Society Fisher, Nigel
Coming of Consolation (The): How God Gets Through To Us Sampson, William
Coming of the Third Millennium (The): A Popular Version of Tertio Millennio Adveniente, Apostolic Letter On the Jubilee of the Year 2000 John Paul II, Pope
Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews (A) Montefiore, H W
Communion of the Sick Morris, Fr Alan (Revised)
Communion Rite As Sunday Mass (The) Huck, Gabe
Communion. The Rite of Mass Swayne, Sean
Communism and Man Sheed, F J
Community in Mission. A Salvationist Ecclesiology Needham, Phil
Companion to Faith. Way to love the Year of Faith Donnelly, Nick
Companion to Reading the New Testament (CTS Companions) Graffy, Adrian
Companion to Reading the Old Testament (CTS Companions) Graffy, Adrian
Companion to St Paul (CTS Companions) Midgley, J B
Companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (The): A Compendium of Texts Referred to in the Catechism of the Catholic Church Including an Addendum for the Second Edition (1997) Ignatius Press
Companion to the Feasts of Mary (CTS Companions) Midgley, J B
Companion To The Ordo Missae (1969) Humphreys, John
Companion to the Sunday Gospels. The Year of Mercy Wansborough, Henry
Companions of Jesus: The Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador Sobrino, Jon and Others
Compassion of the Mother in the Passion of the Christ (The). Mel Gibson's Marian Triumph Geiger, Angelo Mary
Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church CTS (Pub)
Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church Pontifical Council for Justice & Peace
Complete Book of Bible Quotations from the Old Testament (The) Levine, Mark L & Rachlis, Eugene (Eds)
Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English (The) Vermes, Geza (Trans)
Complete Father Brown Stories (The) Chesterton, G K
Complete Guide to Bible Versions (The) Comfort, Philip W
Complete Guide to the Temple Mount Excavations (The) Mazar, Eilat
Complete Idiot's Guide to the Bible (The) 2nd Edition Bell, James S & Campbell, Stan
Complete Works of Saint Teresa of Jesus (The) Vol I Peers, E Allison (Trans & Ed)
Complete Works of Saint Teresa of Jesus (The) Vol II Peers, E Allison (Trans & Ed)
Complete Works of Saint Teresa of Jesus (The) Vol III Peers, E Allison (Trans & Ed)
Concise Catechism For Catholics (A): A Simple Exposition of Catholic Doctrine Tolhurst, James
Concise Dictionary of the Bible Neill, S; Goodwin, J & Dowie, A (Eds)
Concise Guide to Catholic Social Teaching (A) McKenna, Kevin E
Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (The) Livingstone, E A (Ed)
Conclave (The): The Sometimes Secret and Occasionally Bloody History of Papal Elections Walsh, Michael
Confession Angelis Press
Confession: Advice & Encouragement from Pope Benedict XVI (Year of Faith) Ó hAodha, Donncha (Comp)
Confession: Doorway to Forgiveness Forest, Jim
Confessions (Penguin Classics) Augustine, St (Trans: Pine-Coffin, RS)
Confessions of St Augustine Matthew, Tobie (Trans)
Confessors Handbook (A) Stasiak, Kurt
Confirmation: The Spirit of Christ (CTS Sacraments - Meeting Christ series) Totah, Mary David
Confirmed as Children: Affirmed as Teens Wilde, James A (Ed)
Conscience of Israel (The). Pre-Exile Prophets and Prophecy Vawter, Bruce
Conscience, Cooperation & Complicity: The Thought of Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI. Proceedings of 31st & 32nd Annual Conventions of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars. (2 books in 1 volume) Whitehead, Kenneth D (Ed)
Consecrated Life Today: Charisms in the Church for the World Union of Superiors General
Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Consolation of Philosophy (The). Boethius Watts, V E (Trans)
Consul of God. The Life & Times of Gregory the Great Richards, Jeffrey
Consuming Fire (The): A Christian Guide to the Old Testament Duggan, Michael W
Contact With God: Retreat Conferences De Mello, Anthony
Contemplating the Trinity: The Path to the Abundant Christian Life Cantalamessa, Raniero
Contemplative Christianity: An Approach to the Realities of Religion Graham, Aelred
Contemplative Hunger (The) Haggerty, Donald
Contemplative Life (The): Considered in its Apostolic Aspect By a Carthusian
Contemplative Meditation for All. How to Do It Matthew, Father
Contemporary Catholic Theology: A Reader Hayes, Michael A & Gearon, Liam (Eds)
Contemporary Insights on a Fifth Marian Dogma. Mary Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate. Theological Foundations III Miravale, Mark (Ed)
Contemporary Reading of the Spiritual Exercises (A): A Companion to St Ignatius’ Text Fleming, David L
Continuity of the Catholic Church (The) Hunt, Duane G
Contraception and Holiness. The Catholic Predicament Roberts, Thomas D (Intro)
Contraception and Holiness. The Catholic Predicament. A Symposium. Roberts, Thomas D and Others
Contraception and the Natural Law. Grisez, G
Contraception. A History of its Treatment by the Catholic Theologians and Canonists. Noonan, J T
Contradictions: Jehovah's Witnesses verses the Bible Szczepanski, H & A, & Kunda, T
Conversation with Escriva de Balaguer Ecclesia Press (Pub)
Conversations of a Bishop (The): An Interview With Jose de Broucher Camara, Dom Helder
Conversion. Spiritual Insights into an Essential Encounters with God Haggerty, Donald
Converts Catechism of Catholic Doctrine (The) Geiermann, Peter
Coping With Debt: A Report Prepared by Rev Dr Francis P McHugh for the Von Hugel Institute St Edmund’s College Cambridge McHugh, Francis P
Correspondence of Alexander Goss Bishop of Liverpool 1856 - 1872 Doyle, Peter (Ed)
Council and Reunion (The) Kung, Hans
Council and Reunion (The) Kung, Hans
Councils of the Church (The). A Short History Tanner, Norman P
Courage of Faith (The). Novena with Fr Kentienich, founder of Schoenstatt Badry, F
Courage to be Catholic (The): Crisis Reform and the Future of the Church Weigel, George
Courage to be Chaste (The) Goreschel, Benedict J
Courageous Hope. The Call of Leadership. Doohan, Leonard
Covenant and Communion: The Biblical Theology of Pope Benedict XVI Hahn, Scott
Covenanted Happiness. Love & Commitment in Marriage Burke, Cormac
Cracking the Da Vinci Code Akin, Jimmy
Craft of Theology (The): From Symbol to System Dulles, Avery
Creation or Evolution: Do We Have To Choose? Alexander, Denis
Creative Catechist: A Comprehensive Illustrated Guide for Training Religion Teachers Manternach, Janaan & Pfeifer, Karl J
Credo: The Catholic Faith Explained Holden, Marcus & Pinsent, Andrew
Creed (The). Professing the Faith Through the Ages Hahn, Scott
Creed in Slow Motion (The) Knox, Ronald
Cross and the Crescent (The): Religious Freedom in Countries with an Islamic Majority Morigi, Andrea, and others
Cross and the Third Reich (The) Frain, J
Cross of Death, Tree of Life. A Sacred Reading of the Story of Redemption Machar, Jerome
Crossing the Desert. Daily Scripture Reflections & Prayers for Lent Creedon, Josep[h
Crossing the Threshold of Hope John Paul II, Pope
Crown of Thorns (A): An Autobiography 1951-1963 Heenan, John C
Crucified and Crowned Barclay, William
Crucifixion (The). Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ Rutledge, Fleming
Crucifixion in Irish Art (The) Harbison, Peter
Cruden’s Complete Concordance to the Bible: With Notes and Biblical Proper Names under One Alphabetical Arrangement Cruden, Alexander
Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testament Cruden, Alexander
Crusade of Mary Prayer Book Crusaders (Pub)
Crusades (The): A Very Short Introduction Tyerman, Christopher
Cry for Mercy (A): Prayers from the Genesee Nouwen, Henri J M
Cry of the Deer (The). Meditation on the Hymns of St Patrick Adam, David
CTS Companion to the Angels (The) Midgley, J B
Cube and the Cathedral (The): Europe, America and Politics without God Weigel, George
Cultural World of Jesus (The): Sunday by Sunday, Cycle A Pilch, John J
Culture of Life. Culture of Death Gormally, Luke (Ed)
Cure D Ars (The). St John Vianney 1786-1859 Trochu, Francis
Cure D’Ars Saint John Vianney Rutler, George W
Cure D'Ars. Saint John Vianney (CTS Biographies) Rulter, George W
Cutting Edge Bioethics-A Christian Explanation of Technologies and Trends Klner, J F, Hook, C & Uustal, D B  



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Da Vinci Deception (The): 100 Questions About the Facts & Fiction of the Da Vinci Code Shea, M & Sri, E
Da Vinci Hoax (The): Exposing the Errors in the Da Vinci Code Olson, Carl E & Miesel, Sandra
Daily Christian Living with John Henry Newman CTS (Pub)
Daily Life at the Time of Jesus Vamosh, Miriam Feinberg
Daily Life in Palestine at the Time of Jesus Daniel-Rops, Henri
Daily Prayer 2003 Cones, Bryan M
Daily Prayers (Catholic Classics) Hoagland, Victor (Ed)
Daily Reflections for Lent (Not by Bread Alone 2011) Morneau, Robert F
Damien the Leper Farrow, John
Dancing Sun (The). Journeys to the Miracle Shrines Seward, Desmond
Dare to Believe Lustiger, Jean-Murray Cardinal
Dark Night of the Soul (The) John of the Cross (Ed: Backhouse, Halcyon)
Dark Night of the Soul (The) John of the Cross (Trans/Ed: Peers, E Allison)
Darkness and Light Nassan, Maurice
Daughter of Zion. Meditations on the Church's Marian Belief Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal (Benedict XVI)
David. A Man of Passion & Destiny Swindoll, Charles
Dawkins Delusion (The): Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine McGrath, A & Collicutt McGrath, J
Dawkins’ God: Genes, Memes and the Meaning of Life McGrath, Alister
Dawn of All (The) Benson, Robert Hugh
Day By Day: An Introduction to Prayer By Michael Hollings Hollings, Michael
Day Christ Died (The) Bishop, Jim
Day in Santiago de Compostela (A) An Aldeasa Guide
Day the Bomb Fell (The). Hiroshima 6 August 1945 An Eye-Witness Account Siemes, J
Day the Sky Opened (The): A Novel of the Great Flood Guyatt, Andrew R
Days of Change, Years of Challenge. The Homilies & Talks of Cardinal Timothy Manning Manning, Timothy
Days Of Devotion. Daily Meditations from the Good Shepherd John XXIII, Pope
De Sacerdotio Ministerialli (The Ministerial Priesthood) Synod of Bishops
Dead Sea Scrolls and the Originality of Christ (the) Graystone, Geoffrey
Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered Eiseman, Robert & Wise, Michael
Death of the Messiah (The): A Commentary on the Passion Narratives Vol 1 of 2 (Boxed Set) Brown, Raymond E
Death of the Messiah (The): A Commentary on the Passion Narratives Vol 2 of 2 (Boxed Set) Brown, Raymond E
Deeper Centre (The) Haymann, Eva
Defamation of Pius XII(The) McInerny, R
Deification and Grace Keating, Daniel A
Deliverance from Evil Spirits: A Weapon for Spiritual Warfare Scanlon, Michael & Cirner, Randall
Deluded By Dawkins? A Christian Response to the God Delusion Wilson, Andrew J
Depths of Scripture (The). The Bible in the Light of the Catechism (Deeper Christianity Series) Lewis Michael
Desert Wisdom Sayings From the Desert Fathers Nouwen, Henri J M (Intro)
Deus Caritas Est : God is Love - Encyclical Letter Benedict XVI, Pope
Devil in the Life of Padre Pio (The) De Cervinara, Tarcisio
Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions Berlinski, David
Devotion of the Nine First Fridays (The) Lawson, William
Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Divine Wisdom. As Revealed to Teresa Helena Higginson also Including a Summary of Her Life Higginson, Teresa Helena
Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ (The) Croiset, John (Trans: O'Connel, Patrick)
Devotions for Holy Communion (1959) McEvor, Hubert (Revised)
Diary of a Country Priest (The). A Novel Bernanos, George
Diary of a Small Town Priest (The) Ripley, Canon F J
Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul Kowalska, Faustina, Blessed Sister
Dictionary of Biblical Theology (Updated 2nd Edition) Leon-Dufour, Xavier (Ed)
Dictionary of Christian Biography Walsh, Michael (Ed)
Dictionary of Early Christian Biography (A) Wace, Henry & Piercy, William C (Ed)
Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin Stelten, Leo F
Dictionary of Religious Orders Day, Peter
Dictionary of Saints Days Fasts Feasts and Festivals (A) Waters Colin
Dictionary of the Bible McFarlan, D M
Dictionary of the Bible McKenzie, John L
Dictionary of the Bible (Oxford Book) Browning, W R F
Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons? And 199 Other Questions from Catholic Teenagers (Revised Edition) Pinto, Matthew J
Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? Olson, Carl E
Did You Receive the Spirit? Tugwell, Simon
Dies Domini: Apostolic Letter On Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy John Paul II, Pope
Difficulties in Mental Prayer Boylan, Eugene
Dignitas Personae: Instruction on Certain Bioethical Questions Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Dignity of Older People (The): Their Mission in the Church and in the World Pontifical Council for the Laity
Diocesan Handbook for the Year of Mercy. December 2015- November 2016 Salford Diocese
Directory (A) Based upon the Apostolic Letter (Motu Proprio) on 31st March 1970 by His Holiness Pope Paul VI Determining Norms for Mixed Marriages Episcopal Conference of England & Wales
Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism Pontificium Consilium Ad Christianorum Unitatem Fovendam
Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy: Principles and Guidelines Congregation for Divine Worship & the Discipline of the Sacraments
Directory on the Canonical Status of the Clergy. Rights, Obligations & Procedures CBCEW
Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests Congregation for the Clergy
Discoveries From the Time of Jesus Millard, Alan
Discovering Aquinas: An Introduction to His Life Work and Influence Nichols, Aidan
Discovering Jesus Barclay, William
Discovering Stained Glass Hicks, Carola (Revised)
Discovery Robert, Dennis
Dissolution and Annulment of Marriage by the Catholic Church Stewart, Eileen
Dissolution of the Monasteries (The) Woodward, G W O
Dives in Misericordia: Encyclical Letter on the Mercy of God John Paul II, Pope
Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace O'Donohue, John
Divine Comedy (The): Vol 1 The Inferno. (Penguin Classics) Dante (Trans: Musa, Mark)
Divine Comedy (The): Vol 2 Purgatory. (Penguin Classics) Dante (Trans: Musa, Mark)
Divine Energy: God Beyond Us Within Us Among Us Dorr, Donal
Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom (The) Chrysotom, John
Divine Love Made Flesh. The Holy Eucharist as the Sacrament of Charity Burke, Raymond Cardinal
Divine Mercy and Sister Faustina (The) Witko, Andrew
Divine Pity (The) Vann, Gerald
Divine Romance (The) Sheen, Fulton J
Divinization of the Christian According to the Greek Fathers (The) Gross, Jules
Divino Afflente Spitritu. Encyclical Letter: Biblical Studies - Pius XII, Pope
Divorce of Henry VIII (The): The Untold Story form inside the Vatican Fletcher, Catherine
Divorce. Explaining Catholic Teaching on Marriage, Separation & Divorce. (CTS Explanations) Deegan, Jane
Do You Love Me? A Practical Guide to Catholic Prayer & Spirituality CBCEW
Doctrine of Deification in the Greek Patristic Tradition (The). Russell, Norman
Documents of the Christian Church Bettenson, Henry & Maunder, Chris (Eds)
Documents of Vatican II (The): The Message & the Meaning of the Ecumenical Council Abbot, Walter M (Gen Ed)
Does God Matter For Me? Martindale, C C
Does God's Existence Need Proof? Messer, Richard
Dogma 3: God and His Christ Schmaus, Michael
Dogma 4: The Church and its Origin and Structure Schmaus, Michael
Dogma 5: The Church as Sacrament Schmaus, Michael
Dogma 6: Justification and the Last Things Schmaus, Michael
Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (The) Emmerich, Anne Catherine
Dom Columba Marmion Tierney, Mark
Dominic Barberi (CTS Saints of the Isles) Lodge, Ben
Dominican Laity Handbook (The), Irish Province Dominican Order
Dominicans (The) Reeves, John Baptist
Dominumet Vivificantem: Encyclical on The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World. John Paul II, Pope
Dominus Iesus: Declaration On the Unicity and Salvific Universality of Jesus Christ and the Church Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Don Bosco's Gospel Way Winstanley, Michael
Don’t Be Afraid To Be Saints: World Youth Days 1984-2008 John Paul II, Pope & Benedict XVI, Pope
Donum Vitae: Instruction on Respect for Human Life in its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Doors to the Sacred: A Historical Introduction to Sacraments in the Catholic Church Martos, Joseph
Doorway to Silence (A): The Contemplative Use of the Rosary Llewellyn, Robert
Double Thirst Reaching Beyond Suffering (A) Mann, Ivan
Drawing Near to the City. Christians Speak About Dying Brown, Shelagh
Duc de Berry’s Book of Hours (The) Hattinger, Franz
Durham Cathedral Stranks, C J
Dying For God: Martyrdom and the Making of Christianity and Judaism Boyarin, Daniel  


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Eagle Handbook of Bible Promises (The) Manser, Martin & Beaumont, Mike (Comp)
Eagles Word (The): A Presentation of the Gospel According to St John With An Introductory Essay Vann, Gerald
Early Christian Doctrines Kelly, J N D
Early Christian Writings: The Apostolic Fathers (Pengiun Classics) Staniforth , Maxwell (Trans)
Early Church (The). From Christ to Constantine. (CTS Concise Histories) Meredith, Anthony
Easter God and his Easter People (The) Taylor, John V
Easter Jesus (The) O'Collins, Gerald
Easter Triduum (The) Redemptorist (Pub)
Easter Vigil and Other Poems Wojtyla, Karol (John Paul II)
Eastern Orthodox Christianity-A Western Perspective Clendenin, Daniel B
Ecclesia de Eucharistia: Encyclical Letter on the Eucharist in its Relationship to the Church John Paul II, Pope
Ecclesiastical History of the English People. (Penguin Classics) Bede
Ecumenical Council (The), The Church and Christendom Jaeger, Lorenz
Edel Quinn (1907-1944) A Heroine of the Apostolate Bloomfield, Bob
Edge of Glory (The): Prayer in the Celtic Tradition Adam, David
Edith Stein Discovered. A Person Portrait Lyne, Pat
Edmund Arrowsmith (CTS Saints of the Isles) Hogan, John S
Edmund Campion Waugh, Evelyn
Edmund Campion (CTS Saints of the Isles) Hayden, Alexander
Education under Penalty: English Catholic Education from the Reformation to the Fall of James II Beales, A C F
Ee By Gum Lord! The Gospels in Broad Yorkshire Kellett, Arnold
Eerdman’s Commentary of the Bible Dunn, James D G & Rogerson, John W (Eds)
Eerdman’s Dictionary of the Bible Freedman, D (Ed)
Eight Beatitudes (The) Chevrot, Georges
Eight Deadly Sins: Learning to Defend the Life of Grace (Deeper Christianity Series) Boland, Vivian
Eighty Five Martyrs (The) Connelly, Roland
Elected Silence. (Autobiography) Merton, Thomas
Elements of New Testament Greek (The) Duff, Jeremy
Elements of Rite: The Handbook of Liturgical Style Kavanagh, Aidan
Elena Guerra 1835-1914: Prophecy and Renewal Abbrescia, Domenico M
Elizabeth of Dijon. An Interpretation of Her Spiritual Mission Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Elizabeth of the Trinity: The Charism of Her Prayer Lafrance, Jean
Elizabeth Prout 1820-1864: A Religious Life for Industrial England Hamer, Edna
Elizabethan Nation (The) Hurstfield, Jack
Encounters with Christ-: Six Meditations from the Gospels Martini, Carla Maria and others
Encyclicals of Benedict XVI (The) Benedict XIV, Pope
Encyclopaedia of Theology: A Concise Sacramentum Mundi Rahner, Karl (Ed)
Enduring Grace: Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics Flinders, Carol Lee
Engaging Benedict. What the Rule Can Teach us Today Swan, Laura
Engaging Unbelief: A Captivating Strategy From Augustine To Aquinas Curtis Chang
England Before Elizabeth Cam, Helen
England in the Age of Thomas More Wilson, Derek
English Cathedrals Meyer, Peter (Text)
English Catholic Community (The), 1570-1850 Bossy, John
English Catholic Heroines Bogle, Joanne (Ed)
English Catholics 1850-1950, Essays to Commemorate the Centenary of the Restoration of the Hierarchy of England and Wales Beck, George Andrew (Ed)
English Church (The) and the Papacy in the Middle Ages Lawrence, C H (Ed)
English Church Architecture Through the Ages Ison, Leonora & Alter
English Gradual (An). (Music CD Held) Belmont Abbey (Pub)
English Hospice In Rome (The). Venerable English College 2012 Venerable Engligh College (Pub)
English Mystical Tradition (The) Knowles, David
English Parish Churches Smith, Edwin; Cook, Olive & Hutton, Graham
English Pope (The) Pawlowski, Michael
English Puritanism Collinson, Patrick
English Reformation (The) Culkin, Gerard
English Reformation (The) Dicken, A G
Enjoying the New Testament Monro, Margaret T
Ephesus (English) Kerkin, Nain
Episcopal Ordination and Ecclesial Consensus McMillan, Sharon L
Epistle of the Hebrews (The). An Historical & Theological Consideration Manson, William
Epistle to the Hebrews (The) Bruce, F F
Epistle to the Hebrews (The) Westcott, B F
Epistle to the Hebrews (The). A Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews “Hermeneia Commentary Series” Attridge, Harold W
Epistle to the Hebrews (The). A Commentary on the Greek Text (The New International Greek Testament Commentary) Ellingworth, Paul
Epistle to the Hebrews (The). An Introduction and Commentary Hewitt, Thomas
Epistle to the Hebrews (The). Its Background and Thought Hurst, L D
Epistle to the Hebrews (The). The First Apology for Christianity (An Exegetical Study) Bruce, A B
Epistle to the Hebrews (The). The Greek Text With Notes & Essays Westcott, B F
Erasmus of Christendom Bunton, Ronald H
Eschatology: Death and Eternal Life (Dogmatic Theology 9) Auer, Johann & Ratzinger, Joseph
Essay on the Development of Doctrine (An) Newman, John H (Cameron, Jim. Ed)
Essential Catholic Handbook (The) Finnegan, Sean
Essential Catholic Prayer Book (The): A Collection of Private and Community Prayers, With a Glossary of Key Terms & a Brief Manual of Ways to Pray Bauer, Judy
Essential Creed (The). Exploring the Apostles' Creed in the Year of Faith. Cox, Genevieve
Esther Levenson, Jon D
Eternal Echoes Exploring Our Hunger to Belong O'Donohue, John
Eternal Seasons: A Liturgical Journey With Henri Nouwen Ford, Michael (Ed)
Eternity Now: An Introduction to Orthodox Spirituality Thekla, Mother
Ethics in a Permissive Society Barclay, William
Ethics of Aristotle (The) Thompson, JAK (Trans)
Eucharist in the New Testament (The) Delorme, and others.
Eucharist With the Saints (The): Meditations and Prayers Midgley, J B
Eucharist. The Body of Christ (CTS Sacraments - Meeting Christ series) McPartlan, Paul
Eucharist: Road to Evangelization: Catechesis for Adults Brouard, Maurice
Eucharistic Heart (The) Galot, Jean
Eucharistic Miracles Crux, Joan Carrol
Eucharistic Prayer at Sunday Mass (The) McCarron, Richard
Eucharistic Prayers (The): In Worship Preaching and Study Moloney, Raymond
Eucharistic Sacrifice and the Reformation Clark, Francis
Eucharistic Words of Jesus (The): Jermerias, Joachim
Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide: Killing or Caring? Manning, Michael
Evangelii Gaudium: The Joy of the Gospel  Francis, Pope
Evangelii Nuntiandi: Apostolic Exhortation Proclaiming the Gospel Paul VI, Pope
Evangelism in the Early Church Green, Michael
Evangelium Vitae: The Gospel of Life. Encyclical Letter On the Value & Inviolability of Human Life John Paul II, Pope
Evangelization for the Third Millennium: Avery, Cardinal Dulles
Evangelization of the Modern World (The): Outline of Discussion for 1974 Synod of Bishops Synod of Bishops
Evangelizing Catechesis (An): Teaching from your Encounter with Christ Pauley, James C.
Evangelizing Catholics. A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization Hahn, Scott
Events of Medjugorje (The) Bena, Angelo (Original Text)
Everlasting Man (The) Chesterton, G K
Everlasting Now (The): Meditations on the Mysteries of Life and Death as They Touch in Our Daily Choices Maloney, George A
Every Comfort at Golgotha: Thoughts for the Forty Days of Lent Reid, Gordon
Every Pilgrim’s Guide to Walsingham: England’s Nazareth Obbard, Elizabeth Ruth
Every Pilgrim's Guide to the Holy Land (New Revised Edition) Wareham,Norman & Gill, Jill
Everyday Catholic (The) Harrison, Martin
Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer Rohr, Richard
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Heaven But Never Dreamed of Asking Kreeft, Peter
Evidence of the Shroud (The) Wilson, Ian
Evolution and Christians Fothergill, Philip G
Evora and the Central Alentejo Valverde, Jose Contreras
Exodus Enigma (The) Wilson, Ian
Exorcism (CTS Explanations) Davies, Jeremy
Exorcist (An): More Stories Amorth, Gabriele
Exorcist Tells His Story (An) Amorth, Gabriele
Experiencing Jesus O'Collins, Gerald
Explorer's Guide to the Abbeys, Monasteries & Churches of Great Britain Bottomly, Frank
Exploring God-talk. Using Language in Religion Astley, Jeff
Exploring Humility. Towards a Healthy Sense of Self (Spirituality S120) Mills-Powell, Mark
Exploring New Testament Greek. Kevern, Peter & Gooder, Paula
Exploring the Mass: Student’s Book Nichols, Vincent Archbishop
Exploring the Mass: Teacher’s Resource Book Nichols, Vincent Archbishop
Exploring the Old Testament Vol 3: The Psalms and Wisdom Literature Lucas, Ernest
Externals of the Catholic Church (The). A Handbook of Catholic Usage Sullivan, John F
Extraordinary Form of the Mass Explained (The) Whinder, Richard
Extraordinary Gathering of Angels (An) Barker, Margaret
Eyes in the Lord. View of a Contemplative Basil, Duncan  


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Faces of the Church Preston, Geoffrey
Faith & Fortune Beard, Madeleine
Faith Alive: A New Presentation of Catholic Belief and Practice Pasco, Rowanne & Redford, John (Gen Eds)
Faith and Love Through Christ Hayward, W J
Faith and the Future Kasper, Walter
Faith and the Mystery of God Wiles, Maurice
Faith Explained (The) Trese, Leo J
Faith For Sceptics (A) Heidt, John H
Faith For the Future Urquhart, Colin
Faith in Momentum Guiver, George
Faith in Practice (The) Hughes, Philip
Faith of Our Fathers: Reflections on Catholic Traditions Duffy, Eamon
Faith of the Catholic Church (The). A Summary Konstant, David (Ed)
Faith That Touches the World (A): A Lent Course Jones, James (Ed)
Faith We Live By (The) Daughters of St Paul
Faith, Hope and Chastity. Honest Reflections from the Catholic Priesthood Butler, Carolyn (Ed)
Faithful and Laity in the Church Del Portillo, Alvaro
False Prophets of today. Can Fear & Peace co-exists in our hearts? Petrisko, Thomas W
Familiar Prayers Their Origin and History Thurston, Herbert
Familiaris Consortio: Apostolic Exhortation: The Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World John Paul II, Pope
Families For Tomorrow Bogle, Joanna (Ed)
Family & Human Procreation (The) Pontifical Council for the Family
Family of Saints (A). The Martins of Lisieux - Saints Therese, Louis and Zelie Pait, Stephane Joseph
Family Revolution (The): Rebuilding Traditional Family Life in the Third Millennium Gottschalk, Mary (Ed)
Father Brown of the Church of Rome. Selected Mystery Stories Chesterton, G K
Father Dolly. The Guardsman Monk Brookes, Rudesind
Father Martin D’Arcy: Philosopher of Christian Love Sire. H J A
Father Mychal Judge. An Authentic American Hero Ford, Michael
Father Peyton’s Rosary Prayer Book Trappists
Father to Many (A): The Life and Work of Father Kentenich Uriburu, Esteban
Father Who Keeps His Promises (A): God’s Covenant Love in Scripture Hahn, Scott
Father William Doyle S J O'Rajilly, Alfred
Fathers (The) Benedict XIV, Pope
Fathers of the Church (The) Benedict XVI, Pope
Fathers of the Church (The). An Introduction to the First Christian Teachers (3rd Ed) Aquilina, Mike
Fatima and Our Salvation Martins, Antonia Maria
Fatima Today. The Third Millennium Fox, Robert J
Fatima, Past or Future? The Unheeded Message Borelli, Antonio A
Fatima, Russia and John Paul II Tindal-Robertson, Timothy
Fatima. Place of Hope & Peace Rossi, Severo
Faustina, Apostle of Divine Mercy Odell, Catherine M
Favourite Heroes & Holy People. Chosen by People from All Walks of Life Cassidi, Deborah (Ed)
Favourite Novenas to the Holy Spirit (A St Joseph Prayerbook) Lovasik, Lawrence G
Favourite Patron Saints Burns, Paul (Comp)
Favourite Psalms: Growing Closer To God Stott, John
Fear No Evil: A Personal Struggle with Cancer Watson, David
Fear Not the Night Based on the Classic Spirituality of John of the Cross Kirvan, John
Feast for Advent (A) Smith, Delia
Feast For Lent (A) Smith, Delia
Fides at Ratio: Encycical Letter on Faith and Reason. John Paul II, Pope
Fifteen Prayers of Saint Bridget Shalom (Pub)
Fifteen Stations of the Cross Robinson, Alan
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Cross-Carrying Pilgrimage July 1948 - July 1998 Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
Fifty Meditations on the Passion. (Paternoster Series no 6) Goodier, Archbishop
Fight For the Family (The): The Adults Behind Children’s Rights Burrows, Lynette
Final Days of Jesus (The): The Archaeological Evidence Gibson, Shimon
Final Harvest (The). Medjugorje at the End of the Century Weibl, Wayne
Final Hour (The) Brown, Michael
Finding Faith Knowles, Andrew
Finding Faith in Troubled Times Collins, Pat
Finding Fire with Tony de Mello Callanan, John
Finding Forgiveness with Pope Francis Donnelly, Nick
Finding God the Father. A Jubilee Retreat Carroll, Richard L
Finding God the Father: A Jubilee Retreat Carroll, Richard C
Finding Sanctuary. Monastic Steps for Everyday Life Jamision, Christopher
Finding the Still Point. Making Use of Moods (Exploring Prayer) O'Mahoney, Gerald
Finding Your Bible. A Catholic’s Guide Schelr, Timothy
Fire and the Cloud (The): An Anthology of Catholic Spirituality Fleming, David A (Ed)
Fire in the Deep. Lectio Divina Series. Cycle A Miller, Robert J
Fire of the North (The). The Life of St. Cuthbert Adam, David
Fires of Faith. Catholic England under Tudor Mary Duffy, Eamon
First Addresses of Pope Francis Francis, Pope
First Comes Love: Finding Your Family in the Church and the Trinity Hahn, Scott
First Easter: What Really Happened? Richards, H J
Fit for Mission: Being Catholic Today O'Donoghue, Bishop Patrick
Fit For Mission? Marriage A Preparation Course: Presenter’s Book O'Donoghue, Bishop Patrick
Fit For Mission? Schools O'Donoghue, Bishop Patrick
Five Love Languages (The): The Secret To Love That Lasts Chapman, Gary
Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (The) The Spiritual Diary of a Third Order Two Hearts Books (Pub)
Focus on Faith: A resource for the journey into the Catholic Church Jones, Deborah M.
Focus Your Day: Reflections On Christian Experience Grabner, Kenneth E
Following the Way. Jesus Our Spiritual Director O'Collins, Gerald
Footprints in the Snow: A Pictorial Biography of Josemaria Escriva, the Founder of Opus Dei Helming, Dennis M (Roth, Sr Anna. Ed)
Footprints of Northern Saints Hume, Basil
For Better and for Worse Holland, Thomas
For the Love of Wisdom: An Explanation of the Meaning and Purpose of Philosophy John-Terry, Chris
Forgiveness. The Glorious Face of Love. (Christian Essentials) Hogan, Francis
Forgiveness: A Guide For Prayer Bergan, Jacqueline & Schwan, S Marie
Forgiveness: The Glorious Face of Love Hogan, Francis
Forgotten Bible (The). The Unknown Jesus Visions of the Apocalypse Prophets and Patriarchs Porter, J R
Forty (40) days with Paul Wansborough, Henry
Forty Martyrs of England and Wales Tigar, Clement
Forty Martyrs of England and Wales (The) The Universe (Pub)
Forty Reasons I am a Catholic Kreeft, Peter
Foundations of Faith. Catechist Manual Catechumenate Year C Duggan, Bob and Others
Foundations of Faith. Participant Book Catechumenate Year C Duggan, Bob and Others
Fountains Abbey Then and Now (1956 Print) Henderson, Arthur E
Four Evangelists (The): An Introduction Midgley, J B
Four Last Things (The): Death Judgement Hell and Heaven Von Cochem, Martin
Four Loves (The) Lewis, C S
Fourth Essential (The) Linscott, Mary
Fragments that Remain. Musings Inspired by Fr Bernard Vaughan Burns, Oates & Washbourne (Pub)
Francis of Assisi. A Portrait Almedingen, E M
Francis of Assisi: An Essay Nigg, Walter
Francis of Assisi: The Wandering Years Mockler, Anthony
Francis: The Journey and the Dream Bodo, Murray
Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph: A Short History on the Occasion of the Centenary of the Congregation (1883-1983) Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph
Francois de Sales De La Bedoyere, Michael & Sire, H J A
Frank Duff: A Life Story Kennedy, Finola
Frank Duff-: Founder of the Legion of Mary Bradshaw, Robert
Free To Believe: Ten Steps to Faith Gallagher, Michael & Paul
Freedom to Captives Carlin, Neill
Freemasonry, Mankind's Hidden Enemy: With Current Official Catholic Statements Madden, Charles
Frequent Confession. Its Place in the Spiritual Life Baur, Benedict
Friars (The) Aylesford Aylesford Priory (Pub)
Friars (The): The Impact of the Early Mendicant Movement on Western Society Lawrence, C H
Friday Penance Edwards, John C
Friends of God. Homilies Escriva de Balanguer, Josemaria
Friendship Matters Spriggs, David & Jackson, Darrell
From Age To Age Foley, Edward
From Darkness into Light Restrepo, Marino
From Nicaea to Chalcedon: A Guide to the Literature and its Background Young, Frances M
From Stonehenge to Santa Claus: The Evolution of Christmas Frodsham, Paul
From the Place of the Dead: Bishop Belo and the Struggle for East Timor Cohen, Arnold S
From the Presence of the Lord. A God too Gracious Harrington, Wilfred J
From Without the Flaminian Gate 150 Years of Roman Catholicism in England and Wales 1850-2000 McClelland, V Allen & Hodgetts, Michael (Eds)
Fruits of the Spirit (Deeper Christianity Series) Caldecott, Stratford
Fulfilment in Christ: A Summary of Christian Moral Principles. Grisez, G & Shaw, R
Fully Human Fully Alive. A New Life Through a New Vision Powell, John
Fundamental Marriage Counselling. A Catholic Viewpoint Cavanagh, John R
Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma Ott, Ludwig
Fundamentals of Ethics. Finnis, J
Fundamentals of Religion (The) Howard, J & Ingram, J J
Funeral Liturgies McCarthy, Flor  



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G K Chesterton: A Great Catholic (Pamphlet) Morris, Kevin L
Galileo Revisited: The Galileo Affair in Context Scotti, Paschal
Galileo: Science & Faith (CTS Concise Histories) Carroll, William
Garabandal. The Village Speaks Perez, Ramon
Garden of Eden and the Hope of Immortality Barr, James
Garden of the Soul (The): A Manual of Spiritual Exercises and Instructions For Christians Who Living in the World Aspire to Devotion (1921) Burns & Oates (Pub)
Gateway To God Weil, Simone
Gateway to the Trinity: Meditations on Rublev's Icon Castle, Tony
General Councils (The). A History of the 21 Church Councils from Nicaea to Vatican II Bellitto, Christopher M
General Instruction of the Roman Missal (2005) CBCEW
General Instruction on the Roman Missal (Principles and Rubrics) 1973 Print Howell, Clifford (Trans)
Generosity in the Family. (Family Matters) Willey, Eldred
Genesis 12-50: Torch Bible Commentaries Herbert, AS
Genesis to Jesus Hahn, Kimberly & Barber, Michael
Genetic Engineering: Christian Values and Catholic Teaching Flaman, Paul
Gentleman Saint (The): St Francois de Sales and His Times 1567-1622 Trouncer, Margaret
George Herbert: Verse & Prose (The Golden Age of Spiritual Writing) Cope, Wendy (Selections)
George. Patron of England (CTS Great Saints) Midgley, J B
Gift and Mystery: On the Fiftieth Anniversary of My Priestly Ordination John Paul II, Pope
Gift of Authority (The). Authority in the Church III, An Agreed Statement ARCIC
Gift of Confession (The): A Positive Approach to the Sacrament of Reconciliation Stoop, Michael de
Gift of Peace (The): Personal Reflections Bernardin, Joseph
Gift of Scripture (The) CBCEW & CBCS
Gift of Scripture Unwrapped (The). An Introduction to the Bishops' Document on the Bible Dodd, Christine & Others
Gifted and Sent Collins, Pat
Gifts of Lay Ministry (The) Dent, Barbara
Gilbert Keith Chesterton (Biography) Ward, Maise
Glenstal Book of Prayer (The). Benedictine Prayer Book Columba Press (Pub)
Glimpses of the Divine. The Art & Inspiration of Sieger Koder Simmonds, Gemma
Glories of Mary (The) Liguori, St Alphonsus de
Glory Be To God: A Stoneyhurst Prayer Book Stoneyhurst College
Glory of God (The) Chapman, Rex
Glory of the New Testament (The) Cross, Georgette (Gen Ed)
Go in Peace with a Penitents Prayer book Hollings, Michael & Konstant, David
Go to Heaven Sheen, Fulton J
God Alone. An Anthology of the Spiritual Writings of Cornelia Connelly Foundress of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (Paternoster Series 19) Burns & Oates (Pub)
God and Modern Philosophy Wicker, Brian
God and the Supernatural. A Catholic Statement of the Christian Faith D’Arcy, M C and others
God and the Unconscious White, Victor
God Calling Russel, A J (Ed)
God Dwells with Us: Temple Symbolism in the Four Gospel Coloe, Mary L
God East and West Barnes, Michael
God Encountered: A Contemporary Catholic Systematic Theology, Vol 2 The Revelation of the Glory Van Beeck, Franz Joseph
God For Grown-Ups: Discovering Christ Today in the Catholic Church Gallagher, Rosemary (Ed)
God for Us: The Trinity in Christian Life Lacugna, Catherine Mowry
God Has Not Changed: The Assembled Thoughts of Alice Thomas Ellis Thomas-Ellis, Alice
God is Closer than You Think Ortburg, John
God is Love Alone Roger of Taize, Brother
God is Near Us: The Eucharist the Heart of Life Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal (Benedict XVI)
God is Not Angry: Truth That Sets Us Free Petit, Ian
God is Red. The Secret Story of How Christianity Survived & Flourished in Communist China Yiwu, Liao
God Knows You’re Grieving: Things to Do to Help You Through Guntzelman, Joan
God of Compassion Hughes, Gerard W
God of Jesus Christ (The) Kasper, Walter
God of Our Deepest Longings (The): Seven Biblical Meditations Van Breemen, Peter
God of Our Fathers (The): Israel’s Account of Her Origins Johnston, Leonard
God of Surprises Hughes, Gerard W
God Reality (The): A Critique of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion Slane, Rob
God Speaks in the Night: The Life, Times & Teaching of St John of the Cross Kavanaugh, Kieran (Trans)
God Still Speaks. The Basis of Christian Education. Moran, Gabriel
God Who Changes Lives (The) Elsdon-Dew, Mark (Ed)
God Will Find a Way Remarkable Story of the Life of Reverend Jim Dutton Dutton, Jim
God’s Best Ideas Mascarenhas, Fio
God’s Dream and His Plan For Us Prevost, B
God’s Human Face: The Christ Icon Schonborn, Christoph
God’s Infinite Mercy Chrosciechowski, Julian
Godfaring: On Reason, Faith and Sacred Being Clark, Francis
Gods and the One God. Christian Theology in the Graeco-Roman World Grant, Robert
God's Faithful Instrument Grogan, Patricia
God's Grace in History Davis, Charles
God's Living Word Jones, Alexander
God's Loving Forgiveness. Prayers & Meditations for the Sacrament of Reconciliation Hurley, Dermot
God's Masterplan. Penetrating the Mystery of Christ Hocken, Peter
God's Word. Scripture-Tradition-Office Ratzinger, Joseph (Benedict XVI)
Gods, Saints and a Scholar. The Early Northumbrian Experience (7 Essays) Thornton, G B
Golden Arrow (The) Webb, Mary
Golden Book of Florence (The). All of the City and its Masterpieces Pauli, Eniki (Trans)
Golden Epistle of Abbot William of St Thierry (The) Shewring, Walter (Trans)
Good Confessor (The) Kelly, Gerald
Good Enough Catholic (The). A Guide for the Perplexed Wilkes, Paul
Good Listener (The) Sullivan, James E
Good Man Has Past This Way (A). The Life of The Venerable Pierre Bienvenu Noailles Priest 1793 - 1861 (Founder of the Association of The Holy Family of Bordeaux) Flanagan, Marie-Bernard
Good News about Sex and Marriage: Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching West, Christopher
Good Pope (The). John XXIII & Vatican II Tobin, Greg
Gorton Monastery (Images of England) Cronin, Jill (Text)
Gospel according to Matthew (The) CTS Booklet Wansborough, Henry (Intro)
Gospel According to Michael Goulder (The). A North American Response Christopher A Ralston
Gospel According To Saint John (The) "Active Service" 100th Anniversary Edition Scripture Gift Mission (Pub)
Gospel According to St John (The), Vol 1 Schnackenburg, Rudolf
Gospel According to St John (The), Vol 2 Schnackenburg, Rudolf
Gospel According to St John (The), Vol 3 Schnackenburg, Rudolf
Gospel and Jesus (The) Stanton, Graham N
Gospel in Slow Motion (The) Knox, Ronald
Gospel of Jesus (The): New Edition White, Karl (Trans)
Gospel of John (The). A Commentary Mullins, Michael
Gospel Parallels. A Synopsis of the First Three Gospels Throckmorton, Burton H (Ed)
Gospel Questions and Inquiries Basset, Bernard
Gospels and the Jesus of History (The) Leon-Dufour, Xavier
Grace and Glory Mascall, E L
Graced Horizon (The): Nature and Grace in Modern Catholic Thought Duffy, Stephen
Gracious Word (The). Year A. Commentary and Sunday and Holy Days Readings Harrington, Wilfred J
Great Betrayal (The). Thoughts on the Destruction of the Mass Williamson, Hugh Roass
Great Churches of the North West Byrne, Matthew
Great Divide (The): The Failure of Islam and the Triumph of the West Schmidt, Alvin J
Great Divorce (The) Lewis, C S
Great English Pilgrimage (The): From Rome to Canterbury 1400th Anniversary, AD 597-1997 Donaldson, Christopher
Great Events of Bible Times: New Perspectives on the People Places and History of the Biblical World Metzger, Bruce and others (Ed)
Great Humanists (The). An Introduction Armold, Jonathan
Great Little Doctor Leslie, Susan
Great Minds of the Medieval World. (Accompanying Course Guidebook for DVD set) Great Courses (Pub)
Great Mysteries (The). Experiencing Catholic Faith from the Inside Out Greeley, Andrew M
Great People of the Bible and How They Lived Wright, G Ernest (General Ed)
Great Themes of Scripture (The): Old Testament Rohr, Richard & Martos, Joseph
Greatness of Heart Rorke, Patrick
Greek New Testament (Η ΚΑΙΝΗ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ): Text with Critical Apparatus Bible Society
Greek Philosophers (The) Guthrie, WKC
Gregorian Chants. An Illustrated History of Religious Chanting Shearing, Colin R
Greyfriars Convent: Convent of Mercy, Elgin, Scotland Maynard, Jean Olwen
Grief Observed (A) Lewis, C S
Guide For Ushers and Greeters Mick, Lawrence E
Guide to Contentment Sheen, Fulton J
Guide to Loving (A): For Young and Old Dominian, Jack
Guide to Morning Evening and Night Prayer: How to Pray the Prayer of the Church Taylerson, Robert
Guide to Science and Belief (A) Poole, Michael
Guide to the Eucharist (A): The Paschal Sacramental Selman, Francis
Guide to the Here & Hereafter (The) Blue, Lionel
Guide to the Latin Mass Society (A): Its Purpose and Functions Byrne, Carol
Guide to the New Testament (A) Watson, Francis
Guide to the Passion (A): 100 Questions about the Passion of Christ Editors of Catholic Exchange
Guide to the Traditional Latin Mass & Catholic Apologetics (A) Bredhears, Guy 



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Hail Holy Queen the Mother of God in the Word of God Hahn, Scott
Hail Mary (The) Cesare Falletti
Half-Shilling Curate (The). A Personal Account of War & Faith 1914-1918 Reah, Sarah
Halfway to Heaven. The Hidden Life of Carthusians Lockhart, Robin Bruce
Hallowed Be Thy Name. Reflections on the Divine Name in Sacred Scripture Lewis, Michael
Handbook for Readers (A). A Practical & Liturgical Guide Tolley, Marian
Handbook of Catholic Apologetics Kreeft, Peter J & Tacelli, Ronald K
Handbook of Catholic Sacramentals (A) Ball, Ann
Handbook of Heresies Cozzen, M L
Handing on the Faith. A Manual of Catechetics Jungmann, Josef Andreas
Happiness Here and Now. The Eightfold Path of Jesus Revisited With Buddhist Insights West, Elizabeth
Happiness of God (The). Holiness in Therese of Lisieux Leslie, Susan
Happiness of Heaven and How to Attain the Joys That Await You There (The) Boudreaux, F J
Happiness, Truth & Holy Images. Essays of Popular Theology and Religion & Art Thomas, John
Harper Collins Encyclopaedia of Catholicism (The) McBrien, Richard P (Gen Ed)
Harris's Guide to Churches and Cathedrals Harris, Brian L
Have a Good Day Parente, Allesio Padre (Ed)
Have a Little Faith: A True Story Albom, Mitch
Hazard of Faith Scott, Kevin
He is Alive: Song Book Nicolas Rodger
He Leadeth Me Ciszek, Walter J & Flaherty, Daniel
He Touched Me. My Pilgrimage of Prayer Powell, John
He Was One of Us Poortvliet, Rien
Healing Light of the Rosary (The) Harty, Gabriel
Healing Promise. The Essential Guide to the Sacred Heart Costa, Anna
Health Care Ethics: A Theological Analysis 4th Edition. Ashley, B M & O' Rourke, K D
Hear, O Islands: Theology and Catechesis in the New Millennium Redford, John (Ed)
Hearers of the Word. Praying & Exploring the Reading for Advent & Christmas: year A O'Mahoney, Kieran J
Heart Gifts From… Steiner Rice, Helen
Heart of Flesh. A Feminist Spirituality for Women & Men Chittister, Joan D
Heart of Man (The) Vann, Gerald
Heart of Prayer. African, Jewish & Biblical Prayers Gittins, Anthony
Heart of the Enlightened (The) De Mello, Anthony
Heart of the Matter (The) De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard
Heart Speaks unto Heart. The Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to UK 2010 The Universe (Pub)
Heaven on Thursday. The Life of St Madeline Sopie Barat Richardson, M K
Heaven: A History McDannell, Coleen & Lang, Bernhard
Heavenly Man (The). The Remarkable Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun Hattaway, Paul
Hebrew in 10 minutes a day Kershul, Kristine
Hebrews (Tyndale New Testament commentary) Guthrie, Donald
Hebrews. A Bible Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition Cockerill, Gareth L
Hebrews. For Everyone Bible Study Guides Wright, Tom
Hebrews. The Anchor Bible (A New Translation) Koester, Craig (Intro & Commentary)
Held by the Watchtower Set Free by Christ Thorn, Susan
Held in Trust. 2008 Years of Sacred Culture Whitehead, Maurice (Ed)
Hell and Other Destinations: A Novelist’s Reflections on This World and the Next Reid, Piers Paul
Henri Nouwen: In My Own Words Durbeck, Robert (Ed)
Here I am Send Me: Biblical Reflections and Prayers Evans, Michael
Heresy of Formlessness (The). The Roman Liturgy & Its Enemy Mosebach, Martin
Heretic Lives: Medieval Heresy From the Bogomils & the Cathars to Wyclif & Hus Farassetto, Michael
Heretics Chesterton, G K
Heretics and Believers. A History of the English Reformation Marshall, Peter
Hermit without a Permit Doherty, Eddie
Heroes of the Catholic Reformation, Saints Who Revered the Church Pearce, Jospeh
Hidden Child of Medjugorje (The) Emmanuel, Sister
Hidden Manna (The): A Theology of the Eucharist O' Connor, James T
Highland Clearances (The) Prebble, John
Hilaire Belloc (CTS Biographies) Schmode, Karl
Hilaire Belloc: A Catholic Prophet Morris, Kevin L
Hilaire Belloc: A Memoir Morton, J B
His Face. Images of Christ in Art Wheeler, Marion
His Healing Touch Buckley, Michael
His Holiness Pope John Paul II O'Sullivan, Timothy
His Holiness Pope John Paul II. His Life & Travels Watts, Michael
His Holiness Pope Pius XI Fontenelle, R
His Holiness. John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time Bernstein, Carl & Poloti, Marco
His Love is a Fire. Central Writings with Extracts from Journals Roger of Taize, Brother
Historic Reality of Christian Culture (The). Away to the Renewal of Human Life Dawson, Christopher
Historical Geography of the Holy Land (The) Smith,George Adam
Historical Jesus (The): A Comprehensive Guide. Theissen, G & Merz, A
History and Religion of Israel (The) Anderson, G W
History of Antichrist Huchede, P
History of Apologetics (A) Dulles, Avery
History of Christian Europe (The) Evans, G R
History of Christian Philosophy in the Middle Ages Gilson, Etienne
History of Christianity (A) Chadwick, Owen
History of Christianity (A) MacCulloch, Diarmaid
History of God (A): From Abraham to the Present, the 4000-year Quest for God Armstrong, Karen
History of Israel (A) Vol 1 Oesterley, W O E
History of Israel (A) Vol 2 Oesterley, W O E
History of Israel (A): From the Beginnings to the Bar Kochba Revolt AD 135 Soggin, J Alberto
History of Israel (A): Revised Edition Bright, John
History of Jerusalem (A). One City Three Faiths Armstrong, Karen
History of Philosophy (A) Vol 2 Medieval Philosophy Copleston, Frederick
History of Salvation: Introducing the Old Testament Power, John
History of the Church (A). Vol 1, The Church and the World in Which the Church Was Founded Hughes, Philip
History of the Church (A). Vol 2, The Church in the World the Church Created Augustine to Aquinas Hughes, Philip
History of the Church (A). Vol 3, The Revolt against the Church Aquinas to Luther Hughes, Philip
History of the Church (The) Bedouelle, Guy
History of the Church in 100 Objects Aquilina, Mike & Grace
History of the Church in England Allies, Mary H
History of the Mass and its Ceremonies in the Eastern and Western Church (A). 7th Edition (pub 1880) O'Brien, John
History of the Mass Explained (The) Dilke, Charles
History of the Medieval Church (A) 590-1500 Deanesly, Margaret
History of the Papacy (The) CTS Concise Histories Schofield, Nicholas
History of Ushaw College (The) Milburn, David
History's Golden Thread. The History of Salvation Cavallitt, Sophia
Hodder Book of Christian Quotations (The) Castle, Tony
Hodder Dictionary of Bible Themes (The) Manser, Martin H (Ed)
Holiness Nicholl, Donald
Holiness in Action Cluny, Roland
Holy Anger: Jacob, Job, Jesus Basset, Lytta
Holy Baptism Rahner, Karl
Holy Bible New Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition
Holy Bible (The) Revised Standard Version- Catholic Edition
Holy Bible with Apocrypha / Deuterocanonical Books (Crossed Referenced Edition) New Revised Standard Version
Holy Eucharist (The) Arinze, Francis
Holy Eucharist (The). (Published 1909) Hedle, John Cuthbert
Holy Eucharist (The): From the New Testament to Pope John Paul II Nichols, Aidan
Holy Face (The). An Account of the Oldest Photograph in the World Cheshire, Leonard
Holy Father In California's Southland (The): The Pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II ... to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in California 1987 [Souvenir Pictorial] Commander International Printing (Pub)
Holy Gospel of John (The) Levi, Peter (Trans)
Holy Land (The). An Archaeological Guide From the Earliest Times to 1700 Murphy-O’Connor, Jerome
Holy Land (The). Follow the Steps of Jesus (Jubilee Year 2000) Boochny, Etty (Ed)
Holy Land (The). The Land of Jesus Palphat Guide
Holy Order Nichols, Aidan
Holy Orders: The Image of Christ (CTS Sacraments - Meeting Christ series) Bertram, Jerome
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (The): A Search for an Acceptable Notion of Sacrifice McGuckian, Michael
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (The): A Text for Religious Discussion Clubs (Pre Vatican II Mass) Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
Holy Souls (The). " Viva Padre Pio" Parente, Allesio Fr
Holy Spirit (The) Silvani, Renu Rita & Mascarenhas, Fio
Holy Spirit (The) Wansborough, Henry
Holy Spirit (The): Lord and Giver of Life Bono, Agostino (Trans)
Holy Spirit of God: An Essay in Biblical Theology Durrwell, F X
Holy War in Ancient Israel Von Rad, Gerhard
Holy Week Book (The): As Reformed by Pope Pius X Fortescue, Adrian (Intro)
Homage to the Blessed Padre Pio Diflumeri, Gerardo
Honest to God Debate (The) Robinson, John A & Edwards, David L
Honey From the Rock Sixteen Jews Find the Sweetness of Christ Schoeman, Roy
Hope and Suffering. Sermons & Speeches Tutu, Desmond
Hour is Now (The) Konig, Franz
Hour of the Laity Their Expanding Role (The): Exploring “Christifideles Laici” The Pope’s Key Document on the Laity Dwyer,E J
Hour with Jesus (An). Volume II Queenship Publishing (Pub)
Hours of Consecration. Minutes of Prayer. The Invocations, Blessings & Dedications of Manning, Timothy
Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (The) Piccarreta, Luisa
House of God (The). Places of Worship Express the Permanence and Variety of Religious Faith Around the World Geisiger, Marion
House of the Virgin Mary (The). The Miraculous Story of the Journey from Nazareth to a Hillside in Italy Phillips, Godfery E
Houses of Adoration Angel, Marie-Benoitte
How Can I Find God? The Famous & Not-so-Famous consider the Quintessential Question Martin, James
How Can I Keep From Singing? Thoughts About Liturgy For Musicians Huck, Gabe
How Can We Be Free? Dodd, Christine
How Catholic Art Saved the Faith. The Triumph of Beauty & Truth in Counter-Reformation Art Lev, Elizabeth
How Long O Lord? Reflections on Suffering and Evil Carson, D A
How Saints are Canonised Keeffe, Christopher
How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization Woods, Thomas E
How to Choose a Translation of All It’s Worth. A Guide to Understanding and Using Bible Versions Fee, Gordon D & Strauss, Mark L
How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice. Civil Responses to Catholic Hot-Button Issues Kelly, Michael & Ivereigh, Austen
How To Do Apologetics. Making the Case for Our Faith Madrid, Patrick
How to Enter Heaven Lickorsh, Adrian
How to Pray the Rosary Francis, Sister Mary
How to Read & Pray The Passion Story Gustin, Marilyn
How to Read Church History. Vol 1, From the Beginnings To the Fifteenth Century Comby, Jean
How to Read Church History. Vol 2, From the Reformation To the Present Day Comby, Jean & MacCulloch, Diarmaid
How to Read the Apocalypse Prevost, Jean-Pierre
How to Read the Church Fathers Hamman, Adalbert
How to Read the New Testament Charpentier, Etienne
How to Read the Old Testament Charpentier, Etienne
How to Read the Prophets Prevost, Jean-Pierre
How to Serve. In Simple, Solemn, and Pontifical Functions Britt, Matthew
How to Survive Being Married to a Catholic Redemptorist (Pub)
How to Understand Judaism Braybrooke, Marcus
How to Understand the History of Christian Mission Comby, Jean
How to Understand the Liturgy Lebon, Jean
How to Understand the Sacraments Duchesneau, Philippe Beguerie Claude
How to Understand the Virgin Mary Bur, Jacques
Human Embryo before Implantation (The): Scientific Aspects & Bioethical Considerations Sgreccia, Elio & Laffitte, Jean (Eds)
Human Rights and the Catholic Church. Reflections on the Jubilee of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights CBCEW
Humanae Vitae (On Human Life): Encyclical Letter Paul VI, Pope
Humanae Vitae A Generation Later. Smith, Janet
Humanae Vitae Forty Years On: A New Commentary. Woodall, George
Humanae Vitae: Encyclical Letter on Birth Control. New Translation 2008 on 40th Anniversary. Paul VI, Pope
Hungry for God: Practical Help in Personal Prayer Martin, Ralph
Hymn of the Universe De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard 



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I am with You Always. True Stories of Encounters with Jesus Sparrow, G Scott
I Am With You. Biblical Experience of God Mangan, Celine
I am With You. Divine Help for Todays Needs Woolley, John
I Am With You. Year B. Spiritual Reflections for Couples Two in One Flesh Team
I am With You: Treasured Words of Divine Inspiration for Everyone Woolley, Fr John
I am Your Jesus of Mercy Vol 1 Riehle Foundation
I am Your Jesus of Mercy Vol 2 Riehle Foundation
I am Your Jesus of Mercy Vol 3 Riehle Foundation
I am: Six Studies in Johns Gospel for Groups Kidd, Tony
I Believe in Love. Retreat Conferences based on the Teachings of St Therese of Lisieux D'Elbee, Jean du Coeur de Jesus
I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Eldon Ladd, George
I Believe: A Little Catholic Catechism ACN (Pub)
I Like Being in Parish Ministry. Assembly Connors, Daniel
I Like Being in Parish Ministry. Catechist Berger, Alison
I Met a Miracle. The Story of Jack Traynor O'Connor, Patrick
I Never Knew that about England's Country Churches Winn, Christopher
I Remember Maynooth Kevin, Neil
I The Lord Am With You Always. Prayers & Meditation for Eucharistic Adoration McCarthy, Christine (Comp)
I want to Love: A Teenagers Extraordinary Life Cola, Silvano
I Want to See God. A Practical Synthesis of Carmelite Spirituality. Volume 1 MacNutt, Francis
I Will Be Called John. A Biography of Pope John XXIII Elliot, Lawrence
I’ll Tell You a Secret: An Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching O'Keefe, Jim
Icons Book of 30 Postcards Magna Books (Pub)
Icons: Reading Sacred Images (Deeper Christianity Series) Baggley, John
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Judges & Ruth Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Philippians, Colossians & Philemon Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: 1 & 2 Corinthians Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: 1 & 2 Kings Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: 1 & 2 Samuel Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: 1, 2 & 3 John & Revelation Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Acts of the Apostles Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Exodus Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Galatians and Ephesians Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Genesis Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Hebrews Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: James, 1 & 2 Peter & Jude Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Job Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: John Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Joshua Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Luke Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Mark Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Matthew Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Romans Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Thessalonians, Timothy & Titus Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Tobit, Judith & Esther Hahn, Scott & Mitch, Curtis
Ignatius of Loyola Rahner, Karl & Imhof, Paul
Ignatius Spencer: Apostle of Christian Unity Vereb, Jerome
Ignatius, Founder of the Jesuits Ignatius, St Lawrence
Il Domenica Di Pasqua. Canonisation Booklet for John XXIII & John Paul II 27 April 2014 Vatican Publication
Illustrated Bible Dictionary (The) Easton, M G
Illustrated Bede (The) Marsden, John
Illustrated Gospels (The) Authorised King James Version
Illustrated History of Catholicism & The Catholic Saints Young, Elizabeth (Ed)
Illustrated History of the Popes (An). St Peter to John Paul II Walsh, Michael
Illustrated Rosary (An). Including the new Mysteries of Light Family Publications (Pub)
Illustrated Story of Christian Ireland from St Patrick to the Peace Process (The) Staunton, Michael
Illustrated Story of Lourdes Astrua, Don Massimo
Illustrations of Old Testament History Barnett, R D
Illustrissimi: Letters of John Paul I Luciani, Albino
Image of Christ (The). The Catalogue of the Exhibition Seeing Salvation Finaldi, Gabriele
Image of Guadalupe (The) Smith, Jody Brant
Imagining God. Stories From Creation to Heaven Dennis, Trevor
Imitating Christ on Magwi. An Anthropological Theology Whitmore, Todd D
Imitation of Christ (The) (Henrickson Christian Classics) Kempis, Thomas A
Imitation of Christ (The) (Penguin Classics) Kempis, Thomas A
Imitation of Christ (The) New Illustrated Edition Kempis, Thomas A
Imitation of Christ (The): Knox & Oakley Translation Kempis, Thomas A
Imperial Rome. Transparent Overlay a Archaeological Sites Lozzi, Roma
Impressions of Jesus McBride, Denis
In a Fitful Light. Conversations on Christian Living O'Shea, Donagh
In Christ Jesus Urquhart, Colin
In Conversation with God Daily Meditations (Vol One) Advent and Christmastide Fernande, Francis
In Good Company: The Fast Track from the Corporate World to Poverty Chastity and Obedience Martin, James
In Light of the Trinity. The Spiritualty of Blessed Billiart, Foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Charmot, Francois
In Praise of Mary: Hymns From The First Millennium of the Eastern & Western Churches Berselli, C & Gharib, G (Texts Selected)
In Praise of St Peregrine Laziosi Commissio Liturgia (Pub)
In Praise of the Tridentine Mass and of Latin, The Language of the Church Spartaro, Roberto
In Search of a Way: Two Journeys of Spiritual Discovery Hughes, Gerard W
In Search of the Holy Land Morton, H V
In Splendid Manner. The Prestwich Roll of Honour 1914-1918 Galloway, David
In the Beginning There Was Darkness. A Blind Person’s Conversations With the Bible Hull, John M
In the Beginning There Were Stories. Thoughts About the Oral Tradition of the Bible Bausch, William J
In the Beginning...: A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and fall Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal (Benedict XVI)
In the Christian Spirit Evely, Louis
In the End My Immortal Heart will Triumph. Consecration Preparation for the Triumphal Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Queenship Publications (Pub)
In the Footsteps of Joseph Ratzinger Borghese, Alessandra
In the Footsteps of Paul the Apostle in Greece Greek National Tourism Organization
In the Hand of God. A Treasury of Traditional Prayer Past Times (Pub)
In the House of the Lord Nouwen, Henri J M
In the Image and Likeness of God Lossky, Vladimir
In the Kingdom of the Spirit Terelya, Josyp
In the Name of Jesus. Reflections on Christian Leadership Nouwen, Henri J M
In The Presence of Our Lord: The History Theology and Psychology of Eucharistic Devotion Groeschel, Benedict J & Monti, James
In The Redeeming Christ Durrwell, F X
In the Secret of My Heart. Moments of Stillness in the Heart of Christ Burke, Anna
In The Steps of St. Paul Morton, H V
In the Track of the Gospel. An Outline of the Christian Apostolate From Pentecost to the Present Roche, Aloysius
Incarnation O'Collins, Gerald
Incarnation, Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ (The) Liguori, St Alphonsus de
Incredible Book of Vatican Fact & Papal Curiosities (The). A Treasury of Trivia Lo Bello, Nino
Index of the Code of Canon Law (in English Translation) Canon Law Society of GB & Ireland
Ineffabillis Deus: Apostolic Constitution Defining the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception Pius IX, Pope
Infinite Bandwidth: Encountering Christ in the Media Gan, Eugene.
Infinity of Little Hours (An) Maguire, Nancy Klein
Inn of the Samaritan (The) Burt, Donald
Inner Healing Scanlan, Michael
Inner Voice of Love (The): A Journey through Anguish to Freedom Nouwen, Henri J M
Inquisition (The) CTS Concise Histories Cervantes, Fernando
Inside Heaven and Hell: What History Theology & the Mystics Tell Us about the Afterlife Petrisko, Thomas W
Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics: 100 Questions and Answers Ali, Daniel & Spencer, Robert
Inside Job (The): A Spirituality of True Self-Esteem McManus, Jim
Inside the Christian Community Hammett, Rosine & Sofield, Loughlan
Inside the Vatican. McDowell, Bart
Insight. A Study of Human Understanding Lonergan, Bernard J F
Inspiration and the Bible Benoit, Pierre
Instructed Heart (The) Sheed, F J
Intelligent Person's Guide to Catholicism (An) McCoy, Alban
Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Culture (An) Scruton, Roger.
Interior Castle (The) Teresa of Avila, St
Interior Castle (The) or the Mansions By Saint Teresa of Jesus Discalced Carmelites (Trans Into English)
Interlinear Greek-English NT With Lexicon & Synonyms (The) Ricker Berry, George
International Arms Trade (The): An Ethical Reflection Pontifical Council for Justice & Peace
International Critical Commentary (The) on the Book of Ecclesiastes Barton, George Aaron
International Eucharistic Congresses (The). A Spiritual Odyssey: 1881 - 2016 Allen, John Francis
Interpreting Jesus O'Collins, Gerald
Intertestamental Period (The): Old Testament Introduction 4 Holder, John
Intimacy Nouwen, Henri J M
Intimacy and the Hungers of the Heart Collins, Pat
Intimate Moments. Conversations with Christ in John's Gospel Lawler, Magdalen
Introducing John Paul II Hebblethwaite, Peter
Introducing the New Testament Drane, John
Introducing the Old Testament Drane, John
Introducing the Old Testament Moriaty, Frederick
Introduction to Canon Law (An) Coriden, James A
Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching (An) Charles, Rodger
Introduction to Catholicism. A Complete Course (Didache Series) Socias, James (Gen Ed)
Introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations (An) Kessler, Edward
Introduction to Mary. The Heart of Marian Doctrine and Devotion Miravale, Mark
Introduction to Moral Theology Caessario, Romanus
Introduction to Moral Theology (An) May, W E
Introduction to the Bible (An) Roberts, Jenny
Introduction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church Ratzinger, Joseph & Schonborn, Christoph
Introduction to the Devout Life De Sales, St Francis
Introduction to the Healing Ministry Grandis, Robert de
Introduction to the Liturgical Year (An) Biffi, Inos & Vignazia, Franco
Introduction to the New Testament Kummel, W G
Introduction to the New Testament (An) Brown, R E
Introduction to the New Testament Christology (An) Brown, R E
Introduction to the Old Testament: Journey into the Mystery of God Weni, Lauren J
Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion (An) Davies, Brian
Introduction to the Study of Aesthetical and Mystical Theology (An) Goodier, Alban
Invalid Marriage (The) Wrenn, Lawrence G
Invitation to Faith (An): An A-Z Primer on the Thought of Pope Benedict XIV Coulet, Jean-Michel
Inward Peace Plus, Raoul
Ireland's Historic Visitor O'Donovan, Patrick (Forward)
Is Humanism Enough? Russell, John L
Is Jesus God? Examining the Evidence Lickorish, Adrain
Is Jesus Really Present in the Eucharist Evans, Michael
Is the Catholic Church Anti-Social? Coulton, G G & Lunn, Arnold
Is the Church Too Asian: Reflections on the Ecumenical Councils Tanner, Norman P
Is the New Testament Anti-Semitic? Baum, Gregory
Is There a Way through Suffering? Lynch, Pat
Is There Salvation Outside The Catholic Church? Bainvel, J (Weidenhan, J L . Trans)
Islam in Conflict Past Present Future Riddell, Peter G & Cotterell, Peter
Island of St Patrick (The): Church and Ruling Dynasties in Fibgal & Meath, 400-1148 MacShamhrain, Ailbhe
Israel Then & Now O'Dwyer, Thomas & Cartier, M
Israel. Frequently Asked Questions BICOM (Pub)
Israel: Pictorial Guide and Souvenir Palphot Ltd
Israel: Splendours of the Holy Land Kochav, Sarah
Issues for a Catholic Bio-ethic. Proceedings of the International Conference to Celebrate the Twentieth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Linacre Centre 28-31 July Gormally, Luke
Issues of Faith and Morals Pell, George
It’s the Lord’s Supper: Eucharist of Christians Deiss, Lucien  


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Jeanne d'Arc. Her Life, Her Death & the Myth Scott, W S
Jerome Biblical Commentary (The) Brown, R E; Fitzmyer, J A & Murphy, R E (Eds)
Jerusalem (Insight Guide) Hamilton, Freddy (Project Ed)
Jerusalem Bible (The) Readers Edition
Jerusalem of Gold Rivero II, Marcos Enrique Ruiz
Jerusalem Sacred City of Mankind. A History of Forty Centuries Kollec, Teddy & Pearlman, Moshe
Jerusalem Temple (The). Essential Bible Reference Backhouse, Robert
Jerusalem, Israel, Petra, Sinai Eye Winess Travel
Jerusalem. Battlegrounds of Memory Elon, Amas
Jerusalem. The Biography Montefiore, Simon Sebag
Jesuit (The) Gallahue, John
Jesuits in England from 1580 to the Present Day (The) Edwards, Francis
Jesus and Paul. Parallel Lives Murphy-O'Connor, Jerome
Jesus and the Little People: Gospel Encounters Winstanley, Michael
Jesus and The Victory of God Wright, N T
Jesus Appeals to the World in the Writings of Sister Consolata Betrone Sales, Lorenzo
Jesus as Friend Canals, Salvatore
Jesus Before Christianity Nolan, Albert
Jesus Christ in Modern Thought McQuarrie, John
Jesus Christ The Way The Truth The Life. A Daily Prayer Book Konstant, David
Jesus Christ, The Man from Nazareth and Exalted Lord Schweitzer, Eduard
Jesus Christ. The Bearer of the Water of Life-A Christian Reflection on the New Age Pontifical Council for Culture/Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue
Jesus Christ. The Good News of Matthew's Gospel New International Version
Jesus Christ: Man of Sorrows Goodier, Alban
Jesus Christ: The Witness of History Anderson, Norman
Jesus I Trust in You: Selected Prayers. 4th Edition Faustina, Blessed Sister
Jesus in His Time Daniel-Rops, Henri
Jesus in the Gospels. A Biblical Christology Schnackenburg, Rudolf
Jesus Lifestyle (The) Gumbel, Nicky
Jesus of Nazareth. Holy Week: From The Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection Ratzinger, Joseph (Benedict XVI)
Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration Ratzinger, Joseph (Benedict XVI)
Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives Ratzinger, Joseph (Benedict XVI)
Jesus on Trial: A Study of the Gospels (2nd Edition) Sloyan, Gerard J
Jesus Psalter (The): Arranged For Public Recitation Monk of Ampleforth Abbey
Jesus Risen: The Resurrection What Actually Happened and What Does It Mean? O'Collins, Gerald
Jesus the Christ Kasper, Walter
Jesus the Christ Weinandy, Thomas G
Jesus the Christ. A New Testament Portrait Zanzig, Thomas
Jesus Who Became Christ De Rosa, Peter
Jesus. A Short Life Dickson, John
Jesus. An Historical Approximation Pagola, Jose A
Jesus. The Great Debate Jeffrey, Grant R
Jesus: A Gospel Nouwen, Henri J M
Jewish Conscience of the Church. Julian Isaac & the Second Vatican Council Tobias, Norman
Jewish Faith (The): Faith & Fact Book 134 Demann, Paul
Jewish People (The): Their History and Their Religion Goldberg, David J & Raynor, John D
Jewish People and Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible (The) Pontifical Biblical Commission
Jews, God & History Dimont, Max I
Joan of Arc Smith, John Holland
Joan of Arc and Her Secret Mission Sermoise, Pierre de
Joan of Arc. A Military Leader Devries, Kelly
Joan of Arc. A History Castor, Helen
Joan of Arc. A Spiritual Biography Nash-Marshal, Siobhan
Joan of Arc. The Image of Female Heroism Warner, Marina
Jocelin of Brakeland: The Life of a Monk and Chronicler of the Great abbey of St Edmund Scarfe, Norman
John Fisher (CTS Saints of the Isles) Willey, Eldred
John Gerard. Autobiography of an Elizabethan. Translated From the Latin Caraman, Philip (Trans)
John Henry Newman (New Edition) Dessia, C S
John Henry Newman, A Very English Saint Chisnall, Peter M
John Henry Newman, A View of the Catholic Faith for the New Millennium Connolly, John R
John Henry Newman, Doctor of the Church Lefebure, Phillipe & Mason, Colin (Ed)
John Henry Newman, His Life & Work Martin, Brian
John Henry Newman, In His Time Lefebure, Phillipe & Mason, Colin (Ed)
John Henry Newman: Centenary Essays Tristram, Henry (Ed)
John of the Cross McGreal, Wilfred
John Paul II De Roeck, Jef
John Paul II. Chronicle of a Remarkable Life Collins, Michael (Forward)
John Paul II. Speaks to Religious Book IX 1995-1996 Beyer, Jean (Comp)
John Paul II: A Man from Krakow Blazynski, George
John Paul II: In the Service of Love Spink, Kathryn (Text)
John Paul II: Man of History Stourton, Edward
John Paul II: The Road to Sainthood Gallagher, Jim
John Paul II's Book of Mary Bunson, Margaret (Comp)
John Paul the Great. Maker of the Post-Conciliar Church Oddie, William (Ed)
John Paul the II: Things of the Spirit Spink, Kathryn (Cmp)
John Southworth (CTS Saints of the Isles) Archer, Michael
John Wesley and the Catholic Church Todd, John M
John XXIII Algisi, Leone
John: Evangelist and Interpreter Smalley, Stephen
John: New Testament Commentary Hendrikson, William
Josemaria Escriva (CTS Biographies) Scot, Helena & Tolansky, Ethel
Jospice International. Autobiography of Fr Francis O' Leary O’Leary, Francis
Journal of a Soul John XIII, Pope
Journey Into God (A) Smith, Delia
Journey Into Prayer Smith, Delia
Journey Into Truth: Spiritual Direction in the Anglican Tradition Ball, Peter
Journey of Faith For Ordinary Time Shrader, Mary
Journey Through Lent: Homily Notes and Background Material Crichton, J D
Journey to Resurrection: The Drama of Lent and Easter in the Gospel of John Hanson, Richard & Simon
Journey to the Millennium and Beyond. Reflections, Prayers & Poems of Christian Women Ecumenical Committee of the Nationla Board of Catholic Women
Journey to the Unknown. The Life of a Franciscan Missionary Kelly, Isabel.
Journey towards Easter Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal (Benedict XVI)
Journeys of St Paul (The) Perowne, Stewart
Joy of Being a Eucharistic Minister (The) Finley, Mitch
Joy of Full Surrender (The) De Caussade, Jean-Pierre
Joy of Surrender unto Him (The) Williams, Veronica
Joy of the Gospel (The): A Companion Guide to Evangelii Gaudium. Willey, Petroc & Davies, Barbara
Joy of the Saints (The): Spiritual Readings throughout the Year Llewellyn, Robert (Ed)
Joy to the World. How Christ's Coming Changed Everything (And Still Does) Hahn, Scott
Jubilee Talks to Legionnaires Ripley, Francis J
Jubilee Year 2000 (The). Bull of Indication John Paul II, Pope
Judas and the Gospel of Jesus Wright, Tom
Julian of Norwich Mollinari, Paul
Julian of Norwich, Showings Colledge, Edmund & Walsh, James (Trans)
Julian of Norwich. A Very Brief History Ramirez, Jamira
Julian of Norwich. Autobiography and Theology Abbott, Christopher
Julian of Norwich: Reflections on Selected Texts Cooper, Austin
Jungle Pilot: The Gripping Story of the Life & Witness of Nate Saint Martyred Missionary to Ecuador Hitt, Russell T 

Just for You. A Collection of Inspirational Verses Steiner Rice, Helen 

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Kant (Pelican Philosophy Series) Korner, S
Karl Rahner. Dych, William
Katherine Drexel: Friend of the Neglected Tarry, Ellen
Keeping Hope Alive: Stirrings in Christian Theology Lane, Dermot A
Kenosis. Emptying Self and the Path of Christian Service Cronin, Kevin M
Key Apparitions of Mother Mary. During the Later Days Tumminia, Alfred E
Key Bible Worlds Made Easy Water, Mark
Key to the Bible 1 Harrington, Wilfred J
Key to the Bible 2 The Old Testament Harrington, Wilfred J
Key to the Bible 3 The New Testament Harrington, Wilfred J
Key to the Old Testament (A) Edwards, David L
King David. A Biography McKenzie, Steven L
Kingdom of Our God (The). A Theological Commentary on Isaiah Williams, Jenni
Kingfisher Book of Religious Festivals, Ceremonies and Beliefs From Around the World (The) Barnes, Trevor
Kings' Good Servant (The), Sir Thomas More 1477/8-1535 Trapp, J B & Herbruggen, Hubertus Schulte
King's Peace (The) 1637-1641 Wedgwood, C V
King's War (The) 1641-1647 Wedgwood, C V
Knock (Places Apart) Good, Eileen
Knock At Midnight (A): Inspiration From the Great Sermons of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr Carson, Clayborne & Holloran, Peter (Eds)
Knowing Your Faith: All Basic Catholic Beliefs Fullam, Raymond B
Kolbe: Saint of the Immaculate Kalvelage, Francis M (Ed)
Koran (The). Translated into English for the Original Arabic Sale, George
Krakow/ Cracow Jana Pawla II Macharski, Fransiszek 

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Laborem Exercens: Encyclical Letter on Human Work John Paul II, Pope
Lacordaire: A Biographical Essay Sheppard, Lancelot C
Ladder of Perfection (The). A New Translation. (Penguin Classics) Hilton, Walter
Lamb's Supper (The). The Mass as Heaven on Earth Hahn, Scott
Land of Ur (The) Baumann, Hans
Language of Life (The). Christians Facing the Abortion Challenge Farmer, Ann
Last Freedom (The) Craig, Mary
Last Homily (The). Conversation with Fr. Arne Panula Eberstadt, Mary (Ed)
Last Letter of Thomas More (The) De Silva, Alvaro (Ed & Intro)
Last Secret (The) Brow, Michael H
Last Thing at Night. An Encouragement for each night of the month Laverty, Fr Hugh
Last Week (The): A Day By Day Account of Jesus' Final Week in Jerusalem Borg,Marcus J & Crossman, John Dominic
Latin by the Natural Method Vol 1 Most, William
Latin Letters of C S Lewis (The) Lewis, C S & Calabria, Giovanni
Latin Mass Explained (The) Mourman, George J
Laudato Si'. Encyclical on Care for Our Common Home Francis, Pope
Lay Catholics in Schools: Witnesses to Faith Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education
Lay Eucharistic Minister’s Handbook (The) Tomalak, Ann
Lay Ministry: A Theological Spiritual and Pastoral Handbook Rademache, William J
Lay People in the Church Congar, Yves
Lay Saints. Ascetics & Penitents Cruz, Joan Carroll
Lay Saints. Martyrs Cruz, Joan Carroll
Le Milieu Divin: An Essay on the Interior Life De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard
Learn Latin: The Book of the Daily Telegraph QED Series Jones, Peter
Learn New Testament Greek (3rd Edition) includes CD-ROM located inside back cover Dobson, John H
Learning to Love Israel, Martin
Leave Your Life Alone Van Zeller, Hubert
Leaves of Southwell (The) Pevsner, Nikolaus
Leaving God for God: The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul in Britain, 1847 - 2017 O'Brien, Susan
Lectio Divina. Scriptural Reading of the Bible (Deeper Christianity Series) Khory, Jean
Legacy of John Paul II (The): Images and Memories Ratzinger, Joseph (Benedict XVI)
Legacy of Vatican II (The) Faggilo, Massimo & Vicini, Andrea (Eds)
Legio Mariae: The Official Handbook of the Legion of Mary Legion of Mary
Legion of Mary (The) Hallack, Cecily
Len Chimbley's Dream Henesy, Michael
Lent and Easter. Wisdom from Pope Francis Cleary, John
Lent With Benedict XVI: Season of New Life Benedict XVI, Pope
Lenten Journey: A Stimulating Study Course for Lent Richards, Clare & Hubert
Lenten Lunches: Reflections on the Weekday Readings for Lent and Easter Week Pilarczyk, Daniel E
Leone Martin (Sister of St Therese of Lisieux): A Difficult Life Baudouin-Croix, Marie
Lessons in Hope. My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II Weigel, George
Let Me Go to My Fathers House: John Paul II’s Strength in Weakness Dziwisz, S, and others
Let There Be Light. Praying with Genesis Tilby, Angela
Let There Be…Praying the New Millennium Churches Together in England (Comp)
Let us all Pray Lawrence, Mary
Let us Dream. A Path to a Better Future Francis, Pope
Let’s Get This Straight: The Church After Vatican II Wheeler, Gordon
Letter and Spirit. From Written Text to Living Word in the Liturgy Hahn, Scott
Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to the Elderly John Paul II, Pope
Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on Some Aspects of the Church Understood As Communion Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Letter to the Hebrews (A) Davies, J H (Commentary)
Letter to the Hebrews (The). The Daily Study Bible Barclay, William
Letters From a Prisoner of Conscience Christo, Carlos
Letters from Rush Green Heenan, John C
Letters From Saints to Sinners Cumming, John (Selected & Ed)
Letters From the Desert De Foucauld, Charles
Letters From the Desert (Anniversary Edition) Carretto, Carlo
Letters from the Heart: Christian Monasticism and the Renewal of Community Main, John
Letters from Vatican City Rynne, Xavier
Letters of Saint Augustine (New Translation) Leinenweber, John (Selected/Ed)
Letters of St Therese of Lisieux, Vol I: 1877 - 1890 Clarke, John (Trans)
Letters of St Therese of Lisieux, Vol II: 1890 - 1897 Clarke, John (Trans)
Letters on Prayer. An Exchange on Prayer & Faith Allen, Mark & Burrow, Ruth
Letters on the Occasion of Holy Thursday 1979 John Paul II, Pope
Letters to a Brother Priest Lucia, Vincent Martin & Ramirez, Josefino
Letters to a Non-Believer Crean, Thomas
Letters to Marc About Jesus Nouwen, Henri J M
Letters to the Seven Churches Barclay, William
Liber Ususalis (The): With Introduction and Rubrics in English (Book of Roman Chant - pub 1956) Benedictines of Solesmes (Ed)
Liberalism is a Sin Sarda y Salvany, Felix
Library of Nations: Israel Time-Life Books
Life (The): A Portrait of Jesus John, J & Walley, Chris
Life after Death: Britain's Tragic Abortion Story 1967-1997, Looking Beyond the Culture of Death Alton, David
Life After Life: A Collection of Readings and Prayers to Comfort the Bereaved Smith, Fraser
Life and Liturgy Bouyer, Louis
Life and Religion of Mohammed (The): The Prophet of Arabia Menezis, J L
Life and Revelation of Anne Catherine Emmerich (The) Volume One of Two Schmuger, Carl E
Life and Revelation of Anne Catherine Emmerich (The) Volume Two of Two Schmuger, Carl E
Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ (The) Stewart, James S
Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ Our Lord (The). Part 1 & 2 (in one Vol). Lebreton, Jules
Life and Times of Mother Teresa (The) Rice, Tanya
Life and Times of Saint Francis (The) Orlandi, Enzo (General Ed)
Life and works of Gaudi (The) Van Zandt, Eleanor
Life Beyond Death: A Christian Response to Bereavement Kendrick, Rosalind A
Life in Bible Times - Essential Bible Reference Dowley, Tim
Life in Christ Leonard, Graham
Life in Christ. The Revised Edition of Christ in Us Killgallon, J, Weber, G & Zeigmann, L
Life in Christ: A Spiritual Commentary on the Letter to the Romans Cantalamessa, Raniero
Life in the Spirit For Your Kids Wilson,Ken & Mangan, Dave
Life Intense (The). A Modern Obsession. (Letting be Volume 1) Garcia, Tristan
Life is Worth Living Sheen, Fulton J
Life of Blessed Charles of Mount Argus Carroll, Fr Dermot
Life of Christ Sheen, Fulton J
Life of Christ (The) Sailhamer, John H
Life of Christ (The) Watts, Michael
Life of Jesus (The). Essential Bible Reference Bewley, Rob J
Life of Jesus Christ (The) and Biblical Revelations: Vol 1 Emmerich, Anne Catherine
Life of Jesus Christ (The) and Biblical Revelations: Vol 3 of 4 Emmerich, Anne Catherine
Life of Our Lord (The) Daniel-Rops, Henri
Life of Saint Anthony (The). << Assidua>> By a Contemporary Franciscan
Life of Saint Camillus (The) Martindale, C C
Life of Saint Teresa (The). By herself Cohen, J M (Trans)
Life of Saint Vincent Pallotti (The) Gaynor, John S
Life of St Francis of Assisi (The) Robeck, Nesta De
Life of St. Edmund (The) Paris, Matthew
Life of the Beloved and Our Greatest Gift Nouwen, Henri J M
Life of Thomas More (The) Ackroyd, Peter
Life Worth Sharing (A): Frederic Ozanam Fagan, Austin
Life, the Times, the People (The). Clonbullogue, Bracknagh & Walsh Island Clonbullugue Parish
Life-Foundation. Spirituality & Practice of Eucharistic Life Versegi, Beata Maria
Life-Giving Vision (A). How to eb a Christian in Today's World Powell, John
Light after Darkness: Mother Mary Francis Foundress of the Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph (1830-1890) Franciscan Missionaries
Light Between the Hills (A). New Edition Parsons, Heather
Light From the East: Authors and Themes in Orthodox Theology Nichols, Aidan
Light in the Lord. Reflections on Priesthood Hume, Basil
Light of the Night. The last 18 months in the life of St Therese of Lisieux Six, Jean Francois
Light on Light: Illuminations of the Gospel of Christ From the Mystical Visions of the Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich Baruch, Hurd
Light on the Mountain. The Story of La Salette Kennedy, John S
Light Out of Darkness O'Sullivan,Kathleen
Light Shines on in the Darkness (The). Transforming Suffering Through Faith Spitzer, Robert
Light Within: The Inner Path of Meditation Freeman, Lawrence
Lighting the Shadows Reflections and Prayers for Young People Neary, Donal
Lightning Meditations Knox, Ronald
Like a Mighty Tortoise: A History of the Diocese of Manchester Dobb, Arthur J
Lion Concise Book of Christian Thought (The) Lane, Tony
Lion Encyclopaedia of the Bible (The). Life and Times, Meaning and Message. A Comprehensive Guide Alexander, Pat (Ed)
Lion Handbook (A). The History of Christianity Dowley, Tim (Ed)
Lion Handbook to the Bible (The) Alexander, David & Pat (Eds)
Lion Handbook: The World Religions Alexander, Pat (Ed)
Lion Photo-Guide of the Bible (The) Wisema, Donald & Green, Michael (Intro)
Lion Prayer Collection (The) Batchelor, Mary (Comp)
Literary Converts: Spiritual Inspiration in an Age of Unbelief Pearce, Joseph
Literary Guide to the Bible (The) Alter, Robert & Kermode, Frank (Eds)
Little Book of John of the Cross (A) Mullan, Don (Comp & Intro)
Little Book of Saints (A) Mars, Julie
Little Book of The Work of Infinite Love (The) De La Touche, Louise Margaret Claret (Trans: O’Connell, P)
Little Flower of Carmel (The) Williams, Michael
Little Flowers of St Francis of Assisi (The) Manning, H E (Trans & Ed)
Little Homeland of John Paul II (The) Bujak, Adam
Little Way (The. The Spirituality of Therese of Lisieux Bro, Bernard (Trans: Neame, Alan)
Little Way of St Therese of Lisieux (The). In Her Own Words CTS (Pub)
Little Way of St Therese of Lisieux (The): From the Saint’s Own Writings (Pocket Classics) CTS (Pub)
Little White Flower (A): The Story of St Theresa of Lisieux Taylor,Thomas
Liturgical Abuse: A Cancer in the Church Mihalik, Paul A
Liturgical Ministry: A Practical Guide to Spirituality Cole, Donna M
Liturgical Question Box: Answers to Common Questions about the Modern Liturgy Elliott, Peter J
Liturgical Shipwreck: 25 Years of the New Mass Davies, Martin
Liturgy 101. Sacraments & Sacramentals Van Slyke, Daniel G
Liturgy and Doctrine Davis, Charles
Liturgy Document (The): Parish Resource LTP (Pub)
Liturgy Made Simple Searle, Mark
Liturgy With Style and Grace Huck, Gabe
Liverpool Cathedral Dillistone, F W
Lives of Ange De Joyeuse and Benet Canfield (The) Brousse, Jacques
Lives of the Popes (The Pontiffs from St Peter to John Paul II) McBrien, Richard P
Living Belief. Being Christian - Being Human Barton, John
Living Catholicism Strange, Roderick
Living Church (The) Kung, Hans
Living for Christ Ripley, Francis J
Living Gospel (The) Johnson, Luke Timothy
Living in the Digital Age. A Christian Recipe for Authentic Human Development. (CTS Explanations) Casey, Jean Pierre
Living Life Abundantly: Stories of People Who Have Encountered God Benkovic, Johnnette S
Living Liturgy. A Companion to the Mass for Sundays & Major Feasts Sands, Ernest
Living Spirit (The): Prayers and Readings For the Christian Year Hebblethwaite, Margaret (Ed)
Living the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Vol One The Creed Schonborn, Christoph (Trans: Saward, John)
Living the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Vol Two The Sacraments Schonborn, Christoph (Saward, John. Trans)
Living the Days of Lent 2010. Insights from the Gospels Constance, Anita M (Ed)
Living the Gospel with Our Lady. "Spiritual Exercise " Based on the Weekly (Thursday) Messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje Tutto, George
Living the Mass Gasparino, Andrea
Living Water: A Creative Resource For the Liturgy. Prayer of the Faithful Year A Sayers, Susan & Moore, Andrew
Living Water: An Anthology of Letters of Direction Baird-Smith, Robert
Living Water: Daily Readings of Saint Teresa of Avila Mary, Sister
Living with God Plus, Raoul
Living With Grace Burtchaell, J T
Living Word of the New Testament (The) Kee, Howard Clark & Young, Franklin W
Living World of the Old Testament (The): 4th Edition Anderson, Bernard W
London. A Short History. (Accompanying Course Guidebook for DVD set) Great Courses (Pub)
Lord Have Mercy: The Healing Power of Confession Hahn, Scott
Lord is my Shepherd (The). Praying the Psalms Rosage, David E
Lord of the World Benson, Robert Hugh
Lost Art of Forgiving (The). Stories of Healing From the Cancer of Bitterness Arno, Johann Christoph
Lost Art of Scripture (The). Rescuing the Sacred Texts Armstrong, Karen
Lough Derg (Places Apart) Good, Eileen
Lourdes Pilgrim (The): A Prayer Book and Guide Todd, Oliver
Lourdes Way of the Cross. Way of Resurrection De Faykod, Maria
Lourdes: A Modern Pilgrimage Marnham, Patrick
Lourdes: Body and Spirit in the Secular Age Harris, Ruth
Love A Guide For Prayer Bergan, Jacqueline & Schwan, S Marie
Love is Our Mission. The Family Fully Alive World Meeting of Families. Philadelphia
Love Took My Hand. The Spirituality of George Herbert Sheldrake, Philip
Love With No Regrets. From the Catholic Priesthood to An African Marriage Torkington, Tony
Loves Endeavour Loves Expense. The Response of Being to the Love of God Vanstone, W H
Luke: Gracious Theologian. The Jesus of Luke Harrington, Wilfred J
Lumen Fidei: Encyclical on The Light of Faith Francis, Pope
Lumen Gentium. Dogmatic Constitution on the Church (De Ecclesia) Vatican II
Lumen: The Catholic Gift to Civilization Holden, Marcus & Pinsent, Andrew
Luther. (Accompanying Course Guidebook for 2 part DVD set) Great Courses (Pub)
Luther's Jews. A Journey into Anti-Semitism Kaufmann, Thomas 

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Made For Heaven and Why On Earth it Matters Lewis, C S
Madonna (The): An Anthology Marchant, James
Maiden and Mother. Prayers Hymns Songs and Devotions to Honour the Blessed Virgin Mary Miles, M M (Selected & Arr)
Major Basilicas of Rome. St Peters, San Giovanni, San Paulo, Santa Maria Maggiore Vicchi, Roberta
Make Me Your Heaven: Letters From Elizabeth of the Trinity Moorcroft, Jennifer (Ed/Trans)
Make Space with Symbols-A Person Journey into Prayer Clarke, Kevin
Making a Better Confession O' Connell, Con
Making a Pilgrimage Welch, Sally
Making of a Christian (The) Davis, Charles
Making Room: Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition Pohl, Christine D
Making Saints. Inside the Vatican Who Becomes Saints Who Do Not and Why? Woodward, Kenneth L
Making Sense of English in Religion Twaddle, Laurence
Making Sense of the Commandments Davies, Rupert E
Making the Psalms Your Prayer: Insights Exercises Resources Rust, Renee
Mamma Margaret, Mother of Don Bosco Bosco, Teresio
Man and Woman He Created Them. A Theology of the Body John Paul II, Pope
Man Approved (A) Trese, Leo
Man Born To Be King (The) Sayers, Dorothy L
Man Called Jesus (A). The Gospel Story Philips, J B
Man From a Far Country Craig, Mary
Man of Fire Carrol, Malachy Gerald
Man of the Century: The Life and Times of Pope John Paul II Kwitny, Jonathan
Man of the Cross: The Passion of Christ Today St Pauls Publishing (Pub)
Man who was Thursday Chesterton, G K
Man with a Dream. The Story of St. John Bosco Rinald, Peter
Manchester's Hidden Gem. A Celebration in Words & Pictures of St Mary's Mulberry Street. The First Two Hundred Years 1794-1994 Clarke, Bryan (Photos)
Manchester's Little Italy. Memories of the Italian Colony of Ancoats Rea, Anthony
Mane Nobiscum Domine: Apostolic Letter for the Year of the Eucharist Oct 2004-Oct 2005 John Paul II, Pope
Manna in the Wilderness: A Harvest of Hope Williams, Bill
Manning: The People’s Cardinal Simpson, Don
Man's Search for Meaning. The Classic Tribute to Hope from Holocaust Frankl, Viktore E
Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament (A) Abbott-Smith, G
Manual of Catholic Prayer (The): For All Days and Seasons and Every Circumstance of Christian Life (1962) Burns & Oates (Pub)
Map of Life (A) Sheed, F J
March On! God Will Provide, the Life of Theodore J Ryken Aubert, Brother
Margaret Clitherow Caraman, Philip
Marginal Jew (A), Rethinking the Historical Jesus Vol 1: The Roots of the Problem and Person Meier, John P
Marginal Jew (A), Rethinking the Historical Jesus Vol 2: Mentor Message & Miracles Meier, John P
Marginal Jew (A), Rethinking the Historical Jesus Vol 3: Companions & Competitors Meier, John P
Marialis Cultus. Apostolic Exhortation for the Right Ordering & Development of Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary Paul VI, Pope
Marian Apparitions. The Bible and the Modern World Foley, Donal Anthony
Mark: Realistic Theologian the Jesus of Mark Harrington, Wilfred J
Marriage and Virginity. The Excellence of Marriage Holy Virginity, the Excellence of Widowhood, Adulterous Marriages, Continence. Augustine, St ( Trans: Kearney, Ray)
Marriage Book (The) Ebury Press (Pub)
Marriage, Divorce & Annulment Joyce, James
Married Saints and Blesseds Through the Centuries Holbook, Ferdinand
Marthe Robin: A Chosen Soul (CTS Biographies) Tierney, M; Blake, M & Fanning, D
Marthe Robin: Charity and Love Fanning, David
Martin Luther. Visionary Reformer Hendrix, Scott H
Martyr of Service and Charity: A Life of Baron Vilmos Apor 1892-1945 Bishop of Gyor O'Driscoll, David (Comp)
Martyrs of Magadan. Memories of the Gulag ACN (Pub)
Martyrs of the English Reformation Brennan, Malcolm
Martyrs of Vietnam. Saint Andrew Dung Lac, Jean-Theophane Venard and their Companions Bloomfield, Bob
Marvel of This Century (A), and Thoughts Alberione, James
Mary Aikenhead (1787-1858): Servant of the Poor, Founder of Religious Sisters of Charity Blake, Donal S
Mary and the Art of Prayer. The Hours of the Virgin in Christian Life & Thought Brown, Rachel Fulton
Mary and the Brown Scapular Clarke, Hugh
Mary Book (The) Sheed, F J
Mary for All Christians McQuarrie, John
Mary for Today Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Mary Grace and Hope in Christ. The Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission. An Agreed Statement ARCIC
Mary In Different Traditions. Seeing the Mother of Jesus with New Eyes Casey, Thomas G
Mary Mother of the Lord Rahner, Karl
Mary My Hope: Manual of Devotion to God's Mother and Ours Lovisik, Fr Lawrence G
Mary of Galilee. Vol 1 Mary in the New Testament Buby, Betrand
Mary of Nazareth McNabb, Vincent
Mary Portrayed Cronin, Vincent
Mary Shall Reign Duff, Frank
Mary Ward. Pilgrim and Mystic Littlehales, Margaret Mary
Mary Ward: Once and Future Foundress Orchard, Emmanuel
Mary, a History of Doctrine & Devotion Graef, Huda
Mary, Co-Redemptrix Mediatrix, Advocate Miravalle, Mark L
Mary, Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate. Theological Foundations towards a Papal Definition? Miravalle, Mark L (Ed)
Mary, Co-Redemptrix: A Response to 7 Common Objections Miravalle, Mark L
Mary, Why Do You Cry? Photos of Her Images in Tears Hebert, Fr Albert J (Comp)
Mary. Another Redeemer? White, John R
Mary: The Womb of God. A Vivid & Powerful Study of the Greatest Woman who Ever lived Maloney, George A
Mass (The) and Mary Brown Dove, Anthea
Mass (The): A Study of the Roman Liturgy (Pre Vatican II Mass) Fortescue, Adrian
Mass in Slow Motion (The) Knox, Ronald
Mass of the Early Christians (The) Aquilina, Mike
Mass of the Roman Rite (The). Its Origins & Development (Pub 1959) Jungmann, Joseph A
Mater et Magistra: Encyclical Letter on Christianity and Social Progress John XXIII, Pope
Matrimony and Nullity Flood, Peter
Me Accuse Myself? Confession & Reconciliation: Q & A for the Confused Adams, Dunstan
Meaning of Christian Marriage (The) McDonagh, Enda (Ed)
Meaning of the Mass (The) 1948 Print Kearney, John
Mediator Dei: Encyclical Letter on the Sacred Liturgy Pius XII, Pope
Medical Ethics Doherty, Peter
Medical Ethics and Law: The Core Curriculum Hope, T; Savulescu, J & Hendrick, J
Medical Ethics: Sources of Catholic Teachings O'Rourke, K D & Boyle, P
Medicine and Morals: Faith & Fact Book 100 Marshall, John
Medieval Churches Bentmann, Von Reinhard & Lickes, Heinrich
Medieval Exegesis Vol 2: The Four Senses of Scripture De Lubac, Henri
Medieval Monastery (The) - Then & There Series Reeves, Majorie
Medieval Pilgrims (The Wayland Documentary History Series) Kendall, Alan
Medieval Thoughts from St Augustine to Ockham. Leff, Gordon
Medievalism. A Reply to Cardinal Mercer Tyrell, George
Medio-moral Problems Kelly, Gerald
Meditations For Holy Week and Easter Critchlow, Joyce
Medjugorje Unfolds: Mary Speaks to the World Rooney, Lucy & Faricy, Robert
Medjugorje, The 90’s Emmanuel, Sister
Medjugorje. The Message of the Queen of Peace Shalom Press (Pub)
Meeting Christ in the Flesh. A Study of the Eucharist Doyle, Dermot
Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, The Historical Jesus and the Heart of Contemporary Faith Borg, Marcus
Meeting of Love and Knowledge (The) D’Arcy, Martin C
Meeting St Mark Today: Understanding the Man, His Mission & His Message Harrington, Daniel J
Mementoes of the Martyrs and Confessors of England and Wales Bowden, Henry Sebastian
Mementos of the Martyrs and Confessors of England and Wales Bowden, Henry S (Attwater, Donald. Ed)
Memoirs of Missionary Priests Challoner, Bishop
Memorize the Faith and Most Anything Else Vost, Kevin
Memory and Identity: Personal Reflections John Paul II, Pope
Men of Faith in the Second World War Fraser-Smith, Charles
Men Religious in the Church: A Directory of Individual Orders & Institutes Kennedy, Sr Teresa (Comp)
Mercy in the Teachings of the Popes Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization
Mere Christianity Lewis, C S
Message of Assisi (CTS Christian Shrines) Simpson, Chris
Message of Guadalupe. (CTS Christian Shrines) Rae, Gillian
Message of his Holiness For the Celebration of the World Day For Peace 1 January 1994 John Paul II, Pope
Message of St Francis (The). With Frescoes from the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi Lincoln, Frances
Message of the Sacrament 1. The Catholic Sacraments Martos, Joseph
Message of the Sacrament 2. Gift of Community Marsh, Thomas A
Message of the Sacrament 3. Blessed and Broken Keifer, Ralph A
Message of the Sacrament 4. Sign of Reconciliation & Conversion Hellwig, Monika K
Message of the Sacrament 5. Christian Marriage Thomas, David M
Message of the Sacrament 6. Mission & Ministry Mitchell, Nathan
Message of the Sacrament 7. Prophetic Anointing Empereur, James L
Message of the Sacrament 8. Redeemed Creation Brett, Laurence F X
Message of Walsingham (CTS Christian Shrines) Connelly, R W
Meteora. The Sacred Rocks and Their History Greek National Tourist Organization
Michael Quoist: A Biography Cryer, Neville
Milestones of Faith: 2 The Fires of Faith Heer, Fredrich (Ed)
Milton. Poetical Works Milton, John
Mind of Cardinal Newman (The) Dessain, Charles Stephen
Mind of St Paul (The) Barclay, William
Mind of the Missal (The) Martindale, C C
Mind on Fire (Christian Classics) Pascal, Blaise
Ministers of Christ and His Church (The): The Theology of Priesthood Power, David N
Ministers of Holy Communion: A Practical and Liturgical Guide Withey, Donald A
Ministry of Communion (The) Kwatera, Michael
Ministry of Service (The): An Introduction to Ministry Bernardin, Joseph
Miracle Detective (The) Sullivan, Randall
Miracle Hour: A Method of Prayer That Will Change Your Life Schubert, Linda
Miracle to Proclaim (A): First Hand Experiences of Healing Diorio, Ralph A
Miracles Lewis, C S
Miracles Do Happen MacKenna, Briege & Libersat, Henry
Miracles of Christ (The) Dmitri, Archbishop
Miracles of Jesus (The) Montefiore, Hugh
Miracles on Tap Duff, Frank
Miraculous Infant of Prague (The) Osbourne, Ray
Miraculous Medal (The). As Revealed to St Catherine Labourne Kerr, Lady Cecil
Miryam of Jerusalem. Teacher of the Disciples Johnson, Ann
Miryam of Nazareth. Women of Strength and Wisdom Johnson, Ann
Misericordiae Vultus. Bull of Indication of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy Francis, Pope
Mission & Evangelization. The Cardinal's Agenda for a New Papacy Arinze. Francis; Connell, Desmond and Others
Mister God. This is Anna. Fynn
Mitres and Missions in Lancashire the Roman Catholic Diocese of Liverpool (1850-2000) Doyle, Peter
MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th Edition) Modern Language Ass of America
Models of the Church Dulles, Avery
Modern Catholic Encyclopaedia (The). Revised & Expanded Glazier, Michael & Hellwig, Monika K (Eds)
Modern Rites (The): Collected Essays on the Reform of the Liturgy Gamber, Klaus
Modern Spiritual Exercises. A Contemporary Reading of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Fleming, David L
Monastery of Arkadi Provataki, Theocharis s
Monastic Life in Medieval England Dickinson J C
Monastic Prayer and Modern Man Main, John
Monks, Nuns and Monasteries Sitwell, Sacheverell
Monsenor Romero. Memories in Mosaic Vigil, Maria Lopez
Monsignor James Morn. Memous 1911-1986 MacGreil, Micheal
Moral Dignity of Man (The). Catholic Moral Teaching on Family & Medical Ethics Bristow, Peter
Moral Philosophy. An Historical & Critical Survey of the Great Systems Martin, Jacques
Morality and Human Goods. An Introduction to Natural Law Ethics Gomez-Lobo, Alfonso
Morality, the Catholic View. Pinckaers, S
More Prayers for the Man Barclay, William
More Precious Than Gold. Psalm 19 (Famous Bible Passages) Lion Books (Pub)
More Saints and Heroes Burton, Doris
More Time… New Meditations for the Retired Kerautret, Rene
More's Utopia and a Dialogue of Comfort Warrington, John (Intro)
Most Extraordinary Woman in Rome (The) Tjader, Marguerite
Mother Church, What the Experience of Women is Teaching Her Cunneen, Sally
Mother Genevieve Dupuis. Foundress of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Paul the Apostle Sisters of Charity
Mother of Mercy. Prayers in Persecution Vale, Lione & Levute, Adele
Mother of the Redeemer: Aspects of Doctrine and Devotion McNamara, Kevin (Ed)
Mother Teresa Come be My Light: The Revealing Private Writings of the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Kolodiejchuk, Bruce (Ed)
Mother Teresa. A Simple Path Vardy, Lucinda (Comp)
Mother Teresa. Her People and Her Work Doig, Desmond
Mother Theresa (CTS Biographies) Gallagher, Jim
Mother's Prayers (A). Prayers & Reflection during Pregnancy & Motherhood Reilly-Szostak, Julia
Mothers Prayers. United in prayer we save our children Solace Community (Pub)
Mount Sinai. A History of Travellers & Pilgrims Manginis, George
Msgr Josemaria Escriva de Balanguer. A Profile of the Founder of Opus Dei Bernal, Salvador
Muhammed: A Biography of the Prophet Armstrong, Karen
Mulieris Dignitatem: Apostolic Letter on the Dignity and Vocation of Women John Paul II, Pope
Munificentissimus Deus: Apostolic Constitution defining the dogma of the Assumption Pius XII, Pope
Music at Midnight. The Life & Poetry of George Herbert Drury, John
Music in the Parish Mass Bishop's Conference of England & Wales
Music of Eternity (The): Everyday Sounds of Fidelity Van Kaam, Adrian
Music of What Happen (The). Celtic Spirituality. A View from the Inside O'Riordan, John J
Musica Sacra. Sacred Music: A Liturgical and Pastoral Challenge. Congregation for Divine Worship & the Discipline of the Sacraments
Must Catholics Be Green? Atkins, Margaret
My Correspondence With Jesus Wurmbrand, Richard
My Descent into Death Second Chance at Life Storm, Howard
My Friend the Bible Sherrill, John
My Heart Will Triumph Soldo, Mirjana
My Heart's Cry. Longing More of Jesus Lotz, Anne Graham
My Life with Christ: Spiritual Meditations for a Modern Reader Paone, Anthony J
My Mass (1947 Print) Putz, Joseph
My Meditations on Saint Paul Sullivan, James E
My Patron Saint Magee, Philip
My Prayer Book (1968 Print) Lasance, F J
My Sister Saint Therese Genevieve of the Holy Face, Sr (Martin, Celine )
Mysteries Marvels Miracles in the Lives of the Saints Crux, Joan Carrol
Mysteries of Light (The). The New Rosary as Gospel Prayer Harrington, Wilfrid J
Mysteries of the Bible: The Enduring Questions of the Scriptures Guinness, A E (Ed)
Mystery of Christ (The). Our Head Priest and King Heris, C V
Mystery of Christmas (The): A Comment on the Magnificat, Gloria, Nunc Dimittis Cantalamessa, Raniero
Mystery of Faith (The): Reflections on the Encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia McEvoy, James & Hogan, Maurice (Eds)
Mystery of Love (The): Saints in Art Through the Centuries Beckett, Wendy
Mystery of Mary (The) Haffner, Paul
Mystery of Mother Mary's House in Ephesus (The) Micaleff, V N B
Mystery of the Church Haffner, Paul
Mystery of the Church (The) Congar, Yves
Mystery of the Cross (The) Hume, Basil Cardinal
Mystery of the Incarnation (The) Hume, Basil Cardinal
Mystery of the Rosary (The) Tremeau, Marc
Mystery of the Triune God (The) O' Donnell, John J
Mystical City of God (The) Mary of Agreda (Trans: Marison, Fiscar)
Mystical Language of Icons (The) Nes, Solrunn
Mystical Rose (The). Thoughts on Our Blessed Lady Newman, John H
Mystical Theology of St Bernard (The) Gilson,Etienne (Trans: Downes, A H C)
Mystici Corporis Christi. Encyclical Letter On the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ Pius XII, Pope
Mysticism Underhill, Evelyn
Mysticism and Logic (Pelican Philosophy Series) Russell, Bertrand 

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Name of God is Mercy (The): A Conversation with Andea Tornielli Francis, Pope.
Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters Walsh, T J
Narnia and Beyond. A Guide to the Fiction of C S Lewis Howard, Thomas
Nation that Forgot God (The): A Chorus of Challenge to the Secular Establishment. Haydon, Alex & Leigh, Edward (Eds)
Nations Favourite Carols (The): Songs of Praise BBC Andrew Barr
Nativity (The): Themes in Art Wood, Jeremy
Natural Family Plan (The) Amanvensu Books (Pub)
Natural Family Planning. Nature's Way - God's Way De France Foundation (Pub)
Navarre Bible: Acts of the Apostles (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Captivity Letters (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Catholic Letters (With Commentary ) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Corinthians (With Commentary ) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Hebrews (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Historical Books 1, Joshua-Kings ( With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Historical Books 2, Chronicles-Maccabees (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: John (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Luke (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Major Prophets (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Mark (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Matthew (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Minor Prophets (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Pentateuch (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Psalms & the Song of Solomon (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Romans & Galatians (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Thessalonian & Pastoral Letters (With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navarre Bible: Wisdom Books ( With Commentary) RSV & New Vulgate
Navigating the Gospels Fogarty, Philip
Necromancers (The) Benson, Robert Hugh
Neocatechumenal Way (The), According to Paul VI and John Paul II Arguello, Kiko & Hernandez, Carmen (Intro)
Nerves, Temperament and Soul Massman, Joseph
Never Mind the Reversing Ducks: A Non-Theologian Encounters Jesus in the Gospel According to St Mark Plass, Adrian
New Age Counterfeit (The): A Study Guide For Individual or Group Use Benkovic, Johnnette S
New American Bible St Joseph's Edition
New and Special Way (A). The Church Speaks to Apostolic Religious. Edwards, John
New Anti-Catholicism (The): The Last Acceptable Prejudice Jenkins, Philip
New Approach to the Old Testament (A) Alington, C A
New Bible Dictionary (2nd Edition) Douglas, J D (Ed)
New Catholic Answer Bible (The) New American Bible
New Creation (A): The Visit of Pope John Paul II to Manchester Diocese of Salford
New Creation (The) McCabe, Herbert
New Dictionary of Catholic Social Thought (The) Dwye, Judith A r (Ed)
New Dictionary of Sacramental Worship (The) Fink, Peter E (Ed)
New Dictionary of Theology (The) Komochak, J A, Collins ,M & Lane, D A (Eds)
New Evangelization (The): Responding to the Challenge of Indifference Fisichella, Rino
New Evangelization: Passing on the Catholic Faith Today Wuerl,Cardinal Donal
New History of Christianity (A) Green, Vivian
New Israel (The): A Commentary on the Book of Isaiah 56-66 Knight, George A F
New Jerome Bible Handbook (The) Brown, R E; Fitzmyer, J A & Murphy, R E (Eds)
New Jerome Biblical Commentary (The). Student Edition Brown, R E; Fitzmyer, J A & Murphy, R E (Eds)
New Jerusalem Bible Readers Edition
New Light: Discovering the Psalms in the Prayer of the Church Atherton, Richard
New Lion Handbook (The): Christian Belief McGrath, Alister (General Ed)
New Liturgy (The) of the Holy Week. Supplement to the Saint Andrew Daily Missal (1955 Print) Lefebvre, Gaspar
New Look at the Sacraments (A) Bausch, William J
New Man (The) Merton, Thomas
New Missal (The): Explaining the Changes National Centre For Liturgy
New Oxford Book of Christian Verse (The) Davie, Donald (Ed)
New Paradigms for Bible Study. The Bible in the Third Millennium Fowler, R M; Blumhofer, E & Segovia, F F (Eds)
New Penance Book (A) Webb, J & Tylerson, Robert
New Prayer Quoist, Michel
New Religious Movements in the Catholic Church Hayes, Michael A (Ed)
New Sermons and Readings Drinkwater, F H
New Short History of the Catholic Church Tanner, Norman
New Testament Authorised King James Version
New Testament (The): Knox, Ronald (Trans)
New Testament (The): Freshly Translated with a Cutting-edge Commentary King, Nicholas
New Testament Apologetic. The Doctrinal Significance of the Old Testament Questions Lindars, Barnabas
New Testament Exegesis. A Handbook For Students and Pastors Fee, Gordon D
New Testament Greek (Teach Yourself Books) Hudson, D F
New Testament Introduction. Essential Bible Reference Motyer, Stephen
New Testament Message 2: The Apocalypse Collins, Adela Yarbro
New Testament Message 3: Matthew Meier, John P
New Testament Message 6: John McPolin, James
New Testament Message 8: The Acts Crowe, Jerome
New Testament Reading Guide 01: Introduction to the New Testament. MacKenzie, Roderick
New Testament Reading Guide 02: The Gospel of Saint Mark. Sloysn, Gerard
New Testament Reading Guide 04 : The Gospel of Saint Matthew. Stanley, Davis M
New Testament Reading Guide 06: Introduction to the Pauline Epistles, I Thessalonians, II Thessalonians. Vawter, Bruce
New Testament Reading Guide 07: The Epistles to the Galatians & to the Romans. Ahern, Barnabas M
New Testament Reading Guide 08: First Corinthians, Second Corinthians. Peifer, Claude J
New Testament Reading Guide 10: The Pastoral Epistles I Timothy, Titus, II Timothy. Siebeneck, Robert T
New Testament Reading Guide 11: The Epistles to the Hebrews. McConnell, John F
New Testament Reading Guide 12: The Epistles of Saints James, Jude, Peter. Maly, Eugene H
New Testament Reading Guide 13: The Gospel of St John, The Johannine Epistles. Brown, Raymond E
New Testament Reading Guide 14: The Book of the Apocalypse (The) Heidt, William G
New Testament the History of the Investigation of its Problems (The). Kummel, W G
New Testament Theology Today Schnackenburg, Rudolf
New Testament Theology. An Introduction Haffner, Paul
New World of Faith (The) Dulles, Avery
Newman and His Age Gilley, Sheridan
Newman on Being a Christian Ker, Ian
Newman Prayer Book (A) CTS (Pub)
Newman: A Man For Our Time Brown, David (Ed)
Newman: Towards the Second Spring Ffinch, Michael
Newman’s Oxford: A Guide For Pilgrims Fletcher, Valentine & Crookenden, Humphrey
Nine Holy People of Dublin O’Brien, Eithne
Nine o'clock in the morning Bennett, Dennis J
Ninety Common Questions about the Catholic Faith O'Brien, John A
No Absent God. The Relations between God and the Self D’Arcy, Martin C
No Crisis in the Church? A Rigorous Comparison of the Catholic Church Teaching before & after the 2nd Vatican Council (1962-65) Galloway, Simon
No Crown No Glory Goldthorpe, John
No Man is an Island Merton, Thomas
No Ordinary Men. Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Hans von Dohnanyi, Resisters Against Hitler in Church and State Sifton, Elizabeth & Stern, Fritz
No Strange Land: A Collection of Meditations and Prayers Askew, Eddie
Nobility and Analogous Tradition Elite in the Allocution of Pius XII De Oliveira, Plinio Correa
Nobody Calls it Sin Any More Roberts, Kenneth J
Non-Negotiable. Essential Principle of a Just Society & Humane Culture Liagminas, Sheila
Northumbria in the Day of Bede Blair, Peter Hunter
Not that Man! Restoring St. Paul's Reputation King, Nichols
Not the Whole Truth Heenan, John C
Notes of Guidance to Help Parents of Mentally Handicapped Children to Prepare for First Holy Communion Salford Diocese
Novena Prayer Book (The) Redemptorist (Pub)
Novo Millennio Ineunte: Apostolic Letter at the Close of the Great Jubilee Year 2000 John Paul II, Pope
Now is the Time. Spiritual Reflection Kennedy, Stanislaw
Nun in the Modern World (The) Renard, A C  

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Oasis for Peace. Our Refuge in Tribulation Carroll, Richard L
Oberammergau and Its Passion Play Corathiel, Elisabethe c
Oberammergau. Das Passions Spiel 1960 Thiemig. Karl
Observer's Book of Churches (The) Jones, Lawrence E
Occasional Sermons Knox, Ronald
Oddsfish! Benson, Robert Hugh
Of the Imitation of Christ Kempis, Thomas A
Off the Record Knox, R A
Oh God Why? A Spiritual Journey Towards Meaning. Wisdom & Strength Hughes, Gerard W
Oh Help! The Making of an Archbishop Contu, Mario
Oh Yes … I Saw. The Story of Bernadette Soubirous Who Became A Saint Walne, Damien & Flory, Joan
Old Catholic England Elvins, Mark
Old Catholic Lancashire (Vol 1) Blundell, F O
Old Catholic Lancashire (Vol 2) Blundell, F O
Old Testament (The). Selections, Narrative & Commentary Fargues, Marie
Old Testament (The): An Introduction Rendtorff, Rolf
Old Testament (The): Introduction - Vol 3 Psalms & Wisdom Tarazi, Paul Nadim
Old Testament (The): Teach Yourself Book McConville, Gordon
Old Testament in the New (The): An Introduction Moyise, Steve
Old Testament Introduction. Essential Bible Reference Evans, Mary J
Old Testament Theology Volume One Von Rad, Gerhard
Old Testament Theology Volume Two Von Rad, Gerhard
On Being Catholic Howard, Thomas
On Heaven and Earth: Pope Francis on Faith, Family & the Church in the 21st Century Bergoglio, Jorge Mario (Francis, Pope) & Skorka, Abraham
On Not Understanding God Henry, Martin
On Spiritual Gifts Wigglesworth, Smith
On Suffering De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard
On Suffering: Letters to a Friend Black, Francine
On the Inspiration of Scripture Newman, John Henry
On the Nature and Dignity of Love St Thierry. William of
Once Upon a Time … Two Thousand Years Ago Parker, Robin
One at the Table: The Reception of Baptised Christians Oakham, Ronald A. and others
One Bread, One Body Catholic Bishops of England, Wales, Ireland & Scotland
One Hundred (100) Books to Read Before the Four Last Things. The Essential Guide to Catholic Spiritual Classics George,Marie I (Ed)
One Hundred (100) Books You Really Should Read. CTS (Pub)
One Hundred and One (101) Inspirational Stories of the Sacrament of Reconciliation Proctor, Patricia
One Hundred and One (101) Questions & Answers On Catholic Married Life Johnston, C, Kendall, D & Nappi, R
One Hundred and One (101) Questions & Answers On Four Last Things (The) Kelly, Joseph
One Hundred and One (101) Questions & Answers On The Eucharist Dimock, Giles
One Hundred and One (101) Questions & Answers On The Sacraments of Healing. Penance & Anointing. Keller, Paul Jerome
One Hundred Glimpses of Our Lady Nassan, Maurice
One Hundred Saints Bulfinch Press (Pub)
One in 2000? Towards Catholic-Orthodox Unity McPartlan, Paul
One Minute Wisdom De Mello, Anthony
One True Kirk (The) Walls, Ronald
One Who Listen's (The). A Book of Prayer Hollings, Michael & Gullick, Etta
One Woman's Journey in Faith. The Story of Cornelia Connelly, Foundress of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus Armour, M A
One World. The Interaction of Science & Theology Polkington, John
One Year through the Bible Devotional (The) Veerman, David R (Devotions by)
One-Stop Bible Atlas (The) Page, Nick
Open Door (The) Hamblin, Henry Thomas
Open Family (The). The Vision of the Early Church Nardin, G
Open Gate (The). Celtic Prayer for Growing Spirituality Adam, David
Open the Frontiers. A Spiritual Testimony from Cardinal Svenens in Conversation with Fleckenstien, Karl-Heirig
Open to the Spirit. Religious Life after Vatican II Orsy, Ladislas M
Opening Up The Scriptures. Joseph Ratzinger & the Foundations of Biblical Interpretation. Grandos, Jose and Others (Ed)
Opportunities For Faith Rahner, Karl
Option for the Poor. A Hundred Years of Catholic Social Teaching Dorr, Donal
Opus Dei. The Truth Behind the Myth Whitehouse, Maggie
Oratory of the Heart (An). Daily Readings with Brother Lawrence Llewelyn, Robert (Arr)
Order of Mass (The). Tridentine in English & Latin Carmel Books (Pub)
Ordinary Prayer and the Traditional Latin Mass, Benediction, Angelus and other prayer Latin Mass Society
Ordinatio Sacerdotalis. Apostolic Exhortation on Reserving Priestly Ordination for Men Alone John Paul II, Pope
Organic Development of Liturgy Reid, Alciun
Organs of Christianity (The). Sources & Documents Kee, Howard Clark
Orientale Lumen. Apostolic Letter to Mark the Centenary of Orientalium Dignitas of Pope Leo XII John Paul II, Pope
Orthodox Church (The) Ware, Timothy
Orthodox Church (The). 455 Questions & Answers Harakas, Stanley
Orthodox Prayer Book (An) Lash, Archimandrite Ephrem (Trans)
Orthodox. Lent, Holy Week & Easter. Liturgical Texts with Commentary Wybrew, Hugh
Orthodoxy. Philip Yancey Recommends. Chesterton, G K
Oscar Romero and the Communion of Saints Wright, Scott
Oscott. Archdiocese of Birmingham Historical Commission Publication No 3 Champ, Judith F
Other Side of the Mountain (The) O'Mahoney, Gerald
Our Christian Faith Rahner, Karl & Weger, Karl-Heinz
Our Faith Heenan, John C
Our Faith Story. Its Telling & Its Sharing. Patrick Patrick, A
Our Father. A New Catholic's Daily Conversation with God Harkness, James
Our Graced Life-stories. A Book for Personal & Group Development. What God is Making of us all. Grogan, Brian
Our Lady and the Apostles Stockport 1799-1999. Two Hundred Years of witness… Wright, Gerard & Dove, Hazel
Our Lady and the Church Rahner, Hugo
Our Lady of Beauraing Sharkt, Don & Debergh,Joseph
Our Lady of Grace, Prestwich. Golden Jubilee June 1981 OLOG Parish
Our Lady of Grace, Prestwich. Parish Centenary 1889-1989 Mass of Thanksgiving 8th June 1989 OLOG Parish
Our Lady of Grace, Prestwich. Silver Jubilee & Consecration of the Church May 30th 1956 OLOG Parish
Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Hope of America. (1957) Trappist Abbey of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Holy Saturday. Awaiting the Resurrection with Mary & the Disciples Martini, Carlo M
Our Lady of Ransom, in Gratitude and Hope Kennedy, John
Our Lady of Soufanieh. Source of Holy Oil (Pub)
Our Lady of Walsingham Mortimer, C G
Our Lady Weeps. Report on Civitavecchia Grillo, Girolamo
Our Lady, An Angel & Sister Agnes Driscoll, Craig
Our Moral Life in Christ: A Basic Course in Moral Theology Fernandez, Aurelio & Socias, James
Our Priest is Christ. The Doctrine of the Epistle to the Hebrews Vanhoye, A
Our Splendid Eucharist. Reflection on Mass and Sacrament Moloney, Raymond
Out of Iona: Words From the Crossroads of the World Pickard, Jan Sutch
Out of Solitude. Three Meditations on the Christian Life Nouwen, Henri J M
Out of the Comfort Zone. Is your God too Nice? Kendall, R T
Outline History of the Catholic Church (The). Vol I Walker, Reginald F
Outline History of the Catholic Church (The). Vol II Walker, Reginald F
Oviedo Cloth (The) Guscin, Mark
Oxford Bible Atlas (3rd Edition) May, Herbert G (Ed)
Oxford Book of Prayer (The) Appleton, George
Oxford Dictionary of Popes Kelly, J N D
Oxford Dictionary of Saints (The) Farmer, David Hugh
Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church Cross, F L (Ed)
Oxford Pilgrimage (An): Five Walks of Catholic Interest Chiles, Dennis  

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Padre (The). Saint Pio of Petrelcina His Mission to Save Souls (Testimonies) Iasenzaniro, Marcellino
Padre Pio O’Donovan, Patrick
Padre Pio. A Holy Priest. (CTS Great Saints) Gallagher, Jim
Padre Pio. His Life and Mission Ingoldsby, Mary F
Padre Pio. In My Own Words Chiffolo, Anthony F (Comp & Ed)
Padre Pio. The Irish Connection Keane, Colm
Padre Pio. The Pierced Priest Gallagher, Jim
Padre Pio. The Stigmatist Carty, Charles Mortimer
Padre Pio. The True Story Ruffin, G Bernard
Pagans and Christians Fox, Robin Lane
Paid to Care? The Limits of Professionalism in Pastoral Care Campbell, Alastair V
Palazzola Story (The) 1920-2020 Allen, John Francis
Papacy in the Modern World (The) Holmes, J Derek
Papal Visit to UK (The) 2010. Heart Speaks unto Heart (Commemorative Brochure) Fisher, Bob
Parables. The Arrows of God McKenna, Megan
Pardon and Peace. Prayer & Practice Wilson, Alfred
Parish (The). Where God's People Live Pilarczyk, Daniel E
Partakers of the Divine Nature. The History & Development of Deification in the Christian Traditions Christensen, Michael J & Wittung, Jeffrey A (Eds)
Participating in the Mass. Celebrating the Liturgy with Dignity & Beauty. (Living the Liturgy) Johnson, Cuthbert
Partnership in Parish Lyons, Enda
Pasch to Pentecost Ryan, Vincent
Pass it on! Moran, Michelle
Passion (The). Photography from the Movie of the Passion of Christ Gibson, Mel (Forward)
Passion. Oberammergau Community of Oberammergau
Pastoral Handbook (The) Castle, Tony (Ed)
Pastoral Sermons of Ronald A Knox (The) Caraman, Philip (Ed)
Pastores Gregis. Apostolic Exhortation on the Bishop, Servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Hope of the World John Paul II, Pope
Path of Mother Adele Garnier (The). 1838-1924 Piga, Gianmario
Path of Peace (The) Warren, Norman
Path Through Genesis (A) Vawter, Bruce
Path to Rome (The) Belloc, Hilaire
Path to Rome (The). Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church Blamires, Cyprian & Others
Patrick. The Slave who became a Soldier… Lawhead, Stephen
Patris Corde. Apostolic Letter on the 150th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church Francis, Pope
Patron Saints. Saints for Every Member of Your Family, Every Profession, Every Ailment etc. Craughwel, Thomas J
Paul Sanden, E P
Paul of Tarsus. Fragments of an Autobiography Arendzen, John
Paul of Tarsus: The Apostle for All to Know Gioia, Francesco
Paul. A Biography Wright, Tom
Paul. His Story Murphy-O’Connor, Jerome
Paul. The Letter Writer Stirewalt, M Luther
Pauline Christianity (Revised Edition) Ziesler, John
Pause for Thought. Making Time for Prayer, Jesus & God O'Collins, Gerald
Peace of Soul Sheen, Fulton J
Peacemaker Who Went to War: The life of Blessed Nuno Alvarez Pereira Haffert, John Mathias
Penguin Atlas of Ancient History (The) McEvedy, Colin
Penguin History of the Church (The): Vol 1, The Early Church Chadwick, Henry
Penguin History of the Church (The): Vol 2, Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages Southern, R W
Penguin History of the Church (The): Vol 3, The Reformation Chadwick, Owen
Penguin Shorter Atlas of the Bible (The) Grollenberg, Luc H
People of Priests (A): The Ministry of the Catholic Church Richards, Michael
People of the Bible. Essential Bible Reference Backhouse, Robert
People of the Lie. The Hope of Healing Human Evil Scott Peck, M
People with Purpose 1: Mother Teresa Hobden, Sheila M
People’s Pope (The): The Story of Karol Wojtyla of Poland Oram, James
People’s Priest (The) Heenan, John C
People's Bible (The). The Remarkable History of the King James Version Wilson, Derek
People's Bible (The): Genesis Brichto, Sidney (Trans)
Père Marie-Benoît and Jewish Rescue: How a French Priest Together with Jewish Friends Saved Thousands During the Holocaust Zuccotti, Susan
Permanent Diaconate (The): Its History and Place in the Sacrament to Orders Osbourne, Kenan B
Perpetual Novena: In Honour of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Virgo Polens (Pub)
Persecution of the Catholic Church in the Third Reich (The): Facts and Documents Translated From the German (!940 Publication) Burns & Oates (Pub)
Peter in the New Testament Brown, R E; Donfried, K P & Reumann, J (Eds)
Phenomenon of Man (The) De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard
Philip II Walsh, William Thomas
Philosophical Insights Haverty, Peter
Philosophy and Catholic Theology. A Primer Egan, Philip A
Philosophy of Aristotle (The) Allan, D J
Philosophy. The Quest for Truth & Meaning Beards, Andrew
Photo Album of St Therese of Lisieux (The) De Sainte-Marie , Francois (Commentary)
Photo Guide to the Old Testament (A) Wiseman, Donald (Intro)
Photo-Guide to the New Testament (A) Green, Michael (Intro)
Pictorial Guide to Coventry Cathedral (A) William, H C N
Pictorial History to Bath Abbey (A) Wright, W M
Pictorial History to Salisbury Cathedral (A) Smethurst, A F
Picture Archive of the Bible Maso, Caroline & Alexander, Pat (Ed)
Pictures of the Early Church: Welcome to the New Testament King, Nicholas
Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith: The Church as Communion Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal (Benedict XVI)
Pilgrim Guide: Iona Millar, Peter W
Pilgrim Journey. John Henry Newman (1801-1845) Blehl, Vincent Ferrer
Pilgrim Prayers for the Jubilee Central Committee for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000
Pilgrim to the Holy Land. A Practical Guide Richards, H J
Pilgrim’s Progress (The). Penguin Classics Bunyan, John
Pilgrimage of Faith (The) O’ Donnell, John
Pilgrimage of Grace (The): The Rebellion That Shook Henry VIII's Throne Moorhouse, Geoffrey
Pilgrimage of Peace: The Collected Speeches of John Paul II in Ireland and the United States John Paul II, Pope
Pilgrimage Pamphlets: The Universities - History Goulder, Laurance
Pilgrimage Pamphlets: The Universities - Oxford & Cambridge Goulder, Laurance
Pilgrimage Pamphlets: Westminster Goulder, Laurance
Pilgrimage Pamphlets: York Goulder, Laurance
Pilgrimage to Santiago (The) Mullins, Edwin
Pilgrims in Rome. The Official Vatican Guide for the Jubilee Year 2000 Central Committee for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000
Pilgrims Way (The). Saints and Shrines in Britain and Ireland Adair, John
Pilgrims with Mary Moloney, John
Pilgrim-Walks in Rome. A Guide to Its Holy Places. (1905 edition) Chandlery, PJ
Pius XII (CTS Biographies) Tollanski, Ethel & Scott, Helena
Pius XII A Saint in the Making: A Biographical Study Winterbottom, M
Place Me With Your Son: Ignatian Spirituality in Everyday Life Skehan, James W
Place of Redemption (A): A Christian Approach to Punishment and Prison CBCEW
Place Within (The). The Poetry of Pope John Paul II Peterkiewicz, Jerzy (Trans)
Plain Man's Book of Prayers (The) Barclay, William
Plain Man's Guide to Ethics Barclay, William
Plain Man's Guide to the Traditional Roman Rite of Holy Mass (The) Goddard, Philip
Planting a Bible Garden Hepper, F Nigel
Plea for Purity (A): Sex Marriage and God Christoph, Johann
Pluralism and Religions; The Theological and Political Dimensions May, John D’Arcy
Pocket Guide to the Mass (A) Dubruiel, Michael
Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics Kreeft, Peter & Tacelli, Ronald K
Poems and Readings for Weddings Watson, Julia (Ed)
Poems of Saint John of the Cross (The) Peers, E Allison (Trans & Ed)
Poems of St John of The Cross (The) Campbell, Roy (Trans)
Poems of St Therese of Lisieux Bancroft , Alan (Trans)
Pontiff Thomas, Gordon & Morgan-Witts, Max
Pope and Church Woodruff, Douglas
Pope Benedict Code (The) Bogle, Joanna
Pope Benedict XVI in the UK: A Commemorative Souvenir The Universe (Pub)
Pope Benedict XVI. Successor to Peter. Collins, Michael
Pope Fiction: Answers to 30 Myths and Misconceptions about the Papacy Madrid, Patrick
Pope Francis. His Essential Wisdom Kelly-Gangi, Carol (Ed)
Pope Francis. Untying the Knots. The Struggle for the Soul of Catholicism (Revised & Expanded) Vallely, Paul
Pope in Britain (The) Jennings, Peter & McCabe, Eamonn
Pope In Britain (The). Collected Homilies & Speeches St Paul Publications (Pub)
Pope in Britain (The). Preparing for the visit with Prayers & Devotions CTS (Pub)
Pope in Ireland (The): Addresses and Homilies Veritas Publications (Pub)
Pope John Paul II. A Life in Pictures Tincq, Henri
Pope John Paul II. LIFE A Tribute Sullivan, Richard
Pope John Paul II: A Celebration in Pictures Kelly, Joseph (Ed)
Pope John Paul II: A Life Remembered Kelly, Joseph (Ed)
Pope John Paul II: A Welcome Visitor, An Appreciation in Words and Pictures in Celebration of His Visit to Britain May 28- June 2 1982 Pirie, Psyche
Pope John Paul II: An Authorised Autobiography Longford, Lord
Pope John XXIII Johnson, Paul J
Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust Rittner, Carol & Roth, John (Eds)
Pope Pourri Dollinson, John
Pope Speaks (The): Dialogues of Pope Paul VI with Paul Guitton Guitton, Paul
Popes (The) and the Papacy in the Early Middle Ages 476-752 Richards, Jeffrey
Popes (The): Twenty Centuries of History Gioia, Francesco (Ed)
Popes and Britain (The) Fletcher, Stella
Pope's Jews (The). The Vatican's Secret Plan to Save the Jews from the Nazis Thomas, Gordo
Popular History of the Catholic Church (A) Hughes, Philip
Populorum Progressio: Encyclical on the Development of Peoples Paul VI, Pope
Porta Fidei: Motu Proprio Data For the Indication of the Year of Faith Benedict XVI, Pope
Portrait of a Parish Priest: St John Vianney the Cure D’Ars Sheppard, Lancelot C
Power and the Wisdom (The). An Interpretation of the New Testament McKenzie, John L
Power Lines: Celtic Prayers About Work Adam, David
Power of Healing and Prayer (The) Degrandis, Robert
Power of Love (The) Sheen, Fulton J
Power of Love (The): The Story of Maximillian Kolbe Konaryczko, Roman
Power of Small Choices (The). A Lent Course Brand, Hilary
Power to Heal (The) MacNutt, Francis
Practical Meditations: For Every Day in the Year on the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Composed Chiefly for the Use of Religious) Society of Jesus
Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection 1 (The) Rodriguez, Alphonsus
Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection II (The) Rodriguez, Alphonsus
Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection III (The) Rodriguez, Alphonsus
Practice of the Presence of God (The): The Best Rule of a Holy Life Lawrence, Brother
Practising Your Faith. Understanding the Church's 5 Precepts Berry, Lewis
Praise to Folly. (Penguin Classics) Erasmus
Pray for Me. The Life & Spiritual Wisdom of Pope Francis Moynihan, Robert
Pray the Rosary Without Distractions Maple, Francis
Pray the Rosary. Questions For a Deeper More Profound Rosary Twigg Porter, George
Pray Together With a Joyful Heart Barbaric, Slavko
Pray with the Heart!. Medjugorje Manual of Prayer Barbaric, Slavko
Pray, Pray, Pray War, Betsey M (Comp)
Prayer Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Prayer and Contemplation Llewelyn, Robert
Prayer and Promises for Everyday from the Living Bible Ten Boom, Corrie
Prayer and Remembrance Swenson, Roger A
Prayer for All Men Charles, Pierre
Prayer for Parish Groups Preparing and Leading Prayer For Group Meetings Harrington, Donal & Kavanagh, Julie
Prayer in the Catholic Tradition. A Handbook of Practical Approaches Wicks, Robert J (Ed)
Prayer Made Easy Water, Mark
Prayer of Love and Silence (The) By a Carthusian
Prayer of Saint Therese of Lisieux (The) Kane, Aletheia (Trans)
Prayer of the Frog (The): Vol 1 De Mello, Anthony
Prayer of the Frog (The):Vol 2 De Mello, Anthony
Prayer Praise and Glory Hayde, Sr Aine (Trans)
Prayer Works! Getting a Grip on Catholic Spirituality Leonard, Matthew
Prayer. Does It Make Any Difference? Yancey, Philip
Prayer. Volume 2. Prayer in Practice Tugwell, Simon
Prayers and Devotions 365 Meditations Pope John Paul II Canisius, Peter & Van Lierde, Johannes (Eds)
Prayers For Help and Healing Barclay, William
Prayers For Meditation Rahner, Hugo & Karl
Prayers for Young People Barclay, William
Prayers from the Psalms with Other Prayers from Scripture McEvoy, Hubert (Arr)
Prayers of Life Quiost, Michel
Prayers Poems and Songs Oosterhuis, Huub
Praying Each Day of the Year. January to April Hutchinson, Nicholas
Praying Each Day of the Year. Nay to August Hutchinson, Nicholas
Praying in the Ignatian Spirit O'Mahoney, Gerald
Praying St Mark’s Gospel O'Mahoney, Gerald
Praying the Passion: Daily Readings and Prayers for Lent Taylor, Ken
Praying the Psalms Benedict XVI, Pope
Praying the Psalms Merton, Thomas
Praying the Rosary with Our Lady Queen of Peace, Medjugorje McGinty, Gerard
Praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ: Prayers and Meditations Through the Centuries Goreschel, Benedict J
Praying With Dorothy Day (Companions for the Journey) Allaire, James & Broughton, Rosemary
Praying With John Paul II John Paul II, Pope
Praying With Paul Small, Tom
Praying With Sacred Beads Hutson, Joan
Praying With Saint Augustine Boldoni, Valeria (Comp)
Praying With Therese of Lisieux (Companions for the Journey) Schmidt, Joseph F
Preacher's Tale (A). Exploration on Narrative Preachers Russell, Jon
Preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage Pontifical Council for the Family
Preparation for Total Consecration De Montfort, St Louis-Marie
Preparing to Be a Ministry of Holy Communion Withey, Donald A
Price of Love(The). The Sermons of Fr Jerzy Popieluszko Lawrynowicz, Zygmund (Trans)
Priest (The): Friend of Christ Hallett, Philip E
Priest in Paradise. With God to Illinois Basset, Bernard
Priest in the Presbytery Basset, Bernard
Priest is Not His Own (The) Sheen, Fulton J
Priest, Pastor and Leader of the Parish Community (The) Congregation for the Clergy
Priesthood and Diaconate Muller, Gerhard
Priesthood in Reality: Living the Vocation of a Diocesan Priest in a Changing World Philpot, Tony
Priesthood: A Life Open to Christ Cronin, Daniel P
Priesthood: Changeless and Changing Lane, Thomas
Priestly Celibacy Today McGovern, Thomas
Priestly Prayers McEvoy, Hubert (Arr)
Priest's Companion (The): A Manual of Instructions & Prayers for Priests & Religious (1949) Whatton, G A C
Priests De La Resistance! The Loose Canons who Fought Fascism in the 20th Century Butler-Gallie, Fergus
Primary Readings on the Eucharist Fisch, Thomas J (Ed)
Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin (A) Collins, John F.
Prince of Pastors (A). Saint Charles Borromeo Yeo, Margaret
Princes, Pastors and People: The Church and Religion in England 1529-1689 Doran, Susan & Durston, Christopher
Principles of Catholic Theology: Building Stones for a Fundamental Theology Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal (Benedict XVI)
Principles of Sacramental Theology Whatton, A C
Prisons, A Study in Vulnerability: A Collection of Essays Board For Social Responsibility
Private Eye: More Vicar Anyone? St Albion Parish News, Book 4 Hislop, Ian and others (Comp)
Probes. Deep Sea Diving into Saint John's Gospel. Questions for Individual or Group Study Kreeft, Peter
Problem of Pain (The) Lewis, C S
Procession of Lancashire Martyrs and Confessors (A) Myerscough, John A
Procession of Saints (A) Broderick, James
Proclaim Praise: Daily Prayer for Parish and Home LTP (Pub)
Proclaiming All Your Wonders: Prayers For a Pilgrim People Domincans (Pub)
Proclaiming God's Word: A Handbook for Readers Rizza, Margaret
Proclaiming Joy Haring,, Bernard
Profiles of Jesus Hoover, Roy W
Progress and Religion: An Historical Enquiry Dawson, Christopher
Progress through Mental Prayer Leen, Edward
Promise of Future Glory: Reflections on the Mass Nichols, Vincent
Prophets (The): The Assyrian Period Koch, Klaus
Prophets (The): The Babylonian and Persian Period Koch, Klaus
Prophets and Priests: The Hidden Face of the Birth Control Movement Farmer, Ann
Protestant Reformation (The) Daniel-Rops, Henri
Protestants. The Radicals who made the Modern World Ryrie, Alec
Psalms (The): A New Translation Gelineau, Joseph
Psalms (The): An Inclusive Language Version Grail Psalms
Psalms and Canticles of the Breviary Foster, Richard J
Psalms are Christian Prayer (The) Worden, Thomas
Psalms: Songs For All Seasons Greenslade, Philip
Psychology of a Catholic (The) Nash, Robert
Psychology of Religion (The) Thouless, Robert H
Public Worship Jungmann, J A (Trans: Howell, Clifford)
Punishment or Mercy. The Divine Hand in the Age of the Coronavirus De Mattei, Roberto
Purgatory Faber, Fr
Pursuit of the Millennium (The) Cohn, Norman
Puzzle of God (The) Vardy, Peter
Puzzle of Sex (The) Vardy, Peter  

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Quaid-e-Azam’s Vision: Christians in Pakistan, The Battle For Justice Felix, George
Quality of Mercy (The). The Sacrament of Reconciliation 'The Year of Mercy' Arnold, John
Queen of Heaven: A Short Treatise of Marian Doctrine Laurentin, Rene
Queen Victoria: A Life of Contradictions Dennison, Matthew
Queens Daughters (The). A Study of Women Saints Martindale, C C
Quest for Becket’s Bones (The). The Mystery of the Relics of St Thomas Becket of Canterbury Butler, John
Quest of the Historical Jesus (The) Schweitzer, A (Trans: Montgomery, W)
Question and Answer (A) Catholic Catechism Hardon, John A
Quiet Reflections Kelly, Isabel C
Quotes and Anecdotes: The Essential Reference For Preachers and Teachers Castle, Anthony P  

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Rabouni Castro, Regis
Ragamuffin Gospel (The). Embracing the Unconditional Love of God (Authentic Classics) Manning, Brennan
Raids on the Unspeakable Merton, Thomas
Ransom Prayer Book Guild of Our Lady of Ransom (PubP
Ransomed from Darkness. The New Age, Catholic Faith & the Battle for Souls Noonan, Moira
Rational Choice: Theory and Religion-A Summary and Assessment Young, Lawrence A (Ed)
Ratzinger Report (The) : Exclusive Interview on the State of the Church Ratzinger, Joseph (Benedict XVI) with Messori, Vittorio
Razing the Bastions Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
RCIA (The): Transforming the Church, A Resource for Pastoral Implementation Morris, Thomas H
Reaching for the Invisible God: What Can We Expect to Find? Yancey, Philip
Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life Nouwen, Henri J M
Reading in Church: A Guide to Cycle B McLaughlin, Vincent
Reading the Catechism. How to Discover and Appreciate its Riches Willey, Petroc
Reading the New Testament Perkins, Pheme
Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction Boadt, Lawrence
Reading the Old Testament: Method in Biblical Studies Barton, John
Reading Through Hebrews Hume, C R
Real Presence through the Ages (The) Gaudoin-Parker, Michael L (Ed)
Reality of God (The). The Layman's Guide to the Scientific Evidence of Creation Hemler, Steven R
Reality of Jesus (The): An Essay in Christology. Lane, Dermot
Really Bad Girls of the Bible. More Lessons From Less Than Perfect Women Higgs, Liz Curtis
Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics Craig, William Lane
Reasons For My Hope: Responding to Non-Christian Friends Van Den Toren, Benno
Reasons to Believe: How to Understand Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith Hahn, Scott
Reception of Holy Communion By the Divorced and Remarried (The) Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith
Reclaiming Our Roman Catholic Birthright. The Genius & Timeliness of the Traditional Latin Mass Kwasniewski, Peter
Recollections of the Last Four Popes and of Rome in Their Times Wiseman, H E Cardinal
Reconciliation et Paenitentia. Apostolic Exhortation on Reconciliation and Penance in the Mission of the Church Today John Paul II, Pope
Reconciliation: The Mercy of Christ (CTS Sacraments - Meeting Christ Series) Boland, Vivian
Recovery of the Sacred Hitchcock, James
Recusant History. Journal Vol 10. No 6 October 1970 Catholic Record Society
Red Book of the Persecuted Church (The). Galter, Albert
Redemptionis Sacramentum: Instruction On Certain Matters to be observed or to be avoided regarding the Most Holy Eucharist Congregation for Divine Worship & the Discipline of the Sacraments
Redemptor Hominis: Encyclical Letter on The Redeemer of Man John Paul II, Pope
Redemptoris Custos. Apostolic Exhortation on the Person & Mission of Saint Joseph in the Life of Christ and of the Church John Paul II, Pope
Redemptoris Misso. Encyclical on the Church's Missionary Mandate John Paul II, Pope
Rediscovering Catholicism Kelly, Matthew
Rediscovering the Parables Jeremias, Joachim
Rediscovering the Rosary Marty, Gabriel
Re-Entry. Classical Apologetics Deciphered Herriott, Frederic-John
Reflections Lavery, Hugh
Reflections (Reflections 1) Collins, Jimmy
Reflections for Busy People Making Time For Ourselves Jesus and God O'Collins, Gerald
Reflections on Mary Benedict XVI, Pope
Reflections on the Psalms Lewis, C S
Reflections on the Stations of the Cross Brain, Terence J
Reflections: St. Teresa of Avila, The Seven Mansions Darlington Cartmel (Pub)
Reform of the Reform (The): A Liturgical Debate: Reform or Return Kocik, Thomas M
Reformation (The) Hughes, Philip
Reformation Fire, Martin Luther Mackenzie, Catherine
Reformation in England (The) Powiche, Maurice
Reformation in England (The) CTS Concise Histories Edwards, Raymond
Reformation in England (The). Vol I The King's Proceedings Hughes, Philip
Reformation in England (The). Vol II Religio Depopulata Hughes, Philip
Reformation in England (The). Vol III True Religion Now Established Hughes, Philip
Reformation. Europe's House Divided 1490-1700 MacCulloch, Diarmaid
Refugees. A Challenge to Solidarity Pontifical Council "Cor Unum"
Reinterpreting Rahner A Critical Study of His Major Themes. Burke, Patrick
Rekindling the Fires. An Introduction to Behaviour Spirituality Peter, Val J
Relentless Love of Jesus (The) Manning, Brennan
Relics: What They Are and Why They Matter Crux, Joan Carrol
Religion of Ancient Greece. (Studies In Comparative Religion) Martindale, C C
Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School (The) Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education
Religious Faith & the Twentieth Century Man Happold, F C
Remaking Europe. The Gospel in a Divided Continent Hume, Basil
Remember Richard Whiting (The Glastonbury Documents no 1) Cousins, J F
Remembering Pope John Paul II. The People's Pope 1920 - 2005 Multi Media International (Pub)
Renewal and the Daily Sacraments Brinkwort, Guy
Renewal through the Eucharist Hrynchyshyn, Michael
Rerum Novarum: Encyclical Letter on the Rights and Duties of Capital and Labour Leo XIII, Pope
Resistance: Jews & Christian who defied the Nazi Terror Tec, Nechama
Responses to 101 Questions on Catholic Social Teaching Himes, Kenneth R
Responses to 101 Questions on the Bible Brown, Raymond E
Restless Christian (The) McDonnell, Kilian
Restless Heart (The): Understanding Loneliness Rolheiser, Ronald
Restoring Faith in Reason: A New Translation of the Encyclical Letter Faith and Reason of Pope John Paul II Together With a Commentary and Discussion Hemming, Lawrence P & Parson, Susan Frank (Eds)
Restoring the Image: An Introduction to Christian Caring and Counselling Hurding, Roger F
Resurrection (The). A Biblical Study Durrwell, F X
Resurrection (The). Reflections for the Season of Easter De Oliveira, Plinio Correa
Resurrection and the Icon (The) Quenot, Michael
Resurrection and the Message of Easter Leon-Dufour, Xavier
Resurrection Factor (The) McDowell, Josh
Resurrection of Jesus (The): John Dominic Crossan and N.T. Wright in Dialogue. Stewart, R B
Resurrection of the Son of God (The) Wright, N T
Retreats 2011 Retreat Association
Return to the Centre Griffiths, Bede
Revelation and its Interpretation Shorter, Aylward
Revelations of Divine Love (Hodder Christian Classics) Julian of Norwich
Revised Latin Primer (The) Kennedy, Benjamin Hall.
Richard Challoner Reynolds, E E
Richer Than Gold. The Story of Jacques Desire Laval Campion, Mary
Right to be Merry (A) Francis, Sister Mary
Ripon Cathedral Mcllwain, John
Rise Let Us Be on Our Way John Paul II, Pope
Risen Christ and the Eucharistic World (The) Martelet, G
Risen Indeed: Making Sense of the Resurrection Davis, Stephen T
Rising Above the Storms of Life. Handling Our emotions God’s Way Pytches, Mary
Risk of Discipleship (The) Strange, Roderick
Ritual Explained (The): A Manual for the Use of the Clergy with Special Reference to the Clergy in England Dunne, W
Road Less Travelled (The). A New Psychology of Love Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth Scott Peck, M
Road to Daybreak (The): A Spiritual Journey Nouwen, Henri J M
Road to Peace (The) Nouwen, Henri J M
Roads to Compostela (The) Roux, Julie
Roads to His Heart Maloney, John
Robe (The) Douglas, Lloyd C
Robert Bellarmine. Saint and Scholar Broderick, James
Rock of Truth (The) Mould, Pouchin
Role of a Christian Father (The). Family Matters Chappell, Keith
Role of a Christian Mother (The) Family Matters Melchior, Anna
Roman Catacombs (The) and Their Martyrs Hertling, Ludwig & Kirschbaum, Engelbert
Roman Catholic Church (The): An Illustrated History Norman, Edward
Roman Missal: A Study Text Excerpts From the New English Translation Vox Clara Committee
Roman Triptych John Paul II, Pope
Romanesque Lesberg, Sandy (Ed)
Rome (Eyewitness Travel Guide) Wiles, Fiona (Ed)
Rome and the Vatican. New Guide in Colour With a Monumental Map of the City Venturini, E
Rome Reshaped: Jubilees 1300-2000 O' Grady, Desmond
Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism Hahn, Scott & Kimberley
Rome: Then and Now in Overlay Gangi, Giuseppe
Root of All Evil (The)? A Discussion on Morals and Money McHugh, Francis & Askonas, Peter
Rosarium Virginis Mariae: Apostolic Letter on the Most Holy Rosary John Paul II, Pope
Rosary (The). 20 Mysteries: Joy, Light, Sorrow, Glory Alliende-Luzo, Joaquin (Text)
Rosary of Liberation Castro, Regis & Castro, Maisa
Rosary of Our Lady (The) Guardini, Romano
Routledge Who's Who in Christianity (The) Cohn-Sherbok ,Lavinia
Rowland Broomhead 1751-1820 Apostle of the North Lupton Peter Francis
Royal Books & Holy Bones: Essays in Medieval Christianity Duffy, Eamon
Royal Cathedral at Wawel (The) Rozek, Michal (Text)
RSV Interlinear Greek-English New Testament (The) Marshall, Alfred (Trans)
Rule and Internal Statutes (The) SVP
Rule of Benedict (The): Pope Benedict XIV and the Battle with the Modern world Gibson, David
Rule of St Benedict (The) Meisel, Anthony C & del Maest, M L (Trans)
Rule of St Benedict (The) Parry, David (Trans)
Rule of St Benedict (The). In Latin & English McCann, Justin (Ed & Trans)
Rule of St Benedict (The). Penguin Classics White, Caroline (Trans)
Rumour of Angels (A). Modern Society & the Rediscovery of the Supernatural Berger, Peter L
Runaway Church (The) Hebblethwaite, Peter 

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Sacrament of Salvation. An Introduction to Eucharistic Ecclesiology McPartlan, Paul
Sacrament of the Present Moment. De Caussade, Jean-Pierre
Sacrament of Unity. The Eucharist & the Church Kasper, Waller Cardinal
Sacramental Mystery (The) Haffner, Paul
Sacramental People (A): Vol 1, Initiation Gunning, Tom & Drumm, Michael
Sacramental People (A): Vol 2, Healing and Vocation Gunning, Tom & Drumm, Michael
Sacramentals: Explaining Actions Signs and Objects That Catholics Use Whinder, Richard
Sacraments Revisited. What Do They Mean Today? Kelly, Liam
Sacramentum Caritatus. Apostolic Exhortation on the Eucharist as the Source & Summit of Christian Life & Mission Benedict XVI, Pope
Sacred and Secular. The Holland Lectures for 1964 Ramset. A M
Sacred Art of Listening (The). Forty Reflections for Cultivating Spiritual Practice Lindahl, Kay
Sacred Britain: A guide to the Sacred Sites & Pilgrim Routes of England, Scotland & Wales Palmer, Martin & Nigel
Sacred Heart (The) & the Priesthood De La Touche, Louise Margaret Claret
Sacred Heart. Gateway to God Wright, Wendy M
Sacred Mysteries. Sacramental Principles & Liturgical Practice Smolarski, Dennis C
Sacred Mysteries. The Human Face of Religion Howse, Christopher
Sacred Passion of Jesus Christ (The). Meditations for Lent Clarke, Richard F
Sacred Space for Advent & the Christmas Season 2013-2014 Irish Jesuits
Sacred Space. The Prayer Book 2007 Veritas Publications (Pub)
Sacred Spaces. Stations on a Celtic Way Silf, Margaret
Sacrifice in the Liturgy (Living the Liturgy) Elliott, Peter J
Sacrifice We Offer (The). An Explanation of the Mass (1946 edition) McEvoy, Hubert
Sacrosanctum Concilium. On Sacred Liturgy Vatican II
Sadhana, a Way to God. Christian Exercises in Eastern Form De Mello, Anthony
Safer Than a Known Way-Personal Prayers With Christmas Supplement Etchells, Ruth
Saint Augustine’s Childhood Wills, Garry
Saint Benedict Joseph Labre De la Gorce, Agnes
Saint Benedict's Prayer Book Ampleforth Abbey (Pub)
Saint Boniface: The Buckfast Abbey Chronicle Summer 1954 Vol 24 No 2 Fehrenbacher, Bruno (Ed)
Saint Catherine of Genoa: Treatise on Purgatory the Dialogue Balfour, Charlotte & Douglas Irvine, Helen
Saint Catherine of Siena Curtayne, Alice
Saint Charles of Mount Argus D’Arcy, Brian
Saint Clare of Assisi Deva, Dominic
Saint Dominic Dorcy, Mary Jean
Saint Etheldreda’s and Ely Place Sleigh, Linwood
Saint Francis of Assisi Turetta, Valentino
Saint George. Hero, Martyr and Myth Riches, Samantha
Saint Ignatius Hollis, Christopher
Saint Jeanne Jugan. Foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor Milcent, Paul
Saint Jerome: The Sage of Bethlehem Mierow, Charles Christopher
Saint Joan Robo, Etienne
Saint Joan of Arc Sackville-West, V
Saint John Marsh, John
Saint John Fisher Reynolds, E E
Saint John Southworth. The Parish Priest of Westminster Schofield, Nicholas & Skinner, Gerard
Saint Martin de Porres Prayer book McCarthy, Florence (Reflections etc)
Saint Martin de Porres: Apostle of Charity Cavallini, Giuliana
Saint Paul Barrett, G K
Saint Paul Grant, Michael
Saint Paul, the Apostle Penna, A
Saint Paul. Introduction to St. Paul & His Letters Brisebois, Mireille
Saint Peregrine: Patron of People With Cancer Chearbhai, Maire Ni
Saint Peter: A Biography Grant, Michael
Saint Philip Neri and the Music of the Roman Oratory Darby, Rosemarie
Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. Fifty Years Crucified Capuchin Friary (Pub)
Saint Pius V: A Brief Account of His Life, Times, Virtues and Miracles Anderson, Robin
Saint Sister Faustina. Her Life & Mission Tarnawska, Maria
Saint Stanislaw. Patron of Poland Belch, Stanislaw
Saint Therese of Lisieux. The Little Flower of Jesus. Taylor, T N (Revised Trans)
Saint Thomas Aquinas Vann, Gerald
Saint Thomas More, Patron of Statesman and Politicians (Apostolic Letter) John Paul II, Pope
Saint Vincent de Paul Forbes, F A
Saint Vincent’s Prayer Book Burns & Sons (Pub)
Saint Winifred and Her Well. The Historical Background Charles-Edwards , T
Saintly Companions: A Cross Reference of Sainted Relationships O’Malley, Vincent J
Saintly Youth of Modern Times Crux, Joan Carrol
Saints and Ourselves Caraman, Philip (Ed)
Saints and Schemers: Opus Dei and its Paradoxes Estruch, Joan
Saints and Scholars. Twenty Five Medieval Portraits Knowles, David
Saints and Sinners: A History of the Popes Duffy, Eamon
Saints Are Not Sad. Forty Biographical Portraits Sheed, F J (Assembler)
Saints for Sinners. Nine Desolate Souls Made Strong by God Goodier, Alban
Saints in the Making O'Brien, Felicity
Saints of the East Attwater, Donald
Saints of the Roman Calendar Lodi, Enzo
Saints of the Roman Calendar (Living the Liturgy) Schofield, Nicholas
Saints of the Roman Canon (Living the Liturgy) Chilcott-Monk, Julien
Saints Show Us Christ (The): Daily Readings on the Scriptural Life Myers, Rowley
Saints, Sacrilege & Sedition. Religion & Conflict in the Tudor Reformations Duffy, Eamon
Saints. A Visual Guide Mornin, Edward & Lorna
Saints: The Art the History the Inspiration McMahon, Michael
Salford Diocese and its Catholic Past. A Survey Bolton, C A
Salt of the Earth: The Church at the End of the Millennium Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal (Benedict XVI)
Salvation and the Church: An Agreed Statement By the Second Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission ARCIC II
Salve Regina. The Rosary & Other Prayers Graffius, Charles & Thomson, Edward (Comp)
Same As Christ Jesus (The): Gospel and Type Malone, Peter
Santiago de Compostela: The Pilgrim Way of St James (CTS Christian Shrines) Baldwin, David
Saving Secular Society Plunkett, Dudley.
Saxon and Norman Kings (The) Brooke, Christopher
Scale of Perfection (The) Hilton, Walter
Scandal of the Cross and its Triumph Lord, Bob & Penny
Schoenstatt - A Way to Live Faith Today. A Brief Introduction McVicar, Duncan
School Ethos & Chaplaincy O'Malley, David
School of Prayer (The): General Audience Talks on Prayer Benedict XVI, Pope
School of Prayer (The): An Introduction to the Divine Office For All Christians Brook, John
Science and Creation: The Search for Understanding Polkinghorne, John
Science and Myth: With a Response to Stephen Hawking's The Grand Design Smith, Wolfgang
Science and Providence God's Interaction with the World Polkinghorne, John
Science, Psychiatry and Religion Sheen, Fulton J
Screwtape Letters (The): Including Screwtape Proposes a Toast (60th Anniversary Edition) Lewis, C S
Scriptural Rosary Meath, Gerard
Scripture for Mediation. The Holy Spirit Wansborough, Henry
Scripture for Mediation. The Resurrection Wansborough, Henry
Scripture Matters. Essays on Reading the Bible from the Heart of the Church Hahn, Scott
Scripture Source Book for Catholics (The) Klein, Peter
Seal of the Cross (The) Carroll, Malachy G
Search and Rescue: How to Bring Your Family & Friends Into or Back Into the Catholic Church Madrid, Patrick
Search for Christian Unity (The): A Popular Version of the Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism CBCEW
Search For God (The) Nassan, Maurice
Search Me O God. The Practice of Self-Examination (Spirituality S87) Atherstone, Andrew
Search the Scriptures. Illustrated Modern Medicine and Biblical Personages Blatt, Robert B
Searching For God Hume, Basil Cardinal
Searching Through the Teachings of Jesus… So As to Implant Then in Your Heart Valenta, Stephen (Comp)
Seasons of a Family’s Life: Cultivating the Contemplative Spirit at Home Wright, Wendy M
Second Vatican Council (The). Celebrating the Achievements & the Future D'Costa, Gavin & Harris, Emma Jane (Eds)
Secret Life of John Paul II (The) Zani, Lino
Secret Name (The). Selected Writings of F H Drinkwater with a Memoir by Crichton, J D
Secret of Mary (The) De Montfort, St Louis-Marie
Secret of St John Bosco (The) Gheon, Henri (Trans: Sheed, F J)
Secret of the Cure D'Ars (The) Gheon, Henri (Trans: Sheed, F J)
Secret of the Rosary (The) De Montfort, St Louis-Marie
Secrets of the Eucharist Michael H Brown
Secrets. A Doctor Reflects Tournier, Paul
Secularisation of Christianity (The) Mascall, E L
Secularisation: Sacred Values in a Godless World Norman, Edward
See How I Love You: Meditating on the Way of the Cross With Julian of Norwich Obbard, Elizabeth Ruth
Seeds of the Desert. The Legacy of Charles de Foucauld Voillaume, R
Seeds of Trust. Reflecting on the Bible in Silence & Song Taize
Seek That Which is Above Ratzinger, Joseph (Benedict XVI)
Seek the Face of God: Discovering the Power of Your Images of God Frielingsdorf, Karl
Seeking Jesus of Nazareth. An Introduction to the Christology of the Four Gospels Hogan, Maurice
Seeking the God Beyond. A Beginner's Guide to Christian Apophatic Spirituality Williams, J P
Selections from Early Writers. Illustrative of Church History to the Time of Constantine Gwatkin, Henry Melvill
Sent to Earth. God & the Return of Ancient Disasters Brown, Michael H
Separated Eastern Churches (The) Janin, Pere
Sermons for Eucharistic Devotions Pastorak, John B
Sermons for Forty Hours Devotion Pastorak, John B
Sermons of the Cure of Ars (The) Morrissy, Una (Trans)
Service of Glory (The): The Catechism of the Catholic Church on Worship, Ethics and Spirituality. Nichols, Aidan
Setting the World on Fire. The Brief, Astonishing Life of St. Catherine of Siena Emling, Shelley
Seven (7) Habits of Highly Effective Teens Covey, San
Seven Deadly Virtues & Other Stories (The) Basset, Bernard
Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Deeper Christianity Series) Conrad, Richard
Seven Last Words Radcliffe, Timothy
Seven Lies about Catholic Hsitory: Infamous Myths about the Church's Past and How to Answer Them Moczar, Diane
Seven Percent (7 %) Solution (The): A Guide to Evangelization at the Parish Community or Diocesan Level Claveau, Victor R
Seven Prayers to Our Lady with Drawings by Harold Riley Holland, Thomas
Seven Sacraments (The) Grun, Anselm
Seven Sacred Pauses Living Mindfully Through the Hours of the Day Wiederkehr, Macrina
Seven Sorrows of China (The) Miravale, Mark
Seven Sorrows of Mary (The) Corr, Gerard M
Seven Storey Mountain (The): An Autobiography of Faith Merton, Thomas
Seven Swords (The) Vann, Gerald
Seventeenth Century (The) Clark, G N
Seventh Trumpet (The): The Good News Proclaimed Link, Mark
Sex and the Marriage Covenant: A Basis for Morality Kippley, John F
Sex and Virtue: An Introduction to Sexual Ethics. Grabowski, John S
Sex Education: The Final Plague Engel, Randy
Sex: What the Catholic Church Teaches? Redford, John
Sexual Dead End (The) Green, Stephen
Shade of His Hand (The). Prayers & Readings for Times of Sorrow & Times of Joy Hollings, Michael & Gullick, Etta
Shadow of His Wings. The True Story of Fr Gereon Goldmann OFM Levteniggar, Benedict (Trans)
Shakespeare's Apocalypse Millward, Peter
Shape of Catholic Theology (The) Nichols, Aidan
Shaping the Easter Feast Chupungco, Anscar J
Sharing in Christ's Virtues Melina, Livio (Trans: May, W E)
She Made an Ordinary Life Extraordinary: The Road to Perfection and Mission of Blessed Elzhietasiepak, Sister M
Short Biographies of all the Pope From Saint Peter to Benedict XVI Lozzi Roma (Pub)
Short History of the Catholic Church (A) Holmes, J D & Bickers, BW
Short History of the Catholic Church (A) Hughes, Philip
Short History of the Hebrews (A) Rattey, B K
Short History of the Mass (A) Crichton, J D
Short Life of St. Ignatius of Loyola (A) Astrain, Antonio (Trans: Hill, Robert)
Shorter Knox Bible (The). The Old Testament Knox, Ronald (Trans)
Shorter Prayer Book (The) Being an Abbreviated Form of the Book of Common Prayer with Some Additional Matter Oxford University Press (Pub)
Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Rome (pub)
Shrines of Our Lady in England Vail, Anne
Shrines of Our Lady. A Guide to Fifty of the Worlds Most Famous Marian Shrines Mullin, Peter
Shroud (The): the 2000-year-old Mystery Solved Wilson, Ian
Shroud of Turin (The): Case for Authenticity Guerrera, Vitorio
Sidelights on the Catholic Revival Sheed, F J
Sign and Promise: A Theology of the Church for a Changing World Thornhill, John
Sign of Contradiction. Meditations Wojtyla, Karol (John Paul II)
Sign We Give (The): Report From the Working Party on Collaborative Ministry CBCEW
Signs of Freedom: Theology of the Christian Sacraments Martinez, German
Signs of the Times. Seven Paths of Hope for a Troubled World Vanier, Jean
Silent Music. The Science of Meditation Johnson, William
Silent Waiting. The Biblical Roots of Contemplative Spirituality Ryrie, Alexander
Silken Thread (A): A History of Plater College (1921-1996) Chiles, Dennis
Simone Weil (1909-1940) The Patron Saint of Outsiders Bloomfield, Bob
Simple Glossary of Catholic Terms (A). Revised & Expanded Bertram, Jerome & Edwards, Raymond
Simple Prayer Book (A) 1970 Edition CTS (Pub)
Simple Prayer Book (A) 2011 Edition CTS (Pub)
Sinai and the Monastery of St Catherine Galey, John
Sing a New Song: The Christian Vocation Radcliffe, Timothy
Single Life: An Inside Look Kamann, Donna
Sir William Dai: A Life of the Venerable William Davies Catholic Martyr Crean, Patrick J
Sister Wendy on Prayer Beckett, Wendy
Sister Wendy’s Book of Saints Beckett, Wendy
Sister Wendy’s Nativity and Life of Christ Beckett, Wendy
Sistine Chapel (The). Special Edition for the Vatican Museum and Galleries Heusinge, Lutz
Sixty Holy Hours Clynes, Raphael
Society and Sanity Sheed, F J
Society of St. Vincent De Paul. The Manual (From 21st French Edition) SVP
Society of the Sacred Heart (The): History of a Spirit 1800-1975 Williams, Margaret
Sollicitudo Rei Socialis: Encyclical Letter on Social Concerns John Paul II, Pope
Some Definite Service. A Guide to Vocations to the Priesthood and to the Religious Life Gabriel Communications (Pub)
Some Other people of the Penal Times: Being a Companion Vol to Some People of the Penal Times Foley, B C
Some People of the Penal Times Chiefly 1688-1791 Foley, B C
Somebody Loves You Steiner Rice, Helen
Something Beautiful For God Muggeridge, Malcolm
Son and Saviour. The Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. A Symposium. Gelin, A (Ed)
Song of Songs: The Love-story of King Solomon (Illustrated with Contemporary Photos) Scandinavia
Song of the Bird (The) De Mello, Anthony
Son's Course (The). What is God Like? How can we find Him? Van, Gerald
Soul of Ireland (The) Lockington, W J
Soul of the World: Notes on the Future of Public Catholicism Weigel, George
Source Book of the Bible For Teachers (A) Walton, Robert C (Ed)
Southwell Minster Summers, N
Sower's of Seeds of Virtue: Stories of Faith Hope and Love Cavanaugh, Brian
Sowing the Word Biblical. Liturgical Essays Rogers, Patrick (Ed)
Sown in Chinese Soil: The Life of Françoise Teilhard de Chardin, Sr. Marie Albéric du Sacré-Coeur Little Sisters of the Poor
Spark from Heaven (A). The Mystery of Madonna of Medjugorje Craig, Mary
Spe Salvi: Encyclical Letter on Christian Hope. Benedict XVI, Pope
Speaking to the Heart: Favourite Poems Chosen by Beckett, Wendy
Spinoza (Pelican Philosophy Series) Hampshire, Stuart
Spirit and Song of the New Liturgy Deiss, Lucien
Spirit of Bethlehem. Brother Andrew and the Missionary Brothers of Charity (The) Spink, Kathryn
Spirit of Catholicism (The) Adams, Karl
Spirit of Solesmes (The) Totah, Mary David (Ed)
Spirit of St Francis (The), Inspiring words on faith, love and creation Francis, Pope
Spirit of the Liturgy (The) Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal (Benedict XVI)
Spirit of Tony de Mello (The): A Handbook of Meditations Exercises Callanan, John
Spirits, Mediums & the After Life. Can Christians Contact the Dead? (CTS Explanations) Vernette, Jean
Spiritual Direction and Meditation and what is Contemplation? Merton, Thomas
Spiritual Exercises Rahner, Karl
Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius (The) Mottola, Anthony (Trans)
Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola (The) Ivens, Michael (Trans)
Spiritual First Aid. Healing Through the Sacraments McManus, Jim
Spiritual Journey of St Therese of Lisieux (The) Gaucher, Guy
Spiritual Journeys towards the Fullness of Faith 27 Personal Experiences Baram, Robert (Ed)
Spiritual Legacy of Henri Nouwen (The) La Noue, Deidre
Spiritual Life (The): A Treatise on Ascetical and Mystical Theology Tanquerey, Adolphe
Spiritual Maxims of St. Francis de Sales (The) Kelley, C F (Ed)
Spiritual Reading II SVP
Spiritual Thoughts Boxed Set. No 1 of 7: The Eucharist Benedict XVI, Pope
Spiritual Thoughts Boxed Set. No 2 of 7: The Family Benedict XVI, Pope
Spiritual Thoughts Boxed Set. No 3 of 7: Following Christ Benedict XVI, Pope
Spiritual Thoughts Boxed Set. No 4 of 7: The Saints Benedict XVI, Pope
Spiritual Thoughts Boxed Set. No 5 of 7: Mary Benedict XVI, Pope
Spiritual Thoughts Boxed Set. No 6 of 7: The Word of God Benedict XVI, Pope
Spiritual Thoughts Boxed Set. No 7 of 7: Prayers Benedict XVI, Pope
Spiritual Warfare and the Discernment of Spirits Burke, Dan
Spiritual Works of Mercy Grogan, Paul
Spirituality For the 21th Century. Christian Living in a Secular Age Collins, Pat
Spirituality of Work (A). CBCEW Committee for the World of Work
Splendour of the Church (The) De Lubac, Henri
Splendour of the Rosary (The) Ward, Maisie
Spread the Word John, J & Others
Sr Elizabeth Prout (CTS Saints of the Isles) Hamer, Sister Dominic Savio
St Alban's College Valladolid: Four Centuries of English Catholic Presence in Spain Williams, Michael E
St Boniface and His World Keep, David
St Chad’s Cheetham Hill Road Manchester 1773-1966 Hughes, Philip
St Chad's Manchester the Parish and the People (1773-2006) Gittins, Martin
St Francis' Hill Chapel. Goosnargh. A History & Guide including The Life & Times of Blessed George Beesley McMahon, Patrick (Comp)
St Francis of Assisi and the Conversion of the Muslims Rega, Frank M
St Francis Xavier April 7 1506 to November 26 1552 (CTS Classics) Martindale, C C
St Gilbert of Sempringham. The Only Englishman To Found a Religious Order Wilford, John T
St Ignatius of Loyola Thompson, Francis
St Ignatius of Loyola: Pilgrim Soldier Fanning, David
St Joan of Arc Church in History Information Centre
St John Fisher. Bishop and Theologian in Reformation and Controversy Nichols, Vincent
St John of Bridlington (Guidebook) S M C
St John of the Cross Matthew, Elizabeth
St John's Cathedral, Salford. (Circa 1935) Salford Diocese
St John's Cathedral, Salford. A Guide & Short History (Circa 1984) French, Owen
St Joseph Cafasso. Priest of the Gallows Bosco, St John
St Mary's RC Church Marple Bridge 150th Anniversary Booklet Gradwell, Kevin (Comp)
St Michael's Church, Dun Laoghaire. Art and Artefacts. Maher, Madeleine
St Monica: The Power of a Mother’s Love Falbo, Giovanni
St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art (The) Glasgow Museuem
St Omers to Stonyhurst Chadwick, Hubert
St Patrick of Ireland. A Biography Freeman, Philip
St Patrick. The Life and World of Ireland's Saint Bury, J B
St Paul and the New Evangelization Witherup, Ronald D.
St Paul's Gospel Knox, R A
St Philip Neri Jouhandeau, N
St Rose of Lima. Patroness of the Americas Alphonsus, Mary
St Teresa of Avila Clissold, Stephen
St Teresa of Lisieux Johnson, Vernon
St Teresa of Lisieux Parkinson Keyes, Francis
St Therese of Lisieux Monahan, Joan
St Therese of Lisieux ,Her Last Conversations Clarke, John (Trans)
St Thomas Aquinas Chesterton, G K
St Thomas Aquinas. Summa Theologiae. A Concise Translation McDermott, Timothy (Ed)
St Thomas Aquinas. Summa Theologiae. Vol 2 (1a, 2-11) Existence & Nature of God McDermott, Timothy (Ed)
St Thomas Aquinas. Summa Theologiae. Vol 8 (1a, 44-49) Creation, Variety & Evil McDermott, Timothy (Ed)
St Thomas Aquinas. Teacher of Truth Selman, Francis
St Thomas More Hollis, Christopher
St Thomas More (Guides to Holiness) Bromley, Marilynne (Ed)
St Vincent de Paul Von Matt, Leonard & Cognet, Loius
St Vincent Pallotti. Prophet of a Spirituality of Communion Todisico, Franscesco (Ed)
Stairways to Heaven Byrne, Lorna
Star of Jacob. Story of the Venerable Francis Libermann Walker Homan, Helen
Statement Concerning Moral Questions Bishop's Conference of England & Wales
States of Bliss & Yearning: The Marks & Means of Authentic Christian Spirituality Bell, John L
Stations of the Cross (The) in Manchester's Hidden Gem Adams, Norman
Stations of the Cross (The): Stations for Vocations Humphries, Gerard
Stations of the Cross Book (The) Cullen, Peter
Stature of Waiting (The) Vanstone, W H
Steps on My Pilgrim Journey: Memories and Reflections Daly, Cardinal Cahal B
Still Water, Deep Water Croucher, Rowland (Ed)
Stoneyhurst College (1593-1953) Muir, T E
Stories from the Old Testament: With Masterwork Printing Inspired by the Stories Simon & Schuster (Pub)
Stories of Awe and Abundance Hobday, Jose
Stories of God. An Unauthorised Biography Shea, John
Stories of the Beginning: Genesis 1-11 and Other Creation Stories Van Wolde, Ellen
Stories That Heal Buckley, Michael
Story of a Soul (The). St Therese of Lisieux (New Translation) Edmonson, Robert J (Trans)
Story of a Soul (The). The Autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux Day, Michael (Trans)
Story of a Soul. The Autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux (3rd Edition) Clarke, John (Trans)
Story of Christianity (The) Collins, Michael & Price, Matthew A
Story of Christianity (The): An Illustrated History of 2000 Years of Christian Faith Bentley Hart, David
Story of Glastonbury (The) Watkin, Aelred
Story of Hermann Cohen (The): From Franz Liszt to Saint John of the Cross Tierney, Tadge
Story of Jerusalem (The). The Illustrated History of the Holy Coty Millis, Joseph
Story of Pantasaph and the Coming of the Capuchin Friars (The) Swarbrick, Margaret
Story of Pope Pius XI (The) Williamson, Benedict
Story of St Peter’s (The) Franzero, C M
Story of Taize (The) Gonzales Blado, J L
Story of the Bible (The). Essential Bible Reference Dowley, Tim
Story of the Old Faith in Manchester (The) O'Dea, John
Story of Therese Neumann (The) Schimberg, Albert Paul
Strange Vagabond of God Dove, John
Stripping of the Altars (The). Traditional Religion in England 1400-1580 Duffy, Eamon
Struggle and Contemplation Roger of Taize, Brother
Struggle for Justice: A Short History of the Catholic Teachers Federation Finan, J J
Student's Catholic Doctrine (The) Hart, Charles
Studies in Biblical Theology no 41: Essays on New Testament Themes Kasemann, Ernest
Study of the Liturgy (The): Revised Edition Jones, Cheslyn, and others. (Eds)
Study of the Spanish Mystics (The), Vol 1 Peers, E Allison
Study of the Spanish Mystics (The), Vol 2 Peers, E Allison
Study of the Synoptic Gospels (The) Bea, Augustin
Study of Theology Davis,Charles
Studying the Old Testament McKeating, Henry
Studying the Synoptic Gospels Sanders, EP & Davis, Margaret
Style Manual For Essays and Theses Haffner, Paul
Subversive Catholicism. Papacy, Liturgy, Church Mosebach, Martin
Suffering Evely, Louis
Suffering and Prayer in the Life of St Therese Hogan, Frances
Suffering the Unwanted Blessing Hogan, Francis
Summa of the Summa (A): The Essential Philosophical Passages of St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica Edited & Explained for Beginners Kreeft, Peter (Ed)
Summary of Catholic Doctrine Grace, Peter
Summon’s Miscellany of Saints and Sinners Summon, Parminder (Comp)
Summoned By Love Carretto, Carlo
Sun of My Will (The). Luisa Piccarreta Del Genio, Maria Rosaria
Sunday and Holyday Liturgies Year A McCarthy, Flor
Sunday Mass Five Years From Now Huck, Gabe
Sundays and Holydays Liturgies Cycle A Murphy, Colm
Supreme Witness Comboni Missionaries
Surprised By Canon Law. 150 Questions Catholics Ask About Canon Law Trueman, Pete Vere Michael
Surprised By Truth 1: 11 Converts Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic Madrid, Patrick
Surprised by Truth 2: 15 Men and Women Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming a Catholic Madrid, Patrick
Surprised by Truth 3: 10 More Converts Explain the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming a Catholic Madrid, Patrick
Swear to God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments Hahn, Scott
Sweet and Blessed Country. The Christian Hope for Heaven Saward, John
Symbol or Substance? A Dialogue on the Eucharist with C S Lewis, Billy Graham & J R R Tolkien Kreeft, Peter
Symbols and Spirituality. Reflecting on John's Gospel Winstanley, Michael J
Symbols of the Holy Spirit D'Amore, Guiseppe
Synopsis of the First Three Gospels (Greek Parallel Text) Huck, Albert
Synoptic Gospels (The) Riches, J, Telford , W R & Tucket , C M  

Synoptic Problem (The). A Way through the Maze Goodacre, Mark

Systematic Theology Vol 1: The Triune God Jenson, Robert W 

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Tabernacle (The). Essential Bible Reference Dowley, Tim
Taize. Brother Roger & His Community Brico, Rex
Take and Read. The Gospel of Luke Boxall, Ian
Take and Read. The Gospel of Mark Graffy, Adrian
Taking Flight: A Book of Story Meditations De Mello, Anthony
Tales of God: A Treasury of Great Short Stories for the Catholic Family Bettigole, Michael (Ed)
Talks on the Holy Eucharist: Complete Explanation of the Catholic Doctrine Concerning the Holy Eucharist Forrest, Michael J
Talks to Legionnaires: The Allocution for a the Year Ripley, Francis J
Talmud (The): Selections (in English) Polana, H (Trans)
Tanakh. Hebrew and English Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures (Pub)
Tapestry of Tales (A) Palmer, Sandra & Breuilly, Elizabeth
Teach Us to Pray Loof, Andre
Teacher, Teach us to Pray. Making Prayer-time Work. Acred, Winifred
Teaching All Nations: A Symposium on Modern Catechetics Hofinger, Johannes
Teaching of Christ (The): A Catholic Catechism for Adults Lawler, Ronald; Wuerl, Donald & Lawler, Thomas
Teaching of the Catholic Church (The). A Summary of Catholic Doctrine Smith, George D (Arr/Ed)
Teaching of the Catholic Church (The): A New Catechism of Christian Doctrine McCabe, Herbert
Teaching Religion to Adolescents Babin, Pierre & Baget, J P
Tears at Night, Joy at Dawn: Journal of a Dying Seminarian Robinson, Andrew
Teilhard de Chardin: A Biography Speaight, Robert
Tell Me Your Name. Images of God in the Bible Zannoni, Arthur E
Telling the Good News Drinkwater, F H
Templars (The). In Focus Davoust, Barbara (Trans)
Temple of Jerusalem With the History of the Temple Mount (The) Comay, Joan
Ten Commandments: Laws of the Heart Chittister, Joan
Ten Minutes a Day: Readings and Reflections for Each Day of Lent Fitzgerald, Mary
Ten Popes Who Shook the World Duffy, Eamon
Tensions: Necessary Conflicts in Life and Love Williams, H A
Teresa Helena Higginson (Born 27th May 1844 Died 15th February 1905) Gracewing (Pub)
Teresa of Avila Williams, Archbishop Rowan
Teresa of Avila (CTS Great Saints) Moorcroft, Jennifer
Testament of Faith Barclay, William
Testament: The Bible and History Romer, John
Testimonies to a Man of God, Volume 2 Escriva, Josemaria
Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament (A) Metzger, Bruce M
That The World May Believe Kung, Hans
That You May Have Life. Let the Mystics be your Guide for Lent Kirvan, John
Theological Insights Haverty, Peter
Theological Introduction to the 39 Articles of the Church of England (A) Bicknell, E J
Theological Investigations: Vol IV, More Recent Writings Rahner, Karl
Theological Investigations: Vol XXIII, The Final Writings Rahner, Karl
Theology and Sanity Sheed, F J
Theology and the University. An Ecumenical Investigation Coulson, John (Ed)
Theology in Reconciliation Torrance, T F
Theology of Grace (The): Faith & Fact book 23 Daujat, Jean
Theology of Paul the Apostle (The) Dunn, James D G
Theology of Revelation Moran, Gabriel
Theology of Revelation: Including a Commentary on the Constitution Dei Verbum of Vatican II Latourelle, Rene
Theology of the Body Explained (The): A commentary on John Paul's “Gospel of the Body” West, Christopher
Theology of the Body for Beginners: A Basic Introduction to Pope John Paul's Sexual Revolution. West, Christopher
Theology of the Body in John Paul II (The). What it Means; Why it Matters Hogan, Richard M
Theology of the Mystical Body (The) Mersch, Emile (Trans: Vollert, Cyril)
Theology of the Old Testament (A) Heidt , Heinisch
Theology of the Old Testament (A) McKenzie, John L
Theology of the Priesthood Galot, Jean
Theology of the Spiritual Life (The) De Guibert, Joseph
Theory of Evolution (The) (Pelican Philosophy Series) Smith, John Maynard
Theosis: Deification in Christian Theology Finlan, Stephen & Kharmalov, Vladimir
Theotokos. A Theological Encyclopaedia of the Blessed Virgin Mary O'Carroll, Michael
Theotokos. Woman, Mother, Disciple. A Catechesis on Mary, Mother of God. Volume Five. John Paul II, Pope
There Is A God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind Flew, Antony & Valghese, Roy Abraham
Therese of Lisieux Furlong, Monica
Therese of Lisieux Hollings, Michael
Therese of Lisieux (Great Saints) Johnson, Vernon
Therese of Lisieux: Doctor of the Universal Church Editions du Signe (Pub)
These Stones Will Shout: A New Voice For the Old Testament Link, Mark
They Call Me the Bacon Priest Straaten, Werenfried Van
They Speak By Silences By a Carthusian
Think It Over with Albion, Gordon
Thinking of Becoming a Catholic Seed, Michael
Thirty Three days to Morning Glory. A Do-it-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Marian Consecration Gaitley, Michael E
This is Ecumenism: A Grail Simplified Council Document Egan, Patrick Kevin
This is God’s Mercy. A Simplification of Dives in Misericordia Binyon, Alix
This is My Body Petit, Ian
This is Progress. An Abridged Version of Popularum Progressio (Encyclical Letter) Paul VI, Pope
This is the Church: A Grail Simplified Council Document De Ecclesia Craig, Philippa S
This is the Faith Ripley, Francis J
This is the Laity. A Simplification of Christifideles Laici Craig, Philippa S
This is the Lay Apostolate: A Grail Simplified Council Document Egan, Patrick Kevin (Ed)
This is the Mass (Pre Vatican II) Daniel-Rops, Henri (Described by)
This is Your Mother. Scriptural Roots of the Rosary Walls, Ronald
This Our Exile: A Spiritual Journey with the Refugees of East Africa Martin, James
This Promise is For You Parry, David
Thomas Beckett Barlow, Frank
Thomas Beckett. Warrior, Priest, Rebel Guy, John
Thomas Cromwell. The Rise & Fall of Henry VIII's Most Notorious Minister Hutchinson, Robert
Thomas Merton, Master of Attention Waldron, Robert
Thomas Merton, Monk: A Monastic Tribute Hart, Brother Patrick (Ed)
Thomas Merton. Poet, Prophet, Priest Bryant, Jennifer Fisher
Thomas Merton’s Paradise Journey: Writings on Contemplation Shannon, William H
Thomas More Marius, Richard
Thomas More Chambers, R W
Thomas More. A Very Brief History Guy, John
Thomas More. History & Providence Fox, Alistair
Thomas More. The King's Good Servant Rupp, Gordon
Thorn, Fire and Lily: Gardening With God in Lent and Easter Mossendew, Jane
Thought of Pope Benedict XVI (The ). An Introduction of the Theology of Joseph Ratzinger Nichols, Aidan
Thought of Thomas Aquinas (The ) Davies, Brian
Thoughts of Jesus Christ. Christ Lives! Christ Reigns! Christ Conquers! CTS (Pub)
Thousand Encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary in Medjugorje (A) Bubalo, Janko
Three Ages of the Interior Life (The): Prelude of Eternal Life (Vol 1) Garrigou-Lagrange, R
Three Days (The): Parish Prayer in the Paschal Triduum Huck, Gabe
Three Minute of Hope. Hugo Gryn in the God Slot Gryn, Naomi (Ed)
Three Minutes for the Soul. Reflections to Start the Day Baurer, Garhard
Three Personed God (The): The Trinity as the Mystery of Salvation Hill, William J
Through Christ Our Lord; Our Quest for Happiness. Book 2 Elwel, Clarance, and others.
Through Lent with Luke Hebblethwaite, Margaret
Through Moses to Jesus: The Way of the Paschal Mystery Martini, Carlo M
Through the Eyes of the Saints: A Pilgrimage through History Brown, David
Through the Year With Francis of Assisi Bodo, Murray (Selected & Trans)
Through the Year With George Otto Simms Whiteside, Leslie (Ed)
Through the Year With John Paul II Castle, Tony
Through the Year with Oscar Romero (Daily Meditations) Sentamu, John (Foreword)
Through the Year with Words of Comfort Cronin, Daniel P
Tides and Seasons: Modern Prayers in the Celtic Tradition Adam, David
Time of Prayer (A) CTS (Pub)
Timebombs of the Second Vatican Council Schmidberger, Franz
Timely and Untimely Virtues Haring, Bernard
Timpson’s Country Churches Timpson, John
Titles of Jesus Scanlan, Michael
Titus Brandsma Clarke, Hugh
To Be a Pilgrim: A Spiritual Notebook Hume, Basil
To Be Honest Fife,Janet
To Be In Christ Van Zeller, Hubert
To Believe in Jesus Burrows, Ruth
To Change the Church. Pope Francis & the Future of Catholicism Douthat, Ross
To Die is Gain. The Experience of One's Own Death Hampe, Johann Christoph
To Grow in Christ: A Plan for Prayer Lundy, Damian
To Heal As Jesus Healed Leahy Shlemon, B, Linn, D & Lynn, M
To Heaven on Foot Linscott, Mary
To Know Christ Jesus Sheed, F J
To Know Him, To Love Him, To Serve Him: Forming Parish Evangelising Teams Cannon, Paul & Beech, Sharon
To Live is to Pray: An Introduction to Carmelite Spirituality Obbard, Elizabeth Ruth
To Pray As Jesus Martin, George
To Russia with Love: A Report and Account of Fatima and the Changing Face of Communism Fox, Robert J
To Smile at Jesus Dominique, Claude
To the Hebrews. A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary Wesley Buchanan, George
To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons (12th English Edition) Marian Movement of Priests
To the Usual Suspects: One Word Questions Goldingay, John
Today's Catholic Flood, Edmund
Tomb of Saint Peter (The): Recent Excavations and Discoveries Baird, N
Too Busy Not to Pray: Slowing Down to Be With God Hybels, Bill
Total Parish Manual (The): Everything You Need To Empower Your Faith Community Bausch, William J
Touch of God (A): Eight Monastic Journeys Boulding, Maria (Ed)
Touch Wood: Meeting the Cross in the World Today Runcorn, David
Touched By God: Ten Monastic Journeys Johns, Laurentia (Ed)
Touchstones For Liturgical Ministers Sloyan, Viginia (Ed)
Towards a Civilization of Love: Being Church in Today's World Hume, Basil Cardinal
Tradition and Theology in the Old Testament Knight, Douglas A (Ed)
Traditional Latin Mass (The). The Order of the Mass in Latin & English CTS (Pub)
Traditional Latin Mass Explained (The) Gueranger, Prosper
Traditional Latin Mass. Extraordinary Form of the Mass Zuidday, Benno A
Traditional Mass (The). History, Forms & Theology of the Classical Rite Fiedrowicz, Michael
Tragedy of the Reformation Lord, Bob & Penny
Transfiguration of Jesus (The) Marshall, Rob
Transmission of Life (The). An Explanation of the Encyclical "Humanae Vitae". McReavy, L L
Traveller in Rome (A) Morton, H V
Treasures of Dei Verbum Redford, John M
Treasury of Catholic Prayers (A) Regina Press (Pub)
Treasury of Novenas: More than Forty of the Most Popular Novenas… (Illustrated in Color) Lovasik, Lawrence G
Treasury of Saints (A). 100 Saints Their Lives and Times Day, Malcolm
Treasury of the Catholic Church: Two Thousand Years of Spiritual Writing. Harper, J (Ed), De Bertodano, T (Comp)
Treasury of Wisdom (A). The Words of Jesus Lincoln, Frances
Trent. What Happened at the Council O'Malley, John W
Trial of Luther Oliver, Daniel
Trial, Tribulation & Triumph. Before, During & After Antichrist Birch, Desmond A
Trinitas: A Theological Encyclopaedia of the Holy Trinity O'Carroll, Michael (Ed)
Trinity (The) Rahner, Karl
Trinity 101. Father, Son & Holy Spirit Papandrea, James L
Trinity at Home (The) Basil, Duncan
Trinity's Embrace God's Saving Plan (The): A Catechesis on Salvation History. Volume Six John Paul II, Pope
Tri-Personal God (The) O'Collins, Gerald
Triumph Over Tragedy Lewis, Joan
Triune God (The): A Historical Study of the Doctrine of the Trinity Fortman, Edmund J
Triune God of Christian Faith (The) Fatula, Mary Ann
True Account of the Life and Death of Saint Edmund Arrowsmith (A) Beck, George Andrew (Foreword)
True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin De Montfort, St Louis-Marie
True Face of Padre Pio (The) Winowska, Maria
True Likeness (The) Hynek, R W
True Love. Passion & Purity Dee, Anthony
True Obedience in the Church: A guide to Discernment in Challenging Times Kwasniewsji, Peter
True Resurrection Williams, H A
True Vine and Its Branches (The) Leen, Edward
True Wilderness (The) Williams, H A
Truly a Person and Truly God: A Post Mythical View of Jesus Thatcher, Adrian
Trustful Surrender to the Divine Providence: The Secret of Peace and Happiness Saint-Jure, Jean Bapiste & de la Colombiere, Claude
Trustworthy and True: The Gospels Beyond 2000 Graffy, Adrian
Truth about Jesus (The): Not the Da Vinci Code Redford, John
Truth about Mary (The): A Scriptural Introduction to the Mother of Jesus for Bible Believing Christians, Vol 3 - A Response to Fundamentalist Misconceptions and a Return to Historic Christianity Payesko, Robert
Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality (The): Guidelines for Education within the Family Pontifical Council for the Family
Truth of Catholicism (The): Ten Controversies Explored Weigel, George
Truth of the Bible (The) Loretz, Oswald
Tudor England Bingoff, S T
Turin Shroud (The). The Illustrative Evidence Wilson, Ian & Schwortz, Barrie
Turmoil and Truth. The Historical Roots of the Modern Crisis in the Catholic Church Trower, Philip
Turn and Turn Again Worlock, Derek
Turning to God (A) Hume, Basil
Twelve Steps with Jesus. A True Story of Recovery & Healing K., Daphne
Twentieth Century Religious Thought Macquarrie, John
Twenty Five Tough Questions on the Catholic Faith: With Expert Answers Barltrop, Keith (Ed)
Twenty One Saints Croft, Aloysius
Twin Saints? Francis de Sales & John Bosco Ainsworth, W R
Two Centuries of Ecumenism Tavard, George
Two Cities Foster, Paul
Two Edged Sword (The): An Interpretation of the Old Testament McKenzie, John L
Two Hundred and Seven (207) Stories of Blessed Joseph Vaz Rodriguez, Ronualdo Robin
Two Peter and Jude, an Introduction and Commentary Green, Michael
Two Sisters in the Spirit: Therese of Lisieux & Elizabeth of Trinity Von Balthasar, Hans Urs
Two Testaments One Bible Baker, D L
Two Thousand Years, The 1st Millennium the Birth of Christianity to the Crusades Partner, Peter
Two Thousand Years, The 2nd Millennium from Medieval Christendom to Global Christianity Partner, Peter
Two-Edged Gospel (The). Gift & Invitation O'Mahoney, Gerald 

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Uganda and the Mill Hill Fathers Gale, H P
Un-Apologetic Apologetics. Meeting the Challenges of Theological Studies Dembski, William A & Ricahrds, Jay Wesley (Eds)
Understanding A Church. What do you see and what does it mean? (Living the Liturgy) Schloeder, Steven
Understanding Buddhism Ecke, Malcolm David
Understanding Christianity Hale, Rosemary Drake
Understanding Confucianism Oldstone-Moore, Jennifer
Understanding Hinduism Vasudha Narayanan
Understanding Islam Gordon, Matthew S
Understanding Judaism Ehrlich, Carl S
Understanding of Faith (The) Schillebeeckx, Edward
Understanding Scrupulosity: Helpful Questions for Those Who Experience Nagging Questions and Doubts Santa, Thomas M
Understanding Shinto Scott Littleton, C
Understanding Taoism Oldstone-Moore, Jennifer
Understanding the Lord's Prayer Van Den Bussche, Henri
Understanding the Story of the Bible. An Introduction to Salvation History. (Deeper Christianity Series) Grant, Eileen Clare
Unexpected Messiah or How the Bible Can Be Misleading Grollenburg, Lucas
Union of Christendom: Vol 1 Mackenzie, Kenneth
Union With God: The Teaching of St John of the Cross Tillyer, Desmond
Unity in Freedom: Reflections on the Human Family Bea, Augustin
Unity of Christians (The) Bea, Augustin
Universal Christ (The). Daily Reading. Griffiths, Bede
University and Anglican Sermons Knox, Ronald
Unless Some Man Show Me Jones, Alexander
Unlocking the Bible. A Unique Overview of the Whole Bible Pawson, David
Unusual Suspects (The): 25 Jewish People Defy the Final Taboo Gibson, Richard
Unveiling the Heart : How to Overcome Evil in the Christian Life Collins, Pat
Upon God's Holy Hills: The Guides (The Household of God, 1) Martindale, C C
Upon this Mountain. Prayers in the Carmelite Tradition. McCormack, Mary
Upon This Rock Gordon, Edwin
Use and Abuse of the Bible (The): A brief history of Biblical Interpretation Wansborough, Henry
Ushaw College 1808-2008: Celebration Campbell, W J (Ed)
Ut Unum Sint: Encyclical Letter on Commitment to Ecumenism John Paul II, Pope
Utopia (Penguin Classics) More, Thomas   

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Vacation With the Lord (A). A Personal Directed Retreat With Green, Thomas H
Vatican Gallico, Sonia
Vatican (The) Mayer, Fred (Photos)
Vatican (The). The Story of the Holy City Carnahan, Ann
Vatican (The): Masterpieces Bruschnini, Enrice
Vatican Assignment Randall, Sir Alec
Vatican City Special Edition for Museum & Papal Gallery
Vatican Council II: The Basic Sixteen Documents Flannery, Austin (Gen Ed)
Vatican Council II: Vol One, The Conciliar and Post-Conciliar Documents (New Revised) Flannery, Austin (Gen Ed)
Vatican Council II: Vol Two, More Post Conciliar Documents (New Revised) Flannery, Austin (Gen Ed)
Vatican II in Plain English. The Constitutions Huebsch, Bill & Thurnes, Paul
Vatican II: By Those Who Were There Stackpoole, Alberic (Ed)
Vatican II: The Church Constitution Flannery, Austin (Ed)
Vatican II: The Liturgy Constitution Flannery, Austin (Ed)
Vaux of Harrowden: A Recusant Family Anstruther, Geoffrey
Venerable Archdeacon Cavanagh Pastor of Knock Shrine (The): 1867-1897 Cadhain, Liam Ua
Venerable Bede (The) Browne, GF
Venerable English College (The), Rome. A Short History & Guide Langham, Mark
Venerable English College (The), Rome. An Illustrated guide Venerable English College (pub)
Veneration and Administration of the Eucharist (The). The Proceeding of the Second International Colloquium of Historical, Canonical & Theological Studies on the Roman Liturgy CIEL UK (Trans/ Ed)
Veritatis Splendor: Encyclical Letter on the Splendour of Truth John Paul II, Pope
Vessel of Clay Trese, Leo
Victims of the Nazis: Edith Stein, Marcel Callo, Titus Brandsma (20th Century Martyrs) Monk, Matthew; Courve De Murville, MNL & Clarke, Hugh
Victims of the Nazis: Maximillian Kolbe, Franz Jagerstatter, Karl Leisner & Rupert Mayer (20th Century Martyrs) Craig, Mary and others
Victory of Father Karl (The) Pies, Otto
Violence, Politics & Catholicism in Ireland Rafferty, Oliver P
Violent for Peace Schutz, Roger
Virgin Birth and the Birth of Science (The) Jaki, Stanley L
Virgin of the Poor (The): The Apparitions at Banneux Walne, Damien & Flory, Joan
Virgo Paredicanda Duff, Frank
Virtue’s Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol 1 A - D Quin, Edel (Ed)
Virtue’s Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol 2 E - M Quin, Edel (Ed)
Virtue’s Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol 3 N - Z Quin, Edel (Ed)
Vision and Tactics. Toward an Adult Church Moran, Gabriel
Vision of Peace Faith and Hope in Northern Ireland (The) Maguire, Mairead Corrigan
Visions beyond the Veil Baker, H A
Visit (The): John Paul II in Ireland A Historical Record Veritas Publications (Pub)
Visit of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to England and Wales 1982. Heaton Park Manchester Monday 31 May 1982 (Official Souvenir Mass Book and Programme) Hieracy of England & Wales
Visits to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary Liguori, St Alphonsus de
Vita Consecrata: Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on The Consecrated Life John Paul II, Pope
Voyages of the Celtic Saints Panes, Graham 

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Wake Up to God Reid, J M
Walk Round the Church of the London Oratory (A) Kilburn, Edmund
Walking On Water: Reaching God in Our Time De Mello, Anthony
Walking to Emmaus Duffy, Eamon
Walking With God Healy, Kilian J
Walking With Mary Duff, Frank
Walsingham is for Today Connelly, R W
Walsingham Lives On Fisher, Claude
Walsingham Way Stephenson, Colin
Walsingham: Pilgrimage & History Landale, Scilla and others.
Wandering Saints (The) Duckett, Eleanor
War of the Jews (The) Josephus, Flavius (Trans: Whiston, William)
War on Heresy (The): Faith & Power in Medieval Europe Moore, R I
Warm Moist God (A): Women Journeying Toward Wisdom Gateley, Edwina
Was It Really Russia that was Christianised in 988? Lubachivsky, Myroslav Ivan
Wasteland? Encountering God in the Desert Pilavachi, Mike
Watch and Pray With Me Rahner, Karl
Water and Fire (The) Vann, Gerald
Way (The); Furrow: The Forge Escriva, Josemaria
Way in the Desert (A) Sewell, Doug
Way in the Wilderness (A): A Commentary on the Rule of Benedict For the Physically and Spiritually Imprisoned Bishop, James
Way in to the Trinity (A): The Story of a Journey O'Mahoney, Gerald
Way of The Cross (The). Holy Week, the Stations of the Cross and the Resurrection Biffi, Inos & Vignazia, Franco
Way of a Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way (The) Bacovcin, Helen (Trans)
Way of Compassion (The): Into the Heart of the Seven Sorrows of Mary Antall, Richard C
Way of Divine Love (The) Menendez, Josefa
Way of Faith (The): A Field Guide for the RCIA Process Wagner, Nick
Way of Perfection (The) Teresa of Avila, St (Trans: Venard, John)
Way of Saint James (The): A Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela Bentley, James
Way of the Cross (The): For Peacemakers and Those Who Seek Justice Dove, Anthea
Way of the Cross as Made By Franciscans in Jerusalem on the Via Dolorosa Franciscans in Jerusalem
Way of the Cross With the Church in Need ACN (Pub)
Way of the Lamb (The): Christ and the Apocalypse Lenten Meditations Weber, Hans-Ruedi
Way of the Lamb (The): The Spirit of Childhood & the End of the Age Saward, John
Way of the Lord (The): Christological Exegesis of the Old Testament in the Gospel of Mark Marcus, Joel
Way of the Lord Jesus (The): Vol 1, Christian Moral Principles Grisez, Germain
Way of the Lord Jesus (The): Vol 2, Living a Christian Life Grisez, Germain
Wayfaring: A Gospel Journey Into Life Silf, Margaret
Ways of Forgiveness Edwards, John C
Ways of Knowing. God's Existence & His Will Edward, John
Ways of Loving: Sex Chastity and the Mass Edwards, John C
Ways of Mental Prayer (The) Lehodey, Vitalis
We are All Brothers Evely, Louis
We Came Back to Jesus Lord, Bob & Penny
We Dare To Say Our Father Evely, Louis
We Die For the Old Religion: The Story of the Eighty-five Martyrs of England and Wales Beatified 22 Nov 85 Isherwood, Stephen & Elizabeth
We Give You Thanks and Praise: The Eucharistic Prefaces of the Ambrosian Missal Griffiths, Alan (Trans)
We Have Seen a Great Light: 99 Sayings on Christmas Hartl, Alfred (Ed )
We Saw Her Sandhurst, B G
Welcome Home: A Prayerful Reflection on the Sacrament of Reconciliation McGowan, Phelim
Welcome Home: Stories of Fallen Away Catholics Who Came Back Corapi, John and others
Welcome to Witness: Becoming an Evangelising Parish Cannon, Paul & Beech, Sharon
Welcome! Holy Communion: Before and After Loyola, Mary
Westminster Cathedral Papal Mass and Official Souvenir Diocese of Westminster
Westminster Cathedral: From Dream to Reality Kollar, Rene
What Are the Gospels? A Comparison With Graeco-Roman Biography Burridge, Richard A
What Are the Saints? 15 Chapters in Sanctity Martindale, C C
What Catholics Really Believe. 52 Answers to Common Misconceptions about the Catholic Faith Keating, Karl
What Difference does Jesus Make? Sheed, F J
What Do Jews Believe? Kessler, Edward
What Every Catholic Needs to Know about Islam Kennedy, Terence G
What Every Catholic Should Know About the Millennium Bellitto, Christopher M
What Every Catholic Wants to Know: Catholic History From the Catacombs to the Reformation Moczar, Diane
What God Has Joined. The Sacramentality of Marriage Elliott, P J
What Happened at Fatima. The Story retold for the 21st Century Madigan, Leo
What Happened at Vatican II O'Malley, John W
What is Going on in...Christian Sex Education Williams, E S
What is Lonergan up to in Insight? A Primer Tekippe, Terry J
What is Man? Jenkins, David
What is Mysticism? Knowles, David
What is the Orthodox Church: A Brief Overview of Orthodoxy? Dunaway, Mark
What is the Point of Being a Christian Radcliffe, Timothy
What It Means to Be a Catholic? Champlin, Fr Joseph M
What Jesus Saw From the Cross? Sertillamges, A G
What Law and Letter Kill. The Spiritual Teachings of Fr Francis Devas Caraman, Philip (Ed)
What Return Can I Make: Dimensions of the Christian Experience? Scott Peck, M
What the Church Teaches: A Guide for the Study of Evangelium Vitae, The Gospel of Life Maestri, William F
What the Church Teaches: A Guide for the Study of Familaris Consortio, The Community of Family Maestri, William F
What You Should Know About Church History Altemose, Charlene
What You Should Know About the Catechism of the Catholic Church Altemose, Charlene
What, Me Lord? Stroud, Marion
What's Conscience For? Hodge, Robert
When Jesus Returns Pawson, David
When Only One Converts Nordhagen, Lynn
When Saint Francis Saved the Church Sweeney, Jon M
When You are a Confirmation Sponsor Lytle, Julie
Where does the Jesus Story Begin? Reflections on the Beginnings of the Gospels McBride, Denis
Where Earth Meets Heaven-Seeing God in Your Life Rolheiser, Ken
Where Heaven Meets Earth: Mario Hiriart Spinger , Ingrid
Where is that in the Bible? Madrid, Patrick
Where the Hell is God? Leonard, Richard
White Fire Edwards,E J
Who Moved the Stone? Morison, Frank
Who Says You Can’t Change the World: Jubilee Campaign Challenging Injustice Smith, Danny
Who Walk Alone Evening, Margaret
Who Was John? The Fourth Gospel Debate After Pope Benedict’s XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth Redford, John
Whole World Will Love Me (The): The Life of St Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face (1873 - 1887) Seallan, Dorothy
Whose Afraid of the Old Testament God? Thompson, Alden
Whose Choice Anyway? The Right to Life Alton, David with Holmes, Alison
Whose Promised Land Chapman, Colin
Why Believe in Jesus' Resurrection? A Little book of Guidance Dunn, James D G
Why Deacons? The Teaching of Pope John Paul II Evans, Michael (Intro)
Why did Jesus Have to Die? Williams, Jane
Why Do People Suffer? The Scandal of Pain in God’s World Jones, James
Why Go to Confession? Flader, John
Why Go to Mass? The Eucharist in the Catechism (In the Light of the Catechism) Evans, Michael
Why Humanae Vitae Was Right: A Reader. Smith, Janet (Ed)
Why I am a Catholic Pasco, Rowanne
Why I should be a Catholic Anyanwu, Joachim E
Why O Lord. The Inner Meaning of Suffering Carretto, Carlo
Why Priests? Evans, Michael
Why Study the Past? The Quest for the Historical Church Williams, Rowan
William Barclay Introduces the Bible Rogerson, John (Revised & Updated)
William Gordon Wheeler. A Journey with Fullness of Faith Haggerty, James
William Temple & Christian Social Ethics Today Suggate, Alan M
Winding Quest: The Heart of the Old Testament in Plain English Dale, Alan T
Wired For God? The Biology of Spiritual Experience Charles Foster
Wisdom for Modern Man. Proverbs & Ecclesiastes American Bible Society (Pub)
Wisdom in Israel Von Rad, Gerhard
Wisdom Jesus (The). Transforming Heart & Mind. A New Perspective on Christ & his Message Bourgeault, Cynthia
Wisdom of Catholicism (The) Pegis, Anton C
Wisdom of G K Chesterton (The) Fox, Emma (Comp)
Wisdom of John Paul II (The): A Summary Numerous Authors
Wisdom of Mother Teresa (The) Spink, Kathyrn (Comp)
Wisdom of Saint Benedict (The) De Waal, Esther (Comp)
Wisdom of Saint Columba of Iona (The) Watts, Murray (Comp)
Wisdom of Saint Teresa of Avila (The) Burrows, Ruth (Comp)
Wisdom of the Desert Fathers (The) Ward, Benedicta (Comp)
Wisdom of the Greek Fathers (The) Louth, Andrew (Comp)
Wisdom of the Psalms (The) Waite, Terry (Intro)
Wise Man from the West Cronin, Vincent
With Christ in His Passion. Elizabeth Prout. Foundress of the Sisters of the Cross & Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ Hamer, Dominic Savio
With Empty Hands. The Message of Therese of Lisieux De Meedster, Conrad
With Fr Kentenich in Milwaukee. A Contribution to the Founding History of the Schoenstatt Fathers Locher, Peter
With God in Russia Ciszek, Walter J
With Hearts Full of Joy: Following Christ the Redeemer Kessler, Mathew J & Medina, Jose Antonio
With Inward Glory Crowned: A Guide to St Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle (Living Flame Series Vol 16) O’Donoghue, Noel Dermot (Curran, Thomas. Ed)
With Jesus in the Holy Land Pax, Wolfgang
Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II Weigel, George
Witnesses to God Jiohnston, Leonard
Woman Walsh, N
Woman Clothed With the Sun (A): Eight Great Appearances of Our Lady Delany, John J (Ed)
Woman Priests: Obstacle to Unity? (Documents & Correspondence Rome & Canterbury 1975-1986) CTS (Pub)
Women First: Biographies of Catholic Women in the Forefront of Change Usherwood, Elizabeth
Women in the Old Testament. 20 Psychological Portraits Lofts, Norah
Women of Faith: What They Teach Us (The Fawcett Bible Studies) Fawcett, Nick
Women of the Church. The Religious Experience of Monastic Women Rumsey, Patricia M
Wonder of Guadalupe (The) Johnston, Francis
Wonder of Love (The) Roger of Taize, Brother
Word (The) 1971 Catholic Pictorial Magazine
Word and Eucharist Paxton, Nicholas
Word and Eucharist Handbook (The) Johnson, Lawrence J
Word of God (The): Homilies Evely, Louis
Words Around the Table Ramshaw, Gail
Words for Today 1994. Notes on Bible Readings International Bible Reading Association (Pub)
Words for Today 2009: Notes for Daily Bible Reading Slee, Nicola (Ed)
Words from God Kelly, Matthew
Words from Heaven: Message of Our Lady From Medjugorje By a Friend of Medjugorje
Words to Live By … Teresa, Mother
Wordsworth Dictionary of Saints (The) Jones, Alison
Works of Saint John of the Cross (The) Vol I Peers, E Allison (Trans & Ed)
Works of Saint John of the Cross (The) Vol II Peers, E Allison (Trans & Ed)
Works of Saint John of the Cross (The) Vol III Peers, E Allison (Trans & Ed)
World Biblical Commentary Vol 36, John Beasley-Murray, George R
World Biblical Commentary Vol 47A, Hebrews 1-8. Lane, William L
World Biblical Commentary Vol 47B, Hebrews 9-13. Lane, William L
World of Stories (A): For Preachers & Teachers & All Who Love Stories That Move and Challenge Bausch, William J
World of the Bible (The): Essential Bible Reference Dowley, Tim
World of the First Christians (The) Yamauchi, Edwin
World Religions. Beliefs Behind Today's Headlines Catoir, John T
World's Greatest Churches (The): Course Guidebook. (No accompanying DVD) Cook, William R
Wound of Love (The). A Carthusian Miscellany By a Carthusian
Wounded Healer (The) Nouwen, Henri J M
Wow Factor (The): Bringing the Catholic Faith To Life O’Malley, William J
Writings of Teresa de Cartagena (The) Seidenspinner-Nunez, Dayle   


Xaverian College Hall of Fame Register Xaverian College (Pub)

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Yahweh Shepherd of Israel: Pastoral Symbolism in the Old Testament Bosetti, Eleanor
Yahwist (The): The Bibles First Theologian Ellis, Peter F
Year of Faith (A) A Bible Study Guide for Catholics Pacwa, Mitch
Year of Grace (A): Passages Chosen & Arranged to Express a Mood about God & Man Gollancz, Victor
Year of Grace with Mary (A): Rediscovering the Significance of Her Role in the Christian Life Laurentin, Rene
Year with Pope Francis (A). A New Vision for the Church Catholic Universe (Pub)
Year with Pope Francis (A). Daily Reflection from his writings. Rossa, Alberto (Ed)
Year with the English Saints (A). Living the Liturgy Holden, Marcus (Ed)
Year with Thomas Merton (A). Daily Meditations from His Journals Montaldo, Jonathan (Ed)
Yeoman Bishop (A) Rye, Alan
Yesterday: A Study of Hebrews in the Light of Chapter 13 Filson, Floyd V
You Shall Be Holy: Spiritual Basics Philpot, Tony
You Shall Find Rest: Further Material for Meditation on the Spiritual Life Kearney, John
You: Prayer for Beginners and Those Who Have Forgotten How Link, Mark
YouCat Miller, Michael J (Trans)
YouCat Prayer Book (English) Davidson, Frank (Trans)
Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible Young, Robert
Your God is Too Small Phillips, J B 

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Abraham Time Life Bible
Age of Henry VII (The) Part 1 of 2 (2 discs set). No Accompanying Course Guidebook Great Courses
Age of Henry VII (The) Part 2 of 2 (2 discs set). No Accompanying Course Guidebook Great Courses
Apocalypses/ Revelation Time Life Bible
Arise Once More. Reviving Catholic Britain. St Anthony Communications
Bing Crosby Double Feature: Going My Way & The Belles of St Mary's Bing Crosby Collection
Britain's Bloody Crown Jones, Dan (Presenter)
Christian Pilgrimage Today: A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Lightline Christian Journeys
Da Vinci Code (The) & the Bible: Separating Fact From Fiction Sri, Edward
David Time Life Bible
Fatima. The Ultimate Mystery. Goya Productions
Forty Two (42) Saints Films. A 6 disc DVD set containing 42 mini films of Individual Lives of the Saints Mary's Dowry Productions
God's Ambassador: the Story of Billy Graham Graham, Billy
Gospa Oratorio (The) Mir Ensemble
Great Minds of the Medieval World (4 disc set). Accompanying Course Guidebook Held. Great Courses
History of Ancient Britain (A): Celtic Britain Oliver, Neil (Presenter)
History of England (A) from the Tudors to the Stuarts (8 disc set). No accompanying Course Guidebook Great Courses
Holy Land with Fr. Peter Vasko (The). Franciscans in the Holy Land. (3 disc set) EWTN Production
Hostia. The Power and Presence of the Eucharist. St Anthony Communications
It's All Greek to me: Learning NT Greek in 8 Easy Steps Evangelou, C C
Jacob Time Life Bible
Jeremiah Time Life Bible
Jesus Time Life Bible
Joseph. Time Life Bible
Karol: The Man Who Became Pope Battiato, Giacomo (Dir)
Kateri Tekakwitha: Lily of the Mohawks Mary's Dowry Productions
London. A Short History (4 disc set). Accompanying Course Guidebook Held. Great Courses
Luther. Part 1 of 2 (2 disc set). Accompanying Course Guidebook Held. Great Courses
Luther. Part 2 of 2 (2 disc set). Accompanying Course Guidebook Held. Great Courses
Masada Historical Epic Mini-Series
Moses Time Life Bible
Mother Teresa (Includes Collector's Companion Booklet) Hussey, Olivia
Nativity Story (The) Temple Hill Productions
No Greater Love. A Unique Portrait of the Carmelite Nuns Whyte, Michael
Passion Narrative in the Gospel (The) McBride, Denis
Passion of the Christ (The) Mel Gibson Film
Pope Francis. A Pope for Everyone Allegro Corporation
Pope in the Park: Master Class (The) Riley, Harold
Saint Augustine. Apostle of England St Anthony Communications
Saint Paul Time Life Bible
Samson and Delilah Time Life Bible
Scarlet and the Black (The) Peck, Gregory (Starring)
Solomon Time Life Bible
Ten Commandments (The) DeMille, Cecil B
To Be A Pilgrim. The Canterbury Way St Anthony Communications
Transfiguration in the Gospels & in Life (The) McBride, Denis
Tyburn Convent Gloria Deo Film
Woman (The) St Anthony Communications  


ACN Christus Rex: Music for the Liturgical Year Choir of St Ethelreda’s
ACN Catholic Collection (1998) Choir of St Ethelreda’s
Healing the Mind & Emotion Talk 1 of 3 Deegan, Pat
Healing the Mind & Emotion Talk 2 of 3 Deegan, Pat
Healing the Mind & Emotion Talk 3 of 3 Deegan, Pat
In Presence of the Angels (Gregorian Chant) Belmont Abbey
KJV Audio Bible Scourby, Alexander (Narrator)
Music for the English Gradual. (English Gradual held) Belmont Abbey 


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